Indian/Hindu James Potter headcanons

• The Potters gave James his very boring, British name because they were worried he’d be teased if they gave him an Indian name
• James worked hard to be good at quidditch, mostly because he enjoyed it, but partly to defy the stereotypes that Indian people weren’t very good at it (what with the popularity of flying carpets in the Eastern hemisphere and the Indian team’s appalling performance in the World Cup)
• The boys celebrate Diwali every year by decorating their dorm and the common room with hundreds of lanterns and after the first year the house elves help out, Mrs Potter always sends them all sweets and gifts
• One year, James set off fireworks in the great hall at dinner, McGonagall made sure it didn’t happen again
• As Holi always falls on the day of a full moon and Remus is too ill to take part, Sirius suggested bringing the powder paint with them to the shrieking shack and celebrating in their animagus forms
•The powder always clumps in their fur and sticks to the damp walls of the shack, making it actually quite a cheery place in other circumstances
• As James is bilingual in Hindi and English, he will not only swear or insult people in Hindi, but also makes most exclamations of excitement or affection in his mother tongue too
• Lily thinks this is extremely cool, James starts speaking in Hindi more often
•James is also a vegetarian Hindu and greatly missed his dad’s Mughlai cooking when confronted with the somewhat limited and flavourless vegetarian options at Hogwarts
• That is until Peter had a word with the kitchen elves and brilliant Delhi dishes like vegetable biryani and mattar paneer started appearing on the Gryffindor table


A nine nights festival of Durga/Kali, that celebrates her. All over India, devotees sing songs of worship to them. In North India, many devotees fast. They preform Puja, a prayer ritual for Durga/Kali. Many devotees recite Devi-Mahatmya, a story that involves Durga /Kali (“the goddess”) as the Supreme power and creator of the universe.

For 2017, the date for this festival is September 21-30