diy card


Elegant Chairs Pop-Up Card Tutorial. Imagine with watercolor all over the page!

More Homemade Projects

I made cards for our moms for Mother’s Day. They’re actually the same color, but the white balance was off (I tried to fix it, but I’m not very good.). None of the presets really fit the lighting in the dining room.

I had a super productive day yesterday. By the time I did 3 things, the internet had gone and never came back, so instead a picking up a book to reread and being a bum as usual, I kept working.

In all I did 4 loads of laundry (though their not put away yet, vacuumed, cleaned 1 tub, wiped down both bathroom sinks, made those cards, and rode 5 miles on the recumbent bike.. Oh, and took care of Ryland of course.

Now the fact that those few things=a super productive day for me shows how much I struggle with procrastination. But progress is progress, and this blog is supposed to be about making myself better. Yesterday I did just that.

Today, I’m at Panera now to do some things online I need to do and some I just want to do (hello, Tumblr). Then, I’ll run before it gets too hot and before I get hungry again. After that it’s to Publix for BOGO organic baby food. Even though I do try to make a lot myself, the packaged kind is great when running errands or eating out because I don’t have to worry about carrying my lunchbox with icepacks to keep the food cold and then having to heat it up for him. He’ll eat cold fruit, but he likes veggies and meat at least at room temp.