This is my kevedd oc.

Her name is Dixxie and she is freshman at Peach Creek High.

She met Double D first and became really great friends with him, even becoming his apprentice. She then became obsessed with Kevin and Double D’s relationship because it reminded her of her yoai manga’s (She’s a yoai shipper, go figure) She calls Kevin daddy from time to time and he may be unconformable by it at first, but he warms up to it. 

She has a huge crush on Nat, almost stalking him where ever he goes. She hates Rave and thinks she is trying to steal Nat away from her, even though Rave has no idea that she hates her. 

She also has a rival…JIM!

Her and Jim fight for Double D’s attention but they still are friends. 

She is short, so people think she is an elementary student.

I hope you like her ^(*u*)^

As promised, some Jarrich (Richard/Jared) as suggested. I just drew the pose and went with it without much of a premise in mind. Maybe Jared’s going over business stuff… or not… Who knows.

Characters from Silicon Valley, I don’t own ‘em.

Even though I’m posting this on my side blog, still credit Brooke Hernando/Dixxie Mae, 2015. Don’t steal, or if you wanna use, please ask me.


madsnowman asked:

Pirate Tails by D3athrav3n92, The Splash Effect by xoxosparrow, Asteria Nightmare by Velkyn Karma, Marie D Suesse And The Mystery New Pirate Age! by Phalanx, Fortunae Gauntlet by Velkyn Karma, Denial by Confession68, So the Story Goes by Sadekuuro, A Force Against Inertia by Dixxy Mouri, Mass x Acceleration by Dixxy Mouri, Vanished by Dixxy Mouri, Sought by Dixxy Mouri (I recommend the ones by Dixxy Mouri the most even though they are all great fanfics) (they are all on fanfiction. net)

Thank you for your recommendations! All of the stories have been added to our ‘suggestions’ page.


I was on a roll with drawing line art and trying to be more fluid with illustrating body types (I’m usually so boxy in my anatomy). This was decent practice, so why not draw up Jared and Erlich (my favorite asshole-sasquatch-stoner-bear).

Since these are fanart pieces I’m going to keep them posted on this side blog, but the credit still goes to Brooke Hernando/Dixxie Mae Graphics, 2015.

Ohhh I’m going to frow up :( I can’t keep my eyes open but I get dixxy if they closed