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Elegant Chairs Pop-Up Card Tutorial. Imagine with watercolor all over the page!

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DIY Valentine’s Day Card!

This card was so much fun to make (mostly because of the fabric tape). The A6 folded card & the pen I used are from The Papery and everything else (twine, printer paper, fabric tape) is from Michaels. The card is really easy to make and just takes a little bit of time! 

The pennants are made out of printer paper. I just folded a piece of paper in half and cut triangles out of the crease so that I would have foldable pennants. I folded them over the twine and put a some double sided tape in between the two pieces to tape them together. After that, I just taped the twine in place on the card with fabric tape and wrote the letters in on the pennants.

I ran out of room in my holiday budget for cards this year so I’m making do with what I have… specifically, sample cards sent from the good people at If you didn’t blow your budget on artisinal cheeses (not naming names here) then you might want to check out this site for pretty custom holiday cards that will have everyone convinced that you’re a holiday wizard, or “grown up.” -MB