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3 Pastel Gothic DIYs: DIY Harness + DIY Heart Ring Choker+ DIY off shoulder T shirt by Yumi King



DIY Wing Shoes+DIY Bat Headband+DIY off Shoulder Lace up Shirt by Yumi King


Make a Skirt out of Pants... Frankenstein's way

Hello big bats of the world!

Surely you know how to slice things up and sew them back again. I’m talking fabric, guys. So, why not put your surgical skills to use and make a real quick skirt?

Grab a:

  • pair of pants or jeans
  • scissors
  • needle and thread
  • pins
  • patches/spikes/fancy ornamentation

Step 1: Cut most of pant legs off as though you were making shorts. Then, cut fabric connecting both legs so as to make a skirt.

Step 2: Pin extra fabric in front of skirt together.

Step 3: Sew extra fabric in back of skirt together.

Step 4: distress edges by gliding scissors over them.

Step 4: add pins, nuts, bolts, anvils and other decorations.

Final step: be fabulous.


DIY Garter | Bow Knee High Garter by Yumi King



DIY Quicklist:

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I just added new compact mirrors to my shop and they’re so cute that I want to eat them.

The mirror opens up to two heart shaped sides that are a little over 2". It’s the perfect size to carry with you in your purse so you can have your yummy accessory with you wherever you go! 💄🎀 💝


Learn how to take an old beanie and turn it into a bunny one!