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I write for:

Marvel- Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Peter Parker, T’Challa

DC- Oliver Queen, Clark Kent, Kara Danvers, Barry Allen

Supernatural- Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Crowley

The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Jesus, Carl Grimes

Actors: Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Tom Holland

If you request someone who is not on this list, and I do not know who they are, I will search them. But depending on who it is, will determine whether or not I write the request.

Love You All! 

Can you relate??

Do you ever just have that one character in a TV show/Movie/Book that you love so much and just can’t seem to handle seeing them with another character. Therefore you literally ship them with no one. And it’s not even about the character they are being shipped with or about the ship itself, you’re just so invested in the character that your heart just shatters when you see them with someone else. Even though you know you have absolutely no chance with them, you’re still so possessive. Guys please reblog and say u agree or else i am going to check myself into a mental hospital because I’ve been going crazy thinking about this and if no one can relate than that will prove how fucked up i am.

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PS These are just a few of the characters. 


Made this of my favorite fandoms 🙌🏻

since valentines day is coming up I’d like to give a shoutout to these daddies

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Daryl Dixon

The Winchester boys

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Bellamy mf Blake

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Raven Reyes 

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Draco Malfoy

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The Weasley twins


After reblogging that cosplay post the other day, I got a major urge to throw together some closet costumes (and dig out my old Daryl one) before making a start on today’s comic work

Hobby: being attracted to famous men, who of which are all old enough to be my father.

I ain’t picky.

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Carl Grimes SMUT ⚠️⚠️⚠️

Warnings ⚠️-this is purely smut and is a lot of sexual hints and theme do not read if this makes you uncomfortable, also this is only my second time writing smut give me feedback please it will be greatly appreciated ————————————————— As (y/n) watched the interaction of Carl and Negan she could feel herself growing wetter due to Carl’s upright attitude towards Negan, reminding (y/n) of the dominance he shows.As soon as the argument was over (y/n) walked to Carl standing next to him while he finished the conversation with his father Rick before you could go home for the night. Eventually the conversation ended with Rick heading to the gard post with michonne by his side.Interlocking yours and Carl’s hands you head to the house, up the stairs,into your room that you shared. After sitting on the bed (y/n)’s tackled to the sheets “you think I didn’t catch you staring at me princess” Carl growled at you in an animalistic way “s-sorry Carl” “what did I say about staring princess hmm?” “That it’s rude to stare at you Carl.” “Mhmmm but I’ll let it slide just this once princess” (y/n) puzzled looks at Carl questioning why Carl got the hint and spoke “I’ll let it slide this time because I couldn’t keep my eyes off you either” kissing (y/n) hard she wraps her arms around onto Carl’s neck deepening the kiss even further Carl breaking the kiss moves to (y/n)’s neck leaving Hickeys all the way down to her belly button,looking up at her in a questioning way Carl to seemingly ask without words (y/n) nods signaling him to continue he moves lower and begins to suck and lick on her clit and after a few minutes inserts 1 finger then another then another till (y/n)’s a moaning mess,just as she’s about to come he stops teasingly looking up at her while licking his fingers “mhmm so good princess do you think you can take me tonight hmm?” (y/n) stutters in response “ mhmm yes” “good girl” kissing her roughly. “Ready?” (y/n) nods her head and moans as Carl slowly slides into her, kissing her he slowly starts to move, after adjusting (y/n) begs for Carl to go faster happily doing so. “harder faster!!” (y/n) begs after a few minutes whilst holding onto Carl. “F-Fuck princess” Carl moans as he obeys your wishes. “ shit I’m close Carl!”(y/n) yells “Me to princess! On 3” 1 As you climax builds faster 2! You feel a not in your stomach 3!! “Cum princess!” You climax riding out your high with Carl as you just start to fall asleep you here Carl whisper “ I love you Princess” “ and I love you my prince” (y/n) responds ————————————————— This is the gif that inspired this in a way*

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Abandon All Hope (Part 6)

A/N: This was a fic I have been really excited about writing. Believe me, I was constantly talking about it to my friend for days. This is kinda an AU but kinda not. Everything that is happening in TWD is still happening. Some stuff has changed for the Winchesters background with Supernatural but there’s still a lot of the same things happening. I hope you all enjoy and would love to hear your positive feedback. Let me know if you’d like to be tagged.

A/N 2: Thank you all so much for all the love and support. Means the world to me! :)

Summary: (y/n) Winchester is just trying to survive the new world of the apocalypse with her brothers, Sam and Dean. While looking for your father, John, you come across two men who welcome you to their community, Alexandria. The events that follow will test the limits of not only your mind and body, but also your heart.

Pairings: Eventual Daryl x reader (almost), Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Characters: (y/n), Daryl, Sam, Dean, Rick, Negan, Rosita, Dwight, Saviors, Abraham, Glenn, Maggie, Carl, Saviors, Simon

Word Count: 2217

Warnings: language, angst as fuck, death, Negan (yes he’s a warning), smidge of fluff

Tagging: @thewalkingdeadfanfiction, @daryldixonwife1987, @omlbeans, @the-silver-iris, @sebbylover24, @megsense, @loricwizardbluetoastedcake, @youandyourstupidrope, @canadianjelly, @abnormal-angel, @shinydixon, @onlydarylnormanfic, @jodiereedus22, @crystallovesdaryl, @negan-dixon, @deepsouth, @multifandomizer, @sapphire1727, @johnmurphys-sass, @waayward-angel, @sassy-specter, @tiquismiquis, @frozenhuntress67, @saintflandus, @steve-rcgcrs, @jasondialurentisnews

Masterlist [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] 

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“Man oh man, I do not appreciate you killing my men.” Negan said while standing back up from his crouching position in front of Rick. You watched as the man you knew to be your father threaten your new group. “Also, when I sent my people to kill your people for killing my people, you killed more of my people. Not cool. Not fucking cool.”

Negan began to make his little speech while swinging the bat he had in his hand. You recognized it to be your fathers, but it was now wrapped with barbed wire. You felt numb to the world. You knew something bad was going to happen you just didn’t know how bad it will be. You didn’t even notice the tears in your eyes until they started to drip down your face. You felt Daryl squeeze your hand a little tighter to try and reassure you, but you both knew it wasn’t going to help much.

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