dixonne is my otp

A guy's perspective...

A guy friend & I were talking Walking Dead last night and somehow the subject of popular pairings came up.  I mentioned that a lot of people shipped Caryl and the following conversation took place:

Him: What the hell is that all about anyway?
Me: A lot of people think that they have a connection because of the cherokee rose incident.

Him: That’s stupid.  It doesn’t even make sense.

Me: So what do you think?

Him: Daryl’s got a thing for Michonne.

Me: (Playing dumb while I’m internally screaming with joy) What makes you say that?

Him: Did you see him look at her?  You don’t give any girl that look unless you’re into her.

So according to him, just like the rest of have been saying, this one scene:

Means more than anything.  I played it cool but inside, I was just:

So I heard that a particular ship was having an outright shit fit about the season finale and screaming and yelling like petulant toddlers that they didn’t get “their” reunion.

My reaction?

But then I see that they started slamming Norman, Gale, Kirkman & TPTB about not “giving them what they’ve waited for so long and deserve”

Ummm…yeah bitches you aren’t the only ones who’ve been waiting for a payoff.  Again….where the hell were they going with this????

And you don’t see us flipping our shit!  We’re waiting for season 5….because Dixonne is the end game bitches!  Deal with it!


There must be a disease in the fandom that the other two ships have caught...

The B-shippers are just has bad as the C-shippers in the Reedus, Daryl & TWD tags.  Every little thing is “Norman ships it!” “It’s happening!” “They better pay off the tease!”

I mean, they are aware that they are acting exactly like the ship they hate right????

And it got me thinking…

When we got all of this….

and this….

and hell….even this…

We didn’t start acting like a bunch of crazy shippers in the tags did we?

I’d like to think that it’s because we know that Michonne has her man near her, that she doesn’t have to hang all over him or flirt with him constantly for reassurance that he cares about her…because they both just know….

Though if Dixonne does ever become canon, I for one will be doing just an eensy weensy bit of this…

And maybe…just maybe a little of this…

So if C@rol and/or B&th die in the mid-season finale, can they at least have Michonne be the one to comfort Daryl & tell him that everything will be alright? 

And then she keeps a close eye on him, watching to make sure he’s alright but giving him his space.  Finally, she walks up to him as he’s sitting on the ground alone, thinking that it doesn’t do any good to be around anyone because they all die and she silently holds out her hand….and he makes eye contact with her, the first time he’s done that with anyone since they found the bodies, and Michonne brings Daryl back to camp.

And then he’s the one watching her….

It appears that even Caryl fans are getting sick of their ship's shit...

The latest “White flag…Caryl fans aren’t bad…leave us alone…” post in Dixonne, Richonne, etc tags has been met with a number of Carylers saying “Please stop.  Whether you want to admit it or not, there are a lot of crazy people in this ship and they tag other ships just to stir things up.  And these posts aren’t helping our rep so quit.”

It made me a happy girl.

Now back to this….