dixie life

Scripted Dramas on The CW
  • 90210 (2008)
  • Arrow (2012)
  • Beauty & the Beast (2012)
  • Containment (2016)
  • Cult (2013)
  • Easy Money (2008)
  • Emily Owens, M.D. (2012)
  • Frequency (2016-17)
  • Gossip Girl (2007)
  • Hart of Dixie (2011)
  • Hellcats (2010)
  • Hidden Palms (2007)
  • iZombie (2015)
  • Legends of Tomorrow (2016)
  • Life Is Wild (2007)
  • Life Unexpected (2010)
  • Melrose Place (2009–10)
  • Nikita (2010)
  • Privileged (2008)
  • Reaper (2007)
  • Reign (2013)
  • Ringer (2011)
  • Riverdale (2017)
  • Runaway (2006)
  • Star-Crossed (2014)
  • Supergirl (2016)
  • The 100 (2014)
  • The Beautiful Life: TBL (2009)
  • The Carrie Diaries (2013)
  • The Flash (2014)
  • The L.A. Complex (2012)
  • The Messengers (2015)
  • The Originals (2013)
  • The Secret Circle (2011)
  • The Tomorrow People (2013)
  • The Vampire Diaries (2009)
  • Valentine (2008–09)
  • Veronica Mars (2006)

(in bold) shows that I’ve watched all of.

Clarence is so so good at mood and slice of life pacing in a way that I think is only comparable to regular show?? They both just get how it feels to be those ages. I think Clarence lets itself breathe much more than rs did outside of maybe one or two episodes, though.

Clarence is such a nice odd duck little show and it was like that almost from the get go. The first pizza swamp episode in particular was the first episode I found myself thinking yes this is what being elementary aged was like!!! Then the rock show and slumber party and countless other episodes. The whacky to slow moments ratio reminds me of good middle readers more than other shows I guess????

The Dixie Chicks performing at the CMAs tonight with Beyoncé has got to be one of the greatest things I’ve witnessed this year. Not only were they performing, “Daddy Lessons,” a song that many right wing conservative country fans refused to acknowledge as one that fit into their genre, but they mixed in the Chicks’ song, “Long Time Gone,” which is just too perfect because this was their first return to the CMAs stage since they were effectively banned from country radio for speaking out against the Iraq war almost 14 years ago. So theres all that history and then these four outspoken, talented, strong women come perform together in the holy land of country music and tear the fucking place up. There were probably so many people pissed off by this performance, which makes it even more amazing that it even happened, and then theres Faith Hill just singing along in the front row. This whole thing gives me life.