dixie life

The Dixie Chicks performing at the CMAs tonight with Beyoncé has got to be one of the greatest things I’ve witnessed this year. Not only were they performing, “Daddy Lessons,” a song that many right wing conservative country fans refused to acknowledge as one that fit into their genre, but they mixed in the Chicks’ song, “Long Time Gone,” which is just too perfect because this was their first return to the CMAs stage since they were effectively banned from country radio for speaking out against the Iraq war almost 14 years ago. So theres all that history and then these four outspoken, talented, strong women come perform together in the holy land of country music and tear the fucking place up. There were probably so many people pissed off by this performance, which makes it even more amazing that it even happened, and then theres Faith Hill just singing along in the front row. This whole thing gives me life.

saltenecker  asked:

I thought I would be free from country music now that I'm away from home bc of school so tell me fucking WHY did you do this I'm having like major flashbacks to gr6 when my dad's obsession was at its peak and he'd play it on the radio and have the tv switched to the country music channel at the same time

if i have to deal with country music as an inescapable, core foundational element to my personality and development, then so do you

also my dad & my uncles & my grandpa do that too they…are very southern for being from south dakota