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This is a continuation of my Mushishi-like artist box project. Inspired by the “Mushishi” TV animation series I’m making a backpack-box for outdoor painting sessions.
In this video I’m showing the finished box and all the small adjustments I made to it.



Table top is complete!! It’s so beautiful! The kids are really enjoying working on it, it’s an awesome family project!

Finally washed Key West off my car

Eclipse projector viewers have been made out of cereal boxes , I will be taking mine to the dentist so I can go outside with my hygienist, that will be interesting

Movies this weekend were King and Logan. I enjoyed both

I’m that person in my family that people just expect will do the thing they ask me to do. Because I usually do the thing anyone needs me to do. Damn it

I didn’t want to be strong today I didn’t want to have all of this discipline I just didn’t want to I didn’t give in though and I wasn’t weak but I felt so weak on the inside I felt so weak I could cry

I just want a game for my Xbox that is not first person shooter or at least that is not from first person perspective, I’m just so tired of seeing games from that view , I want a game that I like to play . I haven’t played Xbox in such a long time , I used to really enjoy video games and now they are just all for the kids. Ugh

Have a week that fulfills you!
Love yourself


The “6 Block” Rocket Stove! DIY - “DUAL BURNER” Rocket Stove! (Concrete Block Rocket Stove) 

anonymous asked:

My best guess on the desire to refer to people by the sex they were assigned at birth (I refuse to accept the frame of 'misgender') is that it's what hardcore Christian types have to do to comply with Telos or whatever.

Oh, come on.

The thing the right is doing is not ‘refer to people by the sex they were assigned at birth’.

When they see somebody, they assume their gender just like virtually everyone else does. Deep voice, facial hair, pronounced jaw, wearing male clothes? Gets a he pronoun. Shorter, different voice, different facial features? Gets a she pronoun. You do not use the rule ‘refer to people by the sex they were assigned at birth’, no one does. 

Here are some experiences we might want a word to describe. What if someone’s presentation is ambiguous? In my experience lots of people hazard a guess anyway and round the person off to whichever of ‘male’ and ‘female’ seems closer. Some people just feel extremely awkward and upset and act like the person is not a person. Some people ask and do what the person requests. Some people default to ‘they’. 

And what if someone’s presentation is quite clear, but does not seem to match their physical features? For example, they have a receding hairline and a strong jaw but are wearing makeup and a pretty dress? Here again some people are deeply uncomfortable and decline to acknowledge the person, some people presume the person is presenting in ways associated with being gendered ‘she’ because they want to be gendered ‘she’ and use that, some people ask and do what the person requests, and some people decide that this person is Really A Man and use ‘he’. 

Again, that behavior is not an assessment of the person’s sex assigned at birth, it is an assessment of what they kindaaaa look like. This has happened to cis women I know of. Their birth assignment didn’t help, since they didn’t happen to be carrying it around (and in some places you can change the gender on your birth certificate anyway). What’s going on here is ‘this person looks like a man to me so I’ll call them ‘he’ regardless of what they want or what they were assigned at birth or what’s biologically accurate.’ 

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