dix 30

Day 14 - Provide pictures of your celebrity crushes

1. Shannon Beveridge (youtube celeb) 😍

2 & 3. Rose Ellen Dix & Rosie Spaughton (yaass, they’re my crushes too)

4. Natasha Negovanlis (…another one)

5. Elizabeth Olsen (and I’m a such a geek, crushing on Scarlet Witch)

That’s it for today! isn’t more fun that I put my women celeb crushes instead? 😏 You should tell me yours! See you tomorrow!

Straight girls are like a car when they run over small puppies. They will just destroy anything in their wake for the gain of their own personal journey and you might be under the wheels of that straight girl, or you wish you were, but you know what? She’s never going to stop slow down and check if you are okay. Do you know why? Cause she’s got places to go, and that place is called straight town.
—  Rose Ellen Dix