dixonne is my otp


We’ve been through every pharmacy nearby. And then some. That veterinary college at West Peachtree Tech, that’s one place people may not have thought to raid for medication. The drugs for animals there are the same we need. That’s 50 miles. Too big a risk before. Ain’t now.

So this is Rick’s face when he hears Michonne’s telltale whistle, indicating she’s approaching on her horse. He was doing some planting with Hershel and once he hears her calls, he drops everything and whips up on his feet, with a slight smile on his face. (yes hard to see here sorry my camera’s crappy.) He still has that slight smile when his head whips the other direction to check for Carl. And as you know it’s on full blast when he and Carl are running towards her.

And that little smile is right after Hershel’s giving this speech about how things break, but can still grow. The little bristles will take root and we’ll have a whole new plant.

*softly sings* if that’s not loveee, then what is?

I’ll do a full scene analysis sometime in the future (and with my clearer camera).

So I heard that a particular ship was having an outright shit fit about the season finale and screaming and yelling like petulant toddlers that they didn’t get “their” reunion.

My reaction?

But then I see that they started slamming Norman, Gale, Kirkman & TPTB about not “giving them what they’ve waited for so long and deserve”

Ummm…yeah bitches you aren’t the only ones who’ve been waiting for a payoff.  Again….where the hell were they going with this????

And you don’t see us flipping our shit!  We’re waiting for season 5….because Dixonne is the end game bitches!  Deal with it!


It appears that even Caryl fans are getting sick of their ship's shit...

The latest “White flag…Caryl fans aren’t bad…leave us alone…” post in Dixonne, Richonne, etc tags has been met with a number of Carylers saying “Please stop.  Whether you want to admit it or not, there are a lot of crazy people in this ship and they tag other ships just to stir things up.  And these posts aren’t helping our rep so quit.”

It made me a happy girl.

Now back to this….