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Hello Everyone!

Today I wanted to start with the first post for our Back To School Series. Art is the easiest and funnest way to decorate your dorm or bedroom. Add some color to your blank walls and your room will instantly brighten up. You will enjoy studying!

Be creative with your art piece and play around with colors. I wanted to be on a budget while choosing materials. I bought my materials at my local arts and crafts store and purchased everything for less than $20!

Materials you’ll need:

-Acrylic Paint

-11x 14 Canvas (Mine came in a pack of two)

-Sponge Brushes or Regular Paint Brushes

-Plate to add and mix your paint

-Cup with water to play with texture, color or to clean your brushes (optional)

-News paper or a mat to place under your canvas to keep area clean


You will have lots of fun creating your own art. When you are stress in college or at school take out these material and paint. You will feel stress free and its FUN!

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D.I.Y. Canvas Art 2-

This one, too, is super easy and it looks really pretty up on the wall. All you need? Some paint and masking tape!

1. Put masking tape on your canvas in a Chevron pattern. This may take some patience but really, you basically have to do nothing after this step.

2. Paint all over your canvas. Remember, the parts NOT covered by masking tape will be painted.

3. Print out the picture of a bird from the internet. Trace it on black paper.

4. Cut it out and stick it on your canvas.

And that's it! 

The first picture is me trying my hand at it. The second picture i found on the internet. There really is no hard and fast rule as to what you can do. Just remember to stock up on masking tape!

DIY Chevron Canvas Art

I found this painting on the internet and i wanted to do something similar. But all the DIY sites made it too complicated by cutting paper strips of equal sizes and sticking each one individually.

So i came up with my own version of it. I did it on a small canvas because i wasn’t sure how it would turn out.

Things Required:

Masking tape, paints and canvas.


1. Take several colors and paint your canvas any way you want. I tried to stick to a kindof pattern but i realized the crazier your painting, the better.

2. Let it dry completely.

3. Cut masking tape and stick them on your canvas in a chevron pattern. Its okay if you go wrong. You can peel it off and try again. Try to be precise but small mistakes wont show in the end.

4. Paint your canvas in two layers of white. Remember- all parts NOT covered by masking tape will end up white.

5. Once its dry, peel off the tape.

Go crazy!


D.I.Y. Canvas Painting 

Check out this D.I.Y. tutorial to learn how to create your very own canvas painting. Whether your an expert painter or just a beginner, this is a fun and neat way to sharpen your creative side.

What you’ll need: