diy brush cleaner

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

- From simple household items you can now clean your makeup brushes!

Things You Will Need:

- Dirty Makeup Brushes 

- Small Bowl

- 1 Cup Of Clean Fresh Water


- 1 TBS Olive Oil

- 1 TBS Shampoo ( baby shampoo works best because it is very gentle but you can use anything)

( If you need more just make sure to use 1 to 1 ratios of each ingredient.)


- Mix the olive oil and the shampoo together in a small bowl 

- Dip makeup brushes into the solution and massage the liquid through the brush to break up all compound makeup. Spend sometime on this step to make sure all of the makeup is out.

- When done with this step dip the sudsy brush into the cup of clean water (make sure to not fully submerge because the bristles are glued to the handle and you may loosen the glue) 

- After water, blot the brush onto a clean and dry dish cloth or paper towel until dry, if you notice their is a lot of makeup coming off and you think their is still more go for a repeat clean. 

- Leave your brushes out to dry

- I would advise you not to save this recipe longer than your complete cleaning off all your brushes. Since used makeup can harbor bacteria, re-cleaning your brushes with the same solution would not actually be cleaning them. Mix up a new batch when your brushes need to be cleaned again.

Why The Olive Oil?

- Olive oil plays a role in the cleaning process and also leaves the bristles in better condition than they were before. 

I hope this helps you clean those brushes in a cheap and affective way!


Quick and easy dry brush cleaner for when you’re switching colors! Super helpful tip! (:

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