As promised, some Jarrich (Richard/Jared) as suggested. I just drew the pose and went with it without much of a premise in mind. Maybe Jared’s going over business stuff… or not… Who knows.

Characters from Silicon Valley, I don’t own ‘em.

Even though I’m posting this on my side blog, still credit Brooke Hernando/Dixxie Mae, 2015. Don’t steal, or if you wanna use, please ask me.


I wanted to test out two styles or coloring ideas, and figured why not draw Deadpool? Since I’m so excited for the movie finally being a reality. So here is the full thing (and yeah, I threw in the pipe like in the pre-trailer trailer because I wasn’t sure what else to have him do).

So here are the two ideas I tried capturing in the coloring technique: taking some of the solid black shadows (and some lines) and making them a darker red/darker color than the flat color… just to make it “blend” a bit more while still being a solid shape; the other idea being to use the add glow layer for highlights more. It’s so common in comic coloring, and yet I hardly think to utilize it, so here I finally tried it out.

I want to post a small guideline for coloring this soon, because I am quite happy with how this turned out.

(Deadpool belongs to Marvel and not me, of course.)

Brooke Hernando, Dixxie Mae Graphics, 2015. Do not steal or use this work without credit and permission.

Just Finished Miraculous Ladybug Last Night

I remember trying to watch this show a while ago because of, well, Tumblr, but initially concluded I was too old for it (as I am 30) and I didn’t get back to it for a while.

Buuuuuut…a friend of mine and I decided to watch it and I was SURPRISED by how gripping the show could be. It’s good. It’s real good.

Now is it the best kids show? No but the competition is pretty steep with stuff like ATLA, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and Adventure Time looming large over the genre. But it IS good and this would have been one of 7 year old Dixxy’s most favorite things - I’ve recommended it to my friends with young female children.

Here’s the thing: Marinette is far from a perfect character (I mean good God she’s got a little bit of a kleptomania problem - she’s stolen like three cell phones?) but she learns her lesson and grows as a person (…except for that stealing stuff thing :/). But that’s kind of important, too. She and Adrian are kids who are (mostly) believable.

What do I mean? Well there’s a little bit of wish fulfillment going on Marinette’s end - she’s a super hero AND keeps winning design contests AND is a video game prodigy AND has all this time to dedicate to crafting things? At least the show grounds her one episode for skipping class but this is still a touch unrealistic but it’s fine for what the show is. Adrian might be a little too nice for a rich kid model who’s first and only friend during the origin story is freaking Chloe (GOD is she hateable) but I also love his immediate embracing of his Miraculous because of course he would, he’s basically a Disney princess who’s finally getting his “something more”.

I also love their class. Excluding Nino, Chloe, and Alya no one is particularly well developed but they do have identities and personalities of their own. Milan and Ivan are adorable and have cute puppy love chemistry. Rose, who is basically a pink unicorn of a character, and Juleka, who is also a unicorn but she shops at Hot Topic, being friends is lovely. Sabrina is basically just a leech with no agency of her own but that kind of makes her akumatized form a stroke of genius. And as much as my friend and I were like “DIE!” every time Chloe was in danger I’m curious to see where she goes next season.

I have a lot to say about Hawk Moth but that needs to be a different post. He’s an intriguing character with a lot of mystery even though his true identity is being telegraphed pretty obviously right now (GEE I WONDER IF ITS THE OTHER GUY WITH THE SAME VOICE ACTOR, BUILD, AND FACIAL STRUCTURE?) but everything else…not so much.

Overall it’s a good show and worth checking out.

PS: I forgot to write about the main romance I will probably write about that in another post as well because that’s pretty darn endearing too.

Felt like doodling up some Ghostbusters design since we watched the films last night and dressed up in uniform for Halloween. Will try and make the rest, but these were just fun pieces to make really quick as a “break” from my commissions.

I may make an alternate one of Egon that just says “YOUR MOTHER” because that small bit is a favorite.

Brooke Hernando/Dixxie Mae Graphics, 2015.

“Total Eclipse (Venus)” by Brooke Hernando/Dixxie Mae Graphics, 2016.

This was based off of a solid shape, silhouette, neon idea (from when I had done the Hotline Miami/Sailor Moon crossover). The idea behind the text was from the old, original Toonami bumpers, when Moltar would introduce the show. In one bumper he used the phrase [song title] “total eclipse of the heart” for the Sailor Moon intro, so it had put this image in my head.

Do not steal or use without permission and credit.

“Lunar Lashing” by Brooke Hernando/Dixxie Mae Graphics, 2016.

I fell into the trend of pastel punk and old school anime. oh well. Nothing wrong if it promotes feminism and badassery. I like this style a lot though. Finally felt like I mastered light strokes with a 30pt pencil (without it looking consistently thick). Just gotta use a light hand. And do any kind of selection outlining with 6pt.

Anyways, don’t steal, don’t use without permission.