diy binder covers


My Binder Organization! 

Hey guys! A couple of people were interested in how I keep organized/what’s in my binder/etc, so I thought I’d make a post about it with pictures! I’m in no way an organization queen, I’m actually very messy, but I hope this somewhat helps. 

First Picture:

My DIY binder cover as of right now! I’m thinking about purchasing a photo/scrapbooking binder just because they’re thicker and more decorated (also pretty cheap). All I did was use a black piece of construction paper and used a silver sharpie to write on it. 

Second picture: 

My dividers, again nothing fancy. I try to reuse these every semester so I don’t want to make them too specific. I used washi tape to cover the tabs and wrote my classes on the tape so it’s interchangeable when I need them for different classes. I want to tape some inspirational quotes to them but I just haven’t gotten around to it lol. 

Third picture: 

The front of each divider. I keep my syllabuses (if you’re in college, these are the single most important thing) in the front so I can easily refer to them for whichever class I need. 

Fourth picture:

Notes for my upcoming exam. These are the next important thing so I put them 2nd, so there’s a little bit of method to my madness. Yes, I doodle Taylor Swift lyrics on all my notes. I’ve just started practicing with visual notes so hopefully I’ll get better and a little more creative in time. 

Fifth picture: 

Past homeworks/past tests/reviews/etc. I keep homeworks for my stats class mainly because I easily forget how to do math problems. I also keep up with past tests and reviews for other classes just to refresh and/or if the final exam is cumulative. (Usually they’re not, thank god)

Sixth & Seventh picture: 

Extra paper for taking notes in class and so I don’t have to keep up with 4 separate spirals. Nothing special, moving on lmao

Eighth picture: 

Papers in the back pocket that I have to take out often. I don’t like opening the rings because my binder is so stuffed everything wants to fly out so I just keep them easily accessible. Nothing special again.

Ninth picture:

My monthly planner. I try to keep up with a bullet journal (failing this month…oops) but this is for a quick reference of everything upcoming this month. If you’re in college, this is a cheaper way rather than investing in a planner. Printable is by @thearialligraphyproject. I prefer using printables rather than keeping up with a separate planner because, again, I’m messy and unorganized. 

I hope this helps some how in some way. I’m not completely in love with how it’s set up but it works for now. If y’all have any tips on binder organization please let me know! Also if you have requests for anything else I’d love to do them. :) 

🌈DIY Cover tutorial🌈

Hey! some of you requested a tutorial for my new notebook covers so here it is!! It’s absolutely customizable, you can change the diamond pattern for any other shape, you can switch the watercolors for magazine cut-outs or gouache paint. You can make it any color and size you want! It’s all up to you! Here’s how i did the ones above:

1) You’ll need:

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