…the JOY of this pic is POSSIBILITY.

THIS is my ONE area of “contention,” my core…48 yrs old, 4 children, 2 C-sections, bread, and posture…Oh, My!! (I DON’T HATE HER…).  This visual is a goal… NO EXCUSES!

I am in REVERSAL mode…

So, perhaps I may never get that TINY waistline again, but being MORE streamlined:  toned, strong, lean, is my REALISTIC goal, and regaining it is DO-ABLE! 

I am sharing my journey…

Pursuing my HEALTHY, WELL, and FIT LIFE… I Live Through the BURN!!

Do you also struggle with a de-conditioned core?  What motivates you to BURN?

OK…my #REVEAL…I talk #RESULTS, here’s mine…still have a ways to go, I am doing well, #motivated to #push & get #RIPPED!! #Living #Through the #BURN…#LOVING my #RESULTS! #48yo #fitmom #exercise #results #reveal #ABS #possible #SCULPTED #nevergiveup #femalefitness #40sandfit #personaltrainer #divorcedandliving #personaltrainerlife #livingthroughtheburn

Getting From HERE to THERE...

There are times when you feel fear… overwhelmed..

Perhaps you are waiting for your opportunity?  dreaming of re-starting a career, new business, returning to school for GED, Bachelors, Masters, PhD, pursuing a new relationship/marriage, how about deciding to make exercise your lifestyle instead of a series of MIS-happening events?

Anything WORTHY will be BIGGER than you and DEMANDING of you.  You have to decide MANY times in a day, everyday, until it IS you, of its worth, answering applicable demands with “yeses…”


I DARE to believe that I can turn my passion for exercise into a successful career.  I DARE to believe what is IN me others can benefit from - I DARE to believe YOU are waiting for me…I am here…

I am here!  living through some of the MOST challenging times of my life:  newly separated, single mother, educated but unemployed, hotel-living, having realized some of my greatest fears (ever lived in your car?)…I remain STANDING!!

I have learned and now understand that FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real.  

I have experienced some VERY CHALLENGING times and I am STILL STANDING!  I have chosen to NOT be paralyzed by FEAR, but instead be MOVED by what I DARE to BELIEVE:

…there is a CAREER in health, wellness, and fitness IN me;  there is a health, wellness, and fitness center IN me;  there are fitness sessions one-on-one with clients IN me;  there are books IN me;  there are motivational speaking dates to large audiences IN me…there are my children to feed, clothe, educate, and motivate to respective greatnesses (taking a little liberty) IN ME;  then there’s you…waiting for what’s IN me…

These are all BIGGER than I can accomplish on my own, trust me, I am trusting God through these tumultuous and memorable times…

…and I DARE to believe that I can get from Here to There…

Karla - Living Through the BURN!

What is motivating you NOW to never give up?  to make it THROUGH from your HERE to your THERE?  Share?

As I continue focused and determined in my Sculpted Living and Living Through the BURN season, I remain committed to fitness…

…(eating is challenge, though, I tell no lie…).

I am currently following the Abs Challenge:

15 Crunches, 15 Leg Raises, and a 25 second PLANK static hold today - NO Squats…though I did 40 Jump Squats on Mon. 5 Aug!!! I am proud of that effort…and am enjoying my POSITIVE calf muscle pain…they were SERVED…

…and I am STILL in a hotel room…inconvenient, small, awkward…but I am undaunted, inspired to dig deep as I will be asking my clients to dig…I AM THERE…OWNING this, and would not ask for what I would not give.

So, stay COMMITTED to your health, wellness, and fitness goals, NO MATTER the time, place, or situation…the WEIGHT and Bad habits BECAME because you gave in to them.

You are now thinking on a HIGHER LEVEL…Until you can Do Better, Do Better = No More Excuses, OVERCOME;  You Do Not Quit YOU!   Anytime, Anywhere, you confront and overcome your challenges…DO Better.

Whether settled in OUR place or in a hotel room, I continue “Doing Better Until I Can Do Better…” 

How are you DOING Better until you can DO Better?

Push through!! 

You can live through the burn–it’s meant to sculpt you, shape you and make you more. The burn is real-the struggle is real!  But if we hold on and keep at it we’ll see the results will be worth our pain.  This goes for inside the gym and in life. 

Don’t be a quitter. Live through the burn.  I’m burning right along with you.