divorce with regret

Is it just me or I’m so shook that Scarlett would go through her second’s divorce like I feel bad but I also knew she’d go through it bc she’s such a strong and amazing woman. But on the other side I also shOOK yet, well happy? I mean those Evansson rumours, Scarlett and Chris are a thing, they’re dating, in relationship make me so happy I feel so blessed and I also feel bad but I’m happy it’s mixed feeling yet it’s more dominant on the happy side


like mother like son

… as much as I have a feeling I’m gonna get violently mauled for this, this was actually pretty therapeutic for me ._.|||


Sungsook : I feel like no one loves me.
Jayoung : Hey. Your husband liked you more than me. He wasn’t like that at first, but he always compared me to you, saying it was better when he lived with you and that you were better. I wanted to tear his mouth out. […] When we got divorced, I almost grabbed a knife… because he said he regretted divorcing you.

a letter to young women,

please do as much possible as you can in one lifetime, without the constrains of marriage limiting you. read, write, study, travel and be free of all things whilst you are still young. of course marriage can be a beautiful union of two people, however when you’re young you need to use these years to define who the hell you are first. you need to shape and mould and learn to like who you are without being restricted with the responsibility of all else. most young people who get married end up divorced, and regretting the fact they wasted their years trying to reconcile a relationship when they should have spent it on themselves. please, i encourage you to take all the time in the world on yourself before ever getting married. please.

Calm. Down.
Oh my God. I have seen people tweeting really insulting things to Brendon and Sarah or commenting on Instagram- saying really nasty stuff like “WHEN you get divorced you’ll regret that” and “he’s an idiot if he thinks that’s going to last”
And please please just… Stop
People are literally saying they’re not going to be fans of Brendon anymore because he got a tattoo of his wife’s eye
Come on
It’s not like he got something really embarrassing. It’s not like he got her NAME tattooed across his FOREHEAD OR SOMETHING STUPID
it’s a pretty tattoo and it’s well done
The most important thing
Mind your own God damn business.
You’re allowed your own opinion but seriously… Do not spam a guy who is really happy with his tattoo saying “EW I HATE IT ITS UGLY IT SUCKS THATS A STUPID DECISION” because that’s just rude.