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I FINALLY GOT TO DO THIS. I’ve had this picture ready for months…. Anywho, here’s the next chapter!! This one was inspired by @no1-anthem and this pic. I’m also giving a shout-out to @fuunosuke for this pic (I couldn’t get it out of my heaadd) and this one by @washuuchan (<3<3<3<3 T~~T). 

If you want to listen: “Fix You,” by Coldplay, and “Something About Us,” by Daft Punk

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Fix You

    Genos was losing patience.

    He knew Sensei kept to himself about most things. He did not talk much on a normal day, unless he found something interesting on the news. On good ones he bubbled with comments and was prone to joke with his student, or else he hummed around the apartment. On bad days it was an effort for him to say “good morning,” and Genos tried to give him space he needed. It was important then, he knew, not to prod, or push, or question the man—only to be there, and let Sensei work through it.

    His hero had been very quiet lately, and even though Genos could not question him about it…it was not because he was having bad days.

    Had this been something else, Genos would doubt himself more. He would study his sensei’s behavior and sleeping habits, compare it to those he exhibited during his ups and downs, cross-reference using the mental health forums he frequented to see how many others experienced the same, and for how long, and in what way.

    He didn’t need to, though. Genos knew this quiet. He understood those looks, and the nervous stutters. He’d gone through the same thing a year ago.

    Saitama had, in some secret way, fallen in love with his student.

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