dixie's art

hey ppl are having a ball making koopasonas and stuff so i made one too! say hello to the sassy, snarky, super conceited and ever so slightly flighty dixie!

i decided to give her a weapon like some of the koopalings have, and thought “bubble wand!!” so using her bubble wand, she creates bubbles with hazards in them that she smacks everywhere


yea im avoiding doing my actual work

this here’s Dixie, theyre an overwatch oc i guess ?? 

agender, prolly defense class, works w drones, carries a hunting rifle and a collapsible hunting bow. 
u can click on those for captions w the skin names ! 

more to come when i figure out who they are n such


Hay all! It’s Dixie! Ya’ll know me, I don’t usually do comissions, but I was just left off the schedule at work for an entire week, then was ill and need to make up for that!

I mainly do human portraits and figures, but willing to try furry characters/OCs.

I am willing to do nudes but never of characters played by real people, or obviously children. Not a big fan or gore or guro, but can negotiate based on taste level. Tack on 10 bucks for anything naughty!

Any questions just hollar! Hope you’re having a good day. :)