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X The Wheel of Fortune - Cycles, luck, fortune, great change, the inter-connectivity of life, a turning point, movement, seeing the connections, the wheels of fate and destiny. 

The Wheel of Fortune represents the greater machinations of the universe, a great wheel which will take us up and down and then up again. While one cat rises upwards, towards fortune and gain, another cat falls off of the wheel to start at the bottom again. Upon the great Wheel are marked the four suits of the minor arcana, as well as a representation of the Soul whole, breaking, broken, and mended again.  Around and around it goes, where it stops, the future unfolds! 


DIY Animated Cards Tutorials and Printables from Instructables’ User goldlego

Make these clever DIY Animated Cards with just a few materials. There are PDF downloads at the links to make this a really easy DIY.  

  • DIY Retro Valentine’s Day Animated Card by goldlego at Instructables HERE.
  • DIY Windows Retro 95 Animated Loading Birthday Card by goldlego at Instructables HERE. You can edit the message in this card.

DIY Star War Valentine’s Day Card Printables from Alecia Dawn Photography. First seen at Geek Crafts here. If you like what you see and it’s free, download it ASAP because you never know when blogs are just going to disappear (way too many recently). For some of the best DIY Valentine’s Day cards and ideas go here.

Sisterhood Valentine’s Day Scratch Off Cards 

These adorable DIY Valentine Scratch Off Tickets would be terrific for big/littles, new members, or your favorite greek guy! Tailor the rewards to your recipient. 

Materials Needed: 

  1. Heavy paper
  2. White crayon
  3. Acrylic paint
  4. Liquid dishwashing soap

Create your card:

  • Print your design on card stock.
  • Write 3 “gifts” inside the hearts.
  • Cover the words inside each heart heavily with white crayon.
  • Mix 2 parts acrylic paint with 1 part dish soap. For example, to make several cards, use 2 tsp. paint & 1 tsp. soap. A little goes a long way. 
  • Paint over the handwritten hearts.
  • Allow to dry and give to your sweetest Valentines. 

This idea would work for other sisterhood events too, not just for Valentine’s Day. FUN for big/little clue week, reveal, retreats, sisterhood socials, etc… xoxo ;)

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Here’s another simple idea for those people who want a more personalized/thoughtful gift: ‘Open When’ cards.

This can be done however you want and you don’t necessarily have to follow the rules for this one. 

Click here for some ideas! 

This idea is perfect for those couples in Long Distance Relationships (like me)!