laxmorales said: YOU GO, TARA! FOUR FOR YOU, TARA! Feel better soon!

dixonkitten said: needles tho o.0….. *runs and hides forever*

laxmorales Thanks, birdie, love. :3 I am feeling muuuuch better now! All I needed was much rest and copious amounts of fluids (and alright food too).

dixonkitten: Aw! It’s actually not so bad. And the best thing? Afterward it’s a good excuse to drink some nice sweet fruit drinks AND eat salty snacks. HUZZAH.

And God do I love salty snacks…

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*wake up at 5pm* what have i missed? xD

Well, first of all, good morning (for you!) sleeping beauty. XD

Lets see… a whole bunch of Flandus feels; Norman being adorable; a copious amount of Sean’s crotch and yeah… that’s pretty much it really. Business as usual!

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haha thats so true xD

I know right?I mean just look at that

I mean I get it, some of them might be good, I don’t know. I’m just not a fan of those things. I don’t even mind people who love to read/write that stuff, but why can’t they just taaaaagggg it with OOOCCCCCC WHYYYY. Write and read all the OC stuff you want, just gimme a chance NOT to see that/force me to go through endless pages of that until I MIGHT find something -I- like.

lilzv replied to your post:oh my gosh! They are so sweeeeeet! I want tooo <3

dixonkitten replied to your post:dayum cat cuteness overload

and-bingo-was-his-name-o replied to your post:Oh my gosh they’re all lined up!! How cuuute!!

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i must resist the need of join them!

Yeah, they are kind of adorable… at least when they’re all sleeping! ♥

Usually, they look like this one!

dixonkitten hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet: Ugh you know what really sucks about the TWD…

People should buy their goddamn fucking tickets D:

BUT PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID HERE IN GERMANY. Seriously, the maturity thinks they have to buy gold tickets to get close to the actors, to get autographs and pictures. And a gold ticket costs like 300€, and logically, they say that shit is way too expensive. Whereas a standard weekend ticket with all the panels, shows, workshops and parties costs about 90€. That’s 30€ per day. For a full on programme.That isn’t much! That’s an okay price. Yeah of course the gold tickets are way too expensive, but you don’t have to pay for that shit when you can just go there for one day or buy a standard ticket. Plus, hello? They only sell 1,200 tickets. That means practically NOTHING compared to Wizard World. The crowd wouldn’t be THAT big, you wouldn’t have to wait 8 hours in line to get your autograph or picture, Lauren Cohan and Michael Rooker are  willing to come, so I really don’t get the fucking fuzz and why they’ve only sold like 300 tickets so far. The con doesn’t get any funding from FOX Germany or RTL II, they have to pay all that shit with their own sales. And I get that. But people here in Germany really think that those actors will come here for free, sign shit for free and be there for photo ops for free. I mean wtf? That’s Germany for you. Get a good deal and an exciting event, and instead of happily accepting it they gotta complain about it and make it impossible.

hello! here’s my first follow forever. i don’t really follow big amount of people, but it’s still something. if you’re on this list, you mean ALOT to me. i love you, and i hope you’ll stay so i can follow you as long as i possibly can.

first! i wanna thank these lovely people, and i love you lots.

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