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okay a prompt. as lonnngg as you can make it bc I love your stories. Okay. First time Beca and Chloe. Beca suffers from super bad insomnia for years.. and somehow after a drunken Bella party turn sleepover, realizes that she can only sleep when Chloe is with her. Mix in other falling in love angst for both of them. Please! alsoooo.. I would not be opposed to eventually getting M rated ;)

[Beca Pitchell (4:57am)]: What the fuck are you doing emailing us set-lists at five in the morning?

[Chloe Beale (4:58am)]: Just a bit of pick-up work before I run. 

[Chloe Beale (5:00am)]: Shouldn’t I be asking you the same thing? 

[Beca Pitchell (5:01am)]: Sleep is for the weak, Beale. 

[Chloe Beale (5:05am)]: You should still try. 

[Beca Pitchell (5:06am)]: Humph. 

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