dixie strider

man seventeen hours of half assed filming and its only now that i ask
is this seam crooked
am i going to have to edit in extra artifacts and glitches so my dearly beloved consumers cant see the spot where my mad sewing skills got ahead of themselves and jumped ship
or can i somehow spin that into a new hilarious hint of the eldrich horrors hidden deep within the mind of this lady who is definitely one hundred percent not morticia addams

==>Dixie: Deal with it.

You think you’re doing a pretty good job, actually. You’ve been giving Davey his space, you haven’t been up in his business. You showed him his computer, gave him the password to his Pesterchum account, but haven’t bothered him about who he’s talking to (though you hope he’s been talking to John, Jade, and Rose, at least a little).

You’ve tried asking him to strife, but he feels more comfortable with Strife himself. You haven’t been bugging him as much.

Whenever you think of him never remembering you for real again, something clutches in your heart and for a few minutes you think you might just die, but then you take a deep breath and go on with what you’re doing.

You’ve resigned yourself for the most part to the idea that he’s never going to remember you without his head pounding and his stomach becoming upset.

It’s okay.

He’ll be okay. You’ll be okay, eventually.

At least he’s safe.

Hey Tumblr babies...

Davey remembers me again! I’m so fucking happy. We ain’t out of the woods yet, but it’s closer to bein through than it was before.

Now if I can just get that bot home…

Anyway, y'all should ask me questions…I’m in a mood to be answerin some.