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This is Kanna from Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon. I made her a while ago for a customer and I love how she turned out! It was quite a difficult challenge, but the time I put into it paid off! I’m glad that her new owner adores her as much as I do! If anyone is interested in a custom figurine, keychain, charm, earrings, magnet, etc, please leave me a message! 

🌻 BIG sister craft & giftie ideas! 🌻

Q: I recently got my big and it’s been great! I know it’s my “job” to be spoiled as the little of the family, but do you have any ideas/crafts that I could make without one-upping my big and gbig to show her that I appreciate them?

A: It’s a very nice idea to give a little something back to your big & gbig if they have been extra sweet to you. Your sorority may also have a “Big Appreciation Week” scheduled for later in the semester. That’s a prime time for giving more treats to your big sister. A gift you give now can be thoughtful, but it doesn’t have to be “over the top.”  

With gamedays starting soon, you might think about a tumbler, flask, custom button, koozie, or or other sugar your big can use at the game. Or how about a decal for her laptop, a painted picture frame with a bid day photo inside, a small painted canvas, or some cozy sorority socks. Candy, cupcakes and other foodie gifts are also appropriate. Think about your big’s personality and give her something she personally would enjoy. If she loves to drink Coca Cola, give her a 12 pack with a big red bow on top. It shows you care, you notice her fave things and you’re a sweet little. That’s all it takes! xoxo ;)

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Sweet on ΑΧΩ Sayings: 

  • All the Bros Love A CHI O’s
  • Couldn’t Say No to A Chi O
  • Desire the Lyre 
  • Wear a Bow & Join A-Chi-O
  • Alpha Chi Till I Die
  • Keep Calm & Seek the Heights 
  • Come on Baby, Light My Lyre
  • Wanna Go, Gotta Go, A Chi O
  • How Sweet it is to be ΑΧΩ
  • So Fly with Alpha Chi
  • There’s Only One Way to Go - A CHI O
  • With Lyres & Pearls, We’re the Greatest of Girls
  • Sassy & Classy ΑΧΩ

from: Sayings By Chapter for the 26 NPC Sororities 

🎨 get the look: how to paint sorority canvas shoes! 🎨

Painted sorority Keds and Toms are super fun for bid day, big/little reveal and any day! Get the look with these step-by-step instructions for creating your footwear works of art. They are totally wearable and a FAB way to show your greek pride all around campus.


  • Pair of white canvas sneakers (Keds), or white/ivory slip-ons (Toms), or similar brands. 
  • 1-2" blue painter’s tape
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paint pens and/or Sharpies
  • Firm small brushes
  • Tissue paper
  • Pencil for tracing or penciling freehand 
  • Tracing paper for preferred technique
  • Nail polish remover & Q-tips
  • Clear matte sealing spray such as Krylon

❉ STEP 1 Prep the Shoes: 

  • Remove the laces if you are painting Keds. 
  • Tape all around the sole with the blue painter’s tape, protecting the edges from stray paint.
  • Stuff tissue paper in the toes of the shoes to keep your painting surface firm.

❉ STEP 2 Lightly Trace Your Design:

  • With a pencil, lightly freehand your design. Or trace one using your favorite tracing technique. Please refer to the sorority sugar Letter Tracing Guide for different ways to trace. 
  • Another option is to print a design from the computer, cut it out and use it as a “stencil.” Secure your stencil with pins and lightly trace around it.

❉ STEP 3 Paint the Design:

  • Using firm, small brushes paint your design on the canvas surface. 
  • A light touch works better than a heavy application.
  • Accent and outline with paint pens and/or colored Sharpies.
  • If there are multiple layers to your design, allow for drying time.

❉ STEP 4 Finishing Touches:  

  • After shoes are completely dry, spray clear sealant over the painted surface.
  • Remove the blue painter’s tape. 
  • Touch up any stray paint spots with a Q-tip and nail polish remover.
  • Remove the tissue paper inside the toes.
  • Re-lace the shoes if you painted Keds.

{DIY photos & info from: google search}

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