Okay I apologize if this shows up twice it appears Tumblr ate the first one on my end.

I was testing a theory this morning when I found these posts and now I’m angry. That’s the exact same anon. I saw other messages likely from other anons. This is garbage behavior. This is exactly what I was talking about earlier.

Yes, enjoy the snippy panel. Don’t ruin it for everyone by doing this. It brings everyone down. It’s mean to the LuNami community and reflects poorly on the SaNami community. Nobody wins.

Here are some kittens as a palate cleanser. Everyone play nice.

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Looking for Opinions

If you see someone post something online to the effect of “wow I’d really like to see a fic about ____ _____ ____”, do you need to seek their permission to write and post it online?

Like I get that they are kind of asking for the fic to be written but not entirely? 

My muse has been all but DEAD since the election - I am stuck on Robin’s delivery in Knotted to the point where part of me just want to skip it entirely (especially since I have stuff beyond that written), Mass x Acceleration I’m frustrated with since Sanji’s new backstory means if I address it in that universe it’s going to give Sanji WAY too much focus and Nami’s already lagging in attention there. Haunted I sort of have direction for, especially the sequel (which isn’t Haunted but with the SDR2 victims, by the by) I’m just a bit drained on Danganronpa at the moment, especially since I also beta for hunterofcomedy’s excellent Never Say Never (I highly recommend it to any DR1 fans still following me).

But then I saw a tweet in which someone insinuated they’d read a fic about something and it woke up my muse in a way it hasn’t been active since before, you know, the election. It looks like it’ll be a shorter fic (10-12 chapters max, possibly shorter), probably wouldn’t do any sequels/prequels, and is actually very Nami-centric whereas my Sanji x Nami stuff tends to focus more on Sanji. 

Thoughts? Asks, private messages, and/or reblogs welcome.

As promised, some Jarrich (Richard/Jared) as suggested. I just drew the pose and went with it without much of a premise in mind. Maybe Jared’s going over business stuff… or not… Who knows.

Characters from Silicon Valley, I don’t own ‘em.

Even though I’m posting this on my side blog, still credit Brooke Hernando/Dixxie Mae, 2015. Don’t steal, or if you wanna use, please ask me.


I wanted to test out two styles or coloring ideas, and figured why not draw Deadpool? Since I’m so excited for the movie finally being a reality. So here is the full thing (and yeah, I threw in the pipe like in the pre-trailer trailer because I wasn’t sure what else to have him do).

So here are the two ideas I tried capturing in the coloring technique: taking some of the solid black shadows (and some lines) and making them a darker red/darker color than the flat color… just to make it “blend” a bit more while still being a solid shape; the other idea being to use the add glow layer for highlights more. It’s so common in comic coloring, and yet I hardly think to utilize it, so here I finally tried it out.

I want to post a small guideline for coloring this soon, because I am quite happy with how this turned out.

(Deadpool belongs to Marvel and not me, of course.)

Brooke Hernando, Dixxie Mae Graphics, 2015. Do not steal or use this work without credit and permission.


Felt like doodling up some Ghostbusters design since we watched the films last night and dressed up in uniform for Halloween. Will try and make the rest, but these were just fun pieces to make really quick as a “break” from my commissions.

I may make an alternate one of Egon that just says “YOUR MOTHER” because that small bit is a favorite.

Brooke Hernando/Dixxie Mae Graphics, 2015.