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Dixxy vs. One Piece 870 (Part 2)

So now that a week has passed since the initial spoiler has dropped and we’ve got the official release and lots of people have had lots to say on the subject:

I’m less upset over it than I was last week. Partly because Joy Boy made a really good point that there’s still a good chance we’re going to get some Vinsmoke Brothers vs. Straw Hat (allies) at some point. Partly due to this post from @sunnyul. But also partly due to something that I don’t think I’ve seen much commentary on.

Luffy and the other members of the Sanji Retrieval Team overheard Sanji’s speech to Judge. 

@sunnyul pointed it out in this post (…they were kind of  the catalyst for this post) but I’m not sure I have the same read that they did. These four know that Judge did SOMETHING bad to Sanji. They don’t know what, true, but this could be setup for some future clashes between the Straw Hats and Germa 66. 

Basically, it doesn’t make sense that Arlong and CP9 get to treat Nami and Robin as horribly as they did and get their asses kicked but not have the same thing happen to at least SOME of the Germa 66 people (excluding Reiju). On the one hand this might be gender politics at play since Oda hasn’t been doing that great with letting female characters follow through on their agency as of late (like I don’t want to dive too deep into this but it’s implied even Big Mom was being manipulated by her cook this entire time - *SIGH*). But on the other hand, the arc isn’t over, and while there are definitely people who seem way too eager to get to Wano (looking at you, RogersBase), there’s still a lot of lose threads that feel like they need to be addressed before the arc is over. These are all points I’m pretty sure I’ve made before but to recap: 

1. Sanji’s cuffs - even if they are duds, which feels like a REALLY weak cop-out solution to that particular problem, they still need to come off, right? Unless Sanji keeps them on as a reminder to not take his hands for granted (which I’ll admit I want to do something similar in a fanfic) they really should not stick around past this arc. On a similar note, Big Mom is aware of Zeff’s existence and she’s currently PISSED at the Straw Hats, probably Luffy and Sanji in particular, so I’m really not sure Zeff is in the clear, either.

2. Judge’s eyebrows - Oda went out of his way to show Judge with his helmet off but the top half of his face obscured by shadows. Something is going on there, that’s way too obvious of a foreshadow (or in this case…forehead shadow *dodges tomatoes*) to not have any follow through, even if it’s a gag. 

3. Sora - YEAH THAT’S NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL. NOPE, NOTHING TO SEE HERE FOLKS. But seriously, there’s a lot going on with both Queen Sora and Sora the Hero that probably needs to be answered. I’m thinking there’s a good chance it has something to do with why Judge and Sora married in the first place, since a lot of people seem to be wondering how the hell that happened. It might have been an arranged marriage - Judge would have been a prince or a king at the time (unless somehow Germa Kingdom isn’t real or something, which I only wonder about due to Judge’s work with Vegapunk and being able to run away from arrest, yet he’s still a member of the World Government? Wha?) and it isn’t unreasonable that he’d be in a political marriage.

4. Sanji’s masks - both of them. It’s possible the iron mask won’t come up again, but much like his handcuffs, he’s gotta take that heal-stopping mask off at some point, right? 

5. Okay this point I haven’t brought up recently but the whole “what the hell was Brook hiding at the start of this arc/during Zou” thing? I totally buy into the idea that he has crossed paths with Germa before. I wanna know what was up with that. 

(Actually, I’m wondering if it’s possible those figures we saw at the end of Thriller Bark were Germa 66 ships. Oda’s changed character designs after foreshadowing them before so that might be what was going on there. I mean, we do know they were already looking for Sanji by that point since they’d already gone after Duvall, right? And now I’m sad that I can’t pose that question to the One Piece Podcast until next week). 

Okay, that’s about all I’ve got to say on the matter for the moment. Reblog or reply any additional comments. 

As promised, some Jarrich (Richard/Jared) as suggested. I just drew the pose and went with it without much of a premise in mind. Maybe Jared’s going over business stuff… or not… Who knows.

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