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IDK about my other witch’s, but one of my fav things to do for family and friends for gifts are making them from scratch. Especially beauty products that have a touch of magick and are as chemical free as I can make them.

If any of you want to make salves, lotion, or any other herbal remedies and beauty products for the gift giving season. I HIGHLY recommend bulknaturals for Cocoa, Shea, and Mango butters.

Steven is so nice and deliveries super fast. It’s free shipping for the US (I’m not sure about international.) He gives out very decent sized samples for .99 a piece. (He even included 2 free samples!) and you can buy a 16oz thing of unrefined shea butter for just $9.99! He even sells in bulk going clear up to 25Ibs!

They are legit and all natural and he is an extremely new shop on etsy. Give him a look, I was pleased to find his shop personally.

As usual, I also recommend BathBodySoul for essential oil’s as she has the lowest prices ANYWHERE I’ve personally seen online for 100% undiluted EO’s. The peppermint tingles, the Cinnamon warms and all of them smell extremely strong and pure. (She also sells carrier oils for a decent price.)

And for those that just want the scent without the physical properties, ApothecaLunulae has really nice scents and gives out decent samples. You could make a solid perfume and make it cherry and vanilla scented for love etc.

PS. Happy Holidays/Yule/Christmas/Winter Season witchlings! <333


🌙Cheap Witch DIY: Candles! 🕯

The wicks burn super well and have a strong flame! 🔥

For the wicks you will need:

  • Cotton string (I got mine from the crochet section at Walmart) 
  • Melted candle wax

Dip the string into the candle wax and drag it through to coat the whole string and let the wax harden. 

For the candle you will need:

  • Leftover wax from old candles (crayons if you are coloring)
  • 1 Wick
  • A mold (I used a styrofoam cup but you can make one out of tinfoil or a cupcake liner)
  • *Optional: Add herbs to your candle (I used cinnamon, clove, and anise seed but it sunk to the bottom so can’t tell) 

Have the wick sticking upright (rest it on something), melt the wax and pour it into the mold, after it is a little bit cool add your herbs(don’t add it first thing or it will sink). Keep it in the refrigerator until the wax has completely hardened. 

Use your candle however you please! 🌜🔮🕯⭐️🍁🍂🍃🌻

DIY coffee table. 

Free (found) basic Ikea coffee table. 

Tree wallpaper from Wilkinsons. 

I applied a good 3 layers to the table with spray adhesive and PVA and then coated with shiny Mod Podge for varnish and finish.


By Portia Graves

✨cheap and easy decorating hacks✨

DIY Tarot Card Sweatshirt Tutorial from fancymade.

This is such a good gift for those into Tarot, Oracle or Angel cards. I love tee shirt transfer paper, and have been raving about it since I started this blog in 2011. You can buy tee shirt transfer paper for either dark or light materials.

If you want to make DIY Tarot Card Tee Shirt, you can skip a few steps of this DIY and iron the transfer right on to the tee.