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how can u afford to have such a pretty desk?? it looks really expensive.

I know there are a lot of misconceptions about studyblr ideals and I’ve wanted to clear the air about having a ‘perfect desk’ for a while.

My study space is something I take pride in, and I find that making it look nice motivates me to study and succeed. I consider it an investment in my future. Though it looks somewhat luxurious, I’m not particularly wealthy. I’m a student living at home and I make money by babysitting. I’ve managed to get my desk the way it is by saving money, and putting it towards small purchases over the span of years. Some of the things you see are also gifts. It all boils down to being able to find a good bargain, or being able to DIY things. 

For example, those ‘prints’ on my vision board might look fancy but they’re either images pulled off the internet, or graphics I’ve made myself and printed on regular printer paper. The cute little picture frame with a print in it, is literally a $3 frame from the Reject Shop with a piece of scrapbook paper in it. The pretty notebooks, pink vase, stapler and candle are all from Kmart too. I know that the rose-gold theme kind of exudes luxury and expense, but it doesn’t have to be expensive! I think a big part of it is having an eye for a colour scheme. Literally 98% of what you see on my desk comes from an affordable store; most of the decor is IKEA, Target or Kmart, and the most expensive items I’ve bought to date are my lamp and my textbook stand (cookbook stand lol) which were both only $20. I’m not the type of girl who spends money on clothes or shoes, and I rarely go out, the little money that I do have is either saved or goes towards things such as my textbooks, novels or stationery supplies because those are things I enjoy. 

Also, please keep in mind that I generally post photos when my desk is in a decent state. 95% of the time it’s covered in random papers, half-full mugs, empty bottles of water and a fork sticking out here or there. 

Watercolor: DIY Lego Travel Watercolor Kit

Hey there! I have a set of Holbein paints that I wanted to use for my plein air/cafe sketching with friends, so I decided to make an ultra-portable DIY kit for it, using generic lego clones (not the Lego brand, too cost-ineffective), and a tiny tin box (that used to contain a wooden puzzle).

Read on for more photos and the how-to. :)

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