diy chinese food


Shrimp Chow Mein 

honestly, this was a recipe that I threw together tonight because I had a craving for Chinese food but no real desire to order take out. I purchased the chow mein noodles from World Market for $1.79 – very cheap for a large amount. I cooked the noodles just 2 minutes short of the package instructions because I later transferred them to the pot with the vegetables and shrimp. 

I made a noodle sauce by mixing together flavors that I knew would work well with this flavor profile. I was looking for something bold and savory. I mixed soy sauce, hoisin sauce, Sambal (chili garlic paste), and brown sugar to cut the saltiness of the soy and hoisin sauces. the sauce was thick and I did not want a syrup consistency covering my noodles so I thinned it out with water. and I adjusted to my taste. I like a very subtle sweetness to my chow and lo mein noodles. 

when I make this again, I will be sure to write and post the full recipe. 

until then, have fun with flavors and freestyle this!

*can be made vegan or vegetarian by omitting the shrimp and honey