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Doll Hair Dye Tutorial

I started this project by researching which doll would look closest to Harley Quinn from the movie Suicide Squad.  I needed to decide which size doll I wanted to work with, find a face that would work best, and I needed to find a doll with very light platinum blond hair (or find a blond wig to fit the doll, which could be tricky)!

The Cinderella Disney Animator Doll worked best for this project and I bought her used from eBay. (Keep in mind, materials can add up quickly so try and save as much money when possible, buy used dolls, use coupons, sell the items you don’t need. To save money, I listed her clothes/shoes on eBay and sold them at a price which covered the cost of the doll! Yay! #freedoll)

This post will focus on the Hair Dye, which is by far the messiest part of this whole project! Once I received the doll, I removed the clothing and washed the doll thoroughly with dish soap. After the doll has dried completely, I wrapped the plastic toy body in saran wrap and left her head exposed and used painters tape to seal the edges. I put her hair in pigtails, then slapped on (latex free) gloves and mix equal parts of 70% Rubbing Alcohol with the colored Ink in the spray bottle. (For lighter color, add more Alcohol.)

My advice is to work with one pig tail color at a time. I started with Red and that color was a bit of a tricky. Doll Hair/wigs can be made out of so many different materials, like nylon, acrylic, modacrylic, animal hair, polyester, or polyvinyl, and so much more! So yes, result may vary. So it is best to take a small sample and test it out first to see what the end color will look like before you paint the whole thing. (but seriously, who has time for that!?) lol

Because I am actually working on multiple projects at once, I did 5 different doll hairs/wigs, and just dove right in. These projects may benefit you, because I can show you the differences on how each one turned out and so you can learn from my experience. Some of the wigs turned out too red, I’m talking Ronald McDonald red… some not enough pink, and I had to do it over to get a better color.  

Check out the variations of color we can get from using the ratio same mixture of red ink dye and rubbing alcohol but on different doll hair!

One of the wigs (top right of photo) I used was not light enough of a blond to start with, it was a dirty blond…. and so the wig came out sort of blah. So it’s best to have chose a closest to platinum hair color apply the hair dye to, to get that rich color to show through. For this doll, I wanted to go for a ombre look with blond roots to blend to light pink in the meddle, then transition to darker pink on the ends. The Cinderella Animator doll hair turned out the best!

I applied more Alcohol than red ink to get that pink color. As I sprayed it, I started on the ends and worked my way up, while blending & rubbing it in with my fingers (wear gloves) and then went back down and added more saturated color to the ends.  I angled the doll so that the doll was lifted higher then her hair, so that her hair will hang down to dry to help prevent the dye from seeping up too high on her pig tail. Spray, hang doll upside down and let the pigtail and air dry completely. Then rinse, let dry again and then I repeated on other pig tail  with blue.

If the doll hair starts to frizz after this process, I soaked the colored hair over night in warm water and fabric softener which added a fresh smell to the doll and softened and tamed the frizz.

(Do not dry hair with hair dryer, most doll hairs will melt under heat) And there you have it! Fun colored hair for your Ooak Doll Repaint project!

Hope you enjoyed this post and I will post more steps on how I created the Harley Quinn Doll Repaint!

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Little advice for my girls with colored hair...

Hello lovelies!

I get asked A LOT how I keep my purple for so long, and how it doesn’t completely fade after the first time I wash my hair.

So here’s what I personally do and what works for me:

1) I do not shampoo my hair I only use conditioner, shampoos tend to strip the color from my hair and I find them too harsh, my hair needs to be hydrated so a good conditioner it’s what it needs

2) I do not wash my hair often, once or twice a week and I know you might think this is gross but my hair is bleached aka very dry and it literally never gets greasy

3) I put purple dye (just put the color your hair is) in my conditioner so everytime I wash my hair the color will last a bit longer and I always leave the conditioner in for at least 5 mins

And this is pretty much it! I hope you found this helpful!

home hair dying for beginners

I see a lot of you guys asking general questions about dying your hair, and I know a lot of people have a lot of concerns about doing it for themselves, so here’s a little explanation of a few things!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a beautician. I am just a shitty punk kid who dyes his hair a lot. All of this is from personal experience, and my experience may have been different form others’. 

Prep: A few pointers!

  • Please, please use gloves. You think it’s cool, now, to have blue hands, but in four days when every living soul you’ve met has made a Smurfs joke, you’ll be upset. 
  • Rub vaseline on your hairline, forehead, ears, and the back of your neck, to keep your dying hair from also dying you!
  • If you have dark hair, you may want to bleach! Contrary to popular belief, the following things are true of bleaching your hair:
    • It will not make your hair fall out 
    • It will not make your hair stiff or stringy
    • It will not poison you 
    • You will not die
  • The only way any of these things will happen is if you bleach your hair more than once in a 12-month period! Any less than that, and your hair will have had the time it needs to replenish and grow out, and you’ll have an entirely new set of roots to work with. 
  • Grab a comb you don’t care about! You’ll need it later. 
  • Consider having a friend there to help!

Brands: Where I come from, there are three major brands, Manic Panic, Splat, and Raw. 


Approx. price: $7.76

  • Very, very strong
  • Will dye your hair at least a little no matter what color it is
  • Will also dye everything it touches, including skin, bathrooms, houses, and floors
  • Best advised to be washed out outside
  • Super Effective
  • If you’re planning on bleaching, I highly reccommend buying a Splat dye kit, as that comes with both the bleach kit, and a dye color of your choice
  • Take extra time to wash it out. Do not get out of the shower until the water runs at least mostly clear. Splat will continue to rub out of your hair if it’s wet and unwashed. 

Manic Panic

Approx. price: $10.00 (Amplified: $13.00)

  • Semi-strong
  • Vegan!
  • Will dye your hair provided it’s a pretty light color, anything darker than a dirty blonde and you’re not gonna get what you’re looking for, unless you bleach first
  • Will not dye everything it touches, can be easily wiped off of things, HOWEVER:
  • Still, best advised to use vaseline 
  • I recommend Amplified, because it just works better, but if you’re strapped for cash or have light hair, you can use the basic. 


Approx. price: $12.99

  • Pretty strong
  • Smells like sickly sweet death
  • Will definitely work on light colors, and even slightly darker ones 
  • Best advised to bleach
  • Will turn everything green. Well, not necessarily green, but, you know, I used green, and my shower ended up matching my hair.
  • Probably bleach, but if you can’t, it might still work. 

The Process: Here’s a quick overview of the steps you should take in dying your hair.

1. Wash: shampoo, but do not condition, your hair, to remove excess oils. It doesn’t matter if you conditioned earlier that day, just re-shampoo, and wash it out. 

2. Wait: don’t try to dye your hair while it’s still wet. You can blow-dry it if you’re as impatient as I am. Don’t try anything until it’s at least mostly dry. 

3. Prep: do the vaseline, and do it right. Trust me when I say, you do not want a green face as bad as you think you do. Put on your gloves, get out your materials (comb, dye, etc) and emotionally prepare yourself to do something that you will get very bored of very fast. 

4. Apply: with your gloves on, squirt or scoop the dye onto your fingers, and spread it over your hair. Then, using the comb you set aside earlier (you clever person you), brush the dye into your hair, taking care to get the underside of wherever you’re working, for complete coverage. Continue to do this until your hair is completely soaked with dye (provided you want your whole hair done). 

5. Check: make sure you’ve gotten your roots, the underside of the back of your hair (this is where a friend might come in handy, but hey, be independent, live your life to the fullest, do what you want). 

6. Wait: your hair dye will almost definitely have instructions on how long you should wait, but a good rule of thumb is that at least 30 minutes is enough. The longer you wait, the more vivid your dye job will be. 

7. Wash: preferably in a sink, wash your hair, away from your face, with a slightly frugal amount of shampoo. The dye has bonded with your hair, but it’s still smart to let it lie for a little longer. Wash your hair until the water coming off your head runs clear (or, in the case of Splat, mostly clear) no matter how long it takes. 

8. Enjoy!

A few tips

  • Wrap your head with a plastic bag while you dye; it’ll seal in the chemicals, and keep you from getting gunk on everything you own. 
  • Try a heat pad! Wrapping an electric heat pad around your hair (over the bag) will help the dye bond, if you feel like it. 
  • Bleaching is an entirely different beast. If people want me to, I’ll post some tips about that separately. It’s much more time consuming, but also much more absolutely beyond any shadow of a doubt effective. 
  • Don’t sweat it. The best part about hair is this; it grows back. It’s constantly changeable. If you don’t like a color you’ve dyed your hair, you can be sure that it’ll fade, and if it doesn’t, there are kits for removing it from your hair. Plus, you can always try again!
  • Enjoy yourself! Dying your hair is a fun, cathartic way of changing your appearance when you feel like you need it. You don’t need to go to a salon to get the effect you want, and honestly, in this economy, who the fuck can afford to go to a salon? The bourgeois, that’s who, not us dirty commies. Dye your own hair. What’s it gonna hurt?

Alright! Have fun! Don’t hurt yourself! Let me know if you’ve got questions!


D.I.Y. Temporary Hair Coloring 

Not ready to commit to a hair color just yet?

Then check out this D.I.Y. tutorial  on how to get the look you want with temporary hair coloring! Not only is it easy and fun to do, it looks great too!!

What you need:


Dying my hair from blonde to black


Hey guys :D
I know NYCC is in a few days and thats why THREE DAYS BEFORE I GO I gotta dye my boyfriend’s wig!!!

I recieved a wig from that was a liiiittle too…. ok, a LOT… orangey? blondey? I dunno. it was terribly wrong. He’s supposed to be cosplaying Itsuki Koizumi from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Hes not exactly orangey blond. Wigs from that website are very reasonably priced and great quality, but… sometimes the color is a little off!
So here I come with a tutorial on…

The pictures of everything you need are above, just try and bear with me for my first tutorial.

picture 1: as you can see my wig is there on a plastic garbage bag I ripped open. I would reccomend using an industrial garbage bag just in case, and later I replaced the regular one with that. Rit dye will STAIN EVERYTHING so be very careful, especially if you’re doing this in your mom’s kitchen. I’m usimg brown liquid Rit, but if youre looking to dye something brown, especially a white, you should use black Rit. This brown is more of a reddish color and will turn white more reddish and the black will turn it a more brown color.

2. Put on your plastic gloves and pretend to be Sebastian like the weeaboo trash you are. You don’t want stained hands before a con.

3. This is the color of the wig up close. I havent seen many tutorials on how to dye a wig with Rit from a light browny thing like this.

4. Prepare your wig to be sacrificed in the boiling dyes of hell by holding it high and emitting your war cry.

5. Boil a big pot of water. I’m just gonna say a big pot. No specific amount. Just a big pot. Bring it to a boil and go make yourself tea, go play the piano, go watch your anime, get in the spirit of cosplay, anything. it’ll take a long time to boil. Once its finally boiling, lower the heat to medium. I put in about half a bottle of dye.

6. Shove that godforsaken rat’s nest into the pot.
The color I was going for took about an hour in the pot. Stir it for entertainment or something. make sure it stays submerged.

7. I washed the wig in the sink until the water was clear and not full of dye. You might notice your wig is a huge mess after you boil it. This is because a. congrats your wig is dead bc you didnt know it wasnt heat resistant good job happy cosplaying or b. The boiling caused your wig to get all crazy.
All you have to do is take plain boiled water, put the wig on your wig head (preferably a yaranaika wig head) and pour the water over it so the wig is straight again!

8. As you can see it is all silky smooth, and you can let it dry in the sink overnight.

This tutorial was my first tutorial so I hope it was helpful somehow. As you can see the wig is much darker, and closer to a brown less than a blondey orange…. thing.

I hope you enjoyed. Happy dyeing!