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A different Nonnie, but how about that Tommaso couldn't walk away from Johnny either. He sat practically ontop of him after the knee and then ontop of the announce table as the staff looked after Johnny in the end. Like Tommaso can't fully break that connection, even if it's him causing the pain he can't walk away from Johnny.

listen. tess says I karmically deserve these asks for giving people feels but what the hell does she know, so first of all how dare you.

second of all RIGHT???? like. fuck. okay. the PAUSES during the whole sequence are the parts that stood out the most to me. he pauses next to Johnny after attacking him,

he walks away, and then he sees Johnny pulling himself up

and attacks him again. he sits with Johnny

(recalling for all of us other fucking moments when they’ve sat together after matches. times when Tommaso comforted Johnny after a loss.)

and then Tommaso looks over at the announce table (possibly spurred on by Johnny pawing at his face)

and then pauses again

(while Johnny feels him the fuck up jesus)

he keeps pausing and then when he’s finally done he just sits there while the paramedics/refs help Johnny. 

this all plays very well with my understanding of Tommaso. he’s not turning on Johnny because he doesn’t love him, he’s turning on him because he can’t stand being made weak by that love. he’s not angry with Johnny. this violence isn’t easy. he’s forcing himself to do this. it takes effort. 

i think in those pauses he’s doing what we saw him do during the CWC match. he’s trying to find the will to hurt Johnny Gargano.

and like you said, he can’t fully break away. he lets Johnny rest his head on his thigh. he sits there at the end not only to survey his good work, but also to watch these people take care of Johnny. something he doesn’t get to do anymore.

Two Poems by Eric Livingston

Eric Livingston is a person from Baltimore, Maryland.

forest diner by Eric Livingston

i have an angel that i carry
in my pocket. it protects me
while i am asleep and when i am driving
my car. i can still feel the pull
of the world.
i wonder
if i have brushed lips
with death for the last time.

you are in your bathtub and your body
keeps the water warm. you rise
from the bathtub and droplets
whisper away from your body. move into
me dandelion wind. i can feel
sadness seeping out of cold
bathwater. the dead space
inside of every passing
year; floating forever
in a field of eyelash daisies.

untitled by Eric Livingston

my friends do not know about
the soft black thing inside me when
i am talking to them. while i am sleeping
it floats next to my bed.
it is not for any of
them. soon they will
start to see it. when i kiss them
they will feel it protruding into them and when
they are laying
next to me they will feel
the warmth of it.
nothing is keeping me from it and i know
one day there will
be nothing that anyone
can do for me it will
become me it will envelope
me completely.