What make me proud of where I’m from ?

By :- Zainab R.

  1. IYLEP 2015 , Exchange 1

every person on earth is proud of his country because of the sense of belonging.

I am also proud of my country because Iraq has one of the oldest civilizations in the world where it started before more than 5,000 BC and it is one of the most important civilizations in world , where the first place how knew the Agriculture ,Industry , Mining and the first to reveal the vehicle and the discovery of writing and plow working and sailing ships.

I live in Diwaniyah and so named for the large number of collections of hospitality and the regions i live in called Um al kill , because in an earlier time was Al Osmanin associate their horses in this region ( Iraq occupied by the Ottomans for 4 centuries) it is also the area who is linking the provinces of the south and that because of its location.

I am proud of my country because when many young people who volunteer to defend the homeland and defend us to stay in our areas In many ways like the iraqi army  and the holy popular crowd ( al-hajd al sabey ) to stay  safe , reassured and peaceful in our country in this difficult situation.

And my country remains the place where I was born and when I lived  my childhood in and It is the place that i learned in it and my school in it . the place when i met  my friends and so it is the place where i was born and where i lived  and where i will serve .

our great iraq ….always proud of be iraqi <3


Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending a Cross Cultural Diwaniyah discussion on religion and it was beyond me. I was so fascinated by the turn out, respect and honesty. Growing up in Kuwait we didn’t have opportunities like this to ask questions or have open discussion on religion. I found it to be such a beautiful think to see so many religions, cultures and colors of people coming together for the sake of learning from each other. What a beautiful thing to have been a part of! @equait @masaha13 Thank you for opening the floor to endless possibilities and connections to unify us on the common grounds of just wanting to expand our minds and learn about our peers! Being in a time when differences seem so much louder it was beautiful to come together as one! Great meeting you on the Divine Line! #equait #masaha13 #kuwait #kuwaiti #kuwaitattack #spirituality #beautiful #q8 #religion #love #strength #unity