DIY Izziyana Suhaimi Inspired Embroidery by Craftster Member luckdragon.

Have you seen the beautiful hand drawn water color embroidered portraits by Izziyana Suhaimi? You can find her work at her website here.

The top photo is an embroidered piece by luckdragon. You can see the photo that inspired her piece and a closeup of her piece at the Craftster link. Her process for making the scarf embroidered piece was this:

I outlined the main parts of the photo with sharpie. Then I traced the scarf part onto 14 count Aida and cross stitched the scarf. I was going to use one of those cross stitch chart programs, but then I decided to just wing it. Once the scarf was done, I cut it out and put some glue around the edges from the back to prevent fraying. Then I traced the rest of the picture onto plain fabric and just used straight stitches for the outline. Glasses are of black felt. Tacked the glasses in place then tacked on the scarf.

Here are more exquisite embroidery pieces by Izziyana Suhaimi below:

DIY Izziyana Suhaimi Inspired Embroidery

DIY Inspiration Shell Collage from A Mermaid’s Tale.

Match items from nature, like shells and rocks, with quotes or words that have meaning to you or loved ones.

Christine, from A Mermaid’s Tale, picked a quote from Maggie Barratt’s At the water’s edge:

Spending summers by the sea, we learn to live by the tide instead of the clock. We decorate our tables and ledges with beach treasures and live well in sparsely furnished cottages, rich in spirit and happy to have no distractions but the sea outside the window; and each time we look out to sea, we rest a little deeper, grow a little stronger, sleep a little more soundly.

I posted about these Rock Collages by mixed media artist Cori Kindred here. 

DIY Bourbon and Boweties Bangle Tutorial from Made in a Day.

These knockoff DIY Bourbon and Boweties’ Bangles are so cheap and easy to make. What’s also nice is you can wire wrap unusual shapes and sizes - from rocks to gemstones.

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If you are a visual learner, check out Beadaholique’s YouTube Video for making Bourbon and Boweties’ Bangles.

Here’s a photo of Bourbon and Boweties’ bracelets from their FB page. Note the amazing crystals and beads being used in the designs.

This bridal themed stacked collection of bangles is from Bourbon and Boweties is via the Alexandra Bee Blog here.

This colorful Bourbon and Boweties stack of bangles is via The Smitten Boutique here.

DIY Hibernate with Me Pillows Tutorial and Templates from  Femme Fraîche.

These DIY Hibernate with Me Pillows are NO SEW, cheap and easy to make. You use tee shirt transfer iron-on paper (available everywhere - even Staples) and templates that are provided by Femme Fraîche.

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