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Nancy, Oh Nancy- Ghost Piss

My Redemption song for Barb #justiceforbarb <3

“Barb stood no chance, Steve’s face in your hands
Barb stood no chance, her bloods on your hands….

Nancy, oh Nancy… Slay that Demogorgon for me
Nancy, oh Nancy… I’m your #1 Fan baby

But how could you just let her go,
how could you just let her go?
We’ve all got an inner ho,
how could you just let her go?”

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Me and @mmdizzie made this music video starring Broccolini The Dog and our housemates for this song off my new album, I think it’s real cute and a pretty accurate depiction of my life when I’m home. #Broccolinithedog is a star!

Okay so last Saturday I celebrated my 18th birthday and for the photocall I got my inspiration not only from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or B99 but also from some of your posts @strangesmallbard @foodless @mcclaln @tinykahuna-archive @just-shower-thoughts @dysphorism @awesomephilia @history-jokes @ostolero @echobo