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If you don’t have a candle with the colour you need you can use a white candle + a candle holder with a shade that match your intent! It’s also inexpensive becouse you can DIY painting some glasses or empty jars.

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Hello! Do u have any minimalistic room decor..? Thanks

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I made a bunch of mini chime candle holders! 

I only have the four colours of sculpey on hand though. Ideally I’d have a bunch more colour to suit different rituals and spells, but this will do for now. 

They’re messy and kinda ugly, but I like them.

In the next batch I’ll be carving sigils in the bottom and maybe tucking some herbs in there. 

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Shit Aph Belarus Does #80

Is trash, but is grade A trash. Good trash…the trash that you recycle…and the one that you think you could turn into something cute and hip recycled thing