divorce with regret

I stand behind the idea that you should wait till you’re late 20s to get married, ladies! The average life expectancy is about 80 years old in this day and age. If you get married at say 30 years old, you still have 50 years of married life to look forward to. 50 years is a long time. Why would you rush into that time early? I understand if you feel like you found the one, but why not just date? Get to know each other so you know that it’s right. I promise you, you don’t have to get married early. Just because society is pushing romantic relationships down your throats does not mean you have to throw away the time when you are truly free to do whatever you want. Go travel while you’re still free to have an adventure on your own. Laugh with friends. Have a life outside of romance. That will be the difference between a happy marriage with no regrets and an early divorce with all the regrets in the world.


like mother like son

… as much as I have a feeling I’m gonna get violently mauled for this, this was actually pretty therapeutic for me ._.|||

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MC is forced to marry Nobunaga since he loves her but time from time she falls for him too. If it's alright, please?

Sure! Sorry for it being late but here you go!^^


“Her Forged Wedding”

She was devastated the second he asked her to marry him. She didn’t even had feelings for him. Of course, she rejected it with reasons but he didn’t wanted no for an answer. And so she was forced into marriage with him. Her best friend felt something off about it, but she decided to not show anyone the worries, frustration, and sadness that appeared in her heart. She had a kind heart, not wanting others to judge the Lord and hate him much more than they already had, when she was the one who hated him most. She was frightened of him and his ruthlessness. But she was relieved he chose not to bed her–yet. She knew very deep down in the depths of her heart that he was only doing this out of wanting to feel loved because she was the first women to ever be loved by him, but she didn’t wanted to admit it.

Everyday felt like a struggle to her. But gradually, she became the only person to understand him in ways others couldn’t. She became known to why he acted the way he did. And she became the only person to calm his heart when it was on fire. He was angry at many times and she was the only one to be able to help him through it.

Slowly as time grew, their relationship gradually became closer and the two of them were able to share words when they were frustrated or upset. He knew she didn’t had feelings for him and surprisingly didn’t force anything on her. He didn’t wanted her to hate her any more than she should. He didn’t wanted her to leave his side. But one small quarrel gave all his anger on her away.

“You vile women! If you wish to leave me then so be it!” he shouted. That’s it, he thought to himself. She grew quiet and he knew right then that he had given her the opportunity to leave him and divorce. He regretted those words the second he had spoken of it. But if she didn’t loved him, then why would it matter to him if she left? It had always been a one sided love for him and he was tired of being the one to chase after it all. He didn’t wanted to force her into loving him any longer. And he didn’t wanted to hide his dejection no more. The silence to her made it very clear to him that she would think to be happy and finally free from him so he looks away in spite of being afraid she would take this opportunity to leave.

“Do not just stand there and look upon me with pity. Leave at once before I change my mind,” he speaks with his back facing her.

Still, she spoke of nothing and he could still feel her presence because there was no sound of her leaving. “No…” finally she spoke, her voice thick with sorrow. An air of melancholy surrounds the two. He turns back to face her, surprised to hear the rejection of being free from him.

“Stop speaking such foolish things. If you really wish to leave then leave. I do not need your pity to bestowed upon me. Now leave me before I pull out this sword and–”

“No!” she refuses once again, this time with a voice filled of rage and frustration. “I am not doing this out of pity, milord.” He could see the clear tears brimming against her eyes and placed back his sword that was meant to scare her to leave.

“Then why?” Frustration was pouring from his tone to his expressions. He was angry as to why the women had refused to leave. As much as he wanted to be mirthful about the whole thing, he couldn’t find a reason to. She didn’t loved him and yet she was choosing to stay. He didn’t needed someone like that. Maybe his feelings were finally able to leave his heart. But the next sentence she says gets him to change his mind about hating her right away. Just three words he had been longing to hear since his entire existence. Just three words that calmed his heart. That was the kind of power those words had to even stop the Lord of Hell. Maybe it was because it had come from her. And he knew she meant it when she was crying her eyes out, desperately trying to smile through it all because he knew she knew that he wanted this so badly.

“I love you.”

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Sungsook : I feel like no one loves me.
Jayoung : Hey. Your husband liked you more than me. He wasn’t like that at first, but he always compared me to you, saying it was better when he lived with you and that you were better. I wanted to tear his mouth out. […] When we got divorced, I almost grabbed a knife… because he said he regretted divorcing you.


genre: angst, romance, marriage, divorce
characters: reader and namjoon, bts
word count: 2350
summary:You want the divorce. Your marriage is not the same. You don’t think he loves you anymore. This is the right thing to do…right?

Part 1//Part 2//Part 3//Part 4//Part 5//Part 6//Part 7

Part 8 It’s ok y/n, it’s Namjoon

Namjoon has been working non-stop on their new album and even if it’s late at night, the studio is the place you’ll find him. After you briefly spoke on the phone, you rushed without much thinking to the subway.

A million thoughts and questionings were going through your mind. What will I say? What am I doing? Is this the right moment? Will he listen to me? A million thoughts.

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arranged marriage (top x reader) - chapter 10

POV: Reader
Pairing: T.O.P (Big Bang) x Reader
Rating: PG
Comments: Here it is, the final chapter of Arranged Marriage! Here ends the first scenario series on Maelstrom Scenarios! It’s been an interesting ride with this one, and I hoped you all enjoyed it. Please look forward to more scenarios from me, and thank you for supporting and enjoying my writing!

Summary: Since your childhood, you’ve been engaged to some boy named Choi Seunghyun. You, however, have never really cared nor put much thought into it. In fact, you have come to the conclusion that your parents weren’t serious about it at all and it would never happen. Until one day, you’re informed he’s ready to marry you and he’s not who you were expecting. It’s time to experience the life as the arranged wife of a famed idol, and all the trials and tribulations that come with it.

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I don’t know where a relationship with you will end up.

I don’t know if we’ll get married or if we’ll elope.
I don’t know if we’ll just drive to Vegas and come back drunk.
I don’t know if we’ll last 30 years, or 20 years, or 1 week.
I don’t know if we’ll grow old together.
I don’t know if we’ll have three kids, or two kids, or adopt kids.
I don’t know if our careers will lead us in the same direction.
I don’t know if we’ll become millionaires.
I don’t know how many time’s you’ll kiss me in a day, or how many fights we’ll get into.
I don’t know if we’ll end up getting a divorce and regret our whole lives together.
I don’t know if we’ll love each other our whole lives even if we never get married to each other.
I don’t know when you’ll kiss me for the first time. Or if you ever will.
I don’t know if you’ll ever say “I love you.” And actually mean it.
I don’t know if I will say “I love you.” And not regret it.

The only thing I know, is that I’d like to figure all these things out.
I’d like to give it a shot.
I’d like to take my chance.

But I don’t know if you’d want to figure those things out too.
And I don’t know if I’d like to find out if you don’t.

—  adoxo-graphy

a letter to young women,

please do as much possible as you can in one lifetime, without the constrains of marriage limiting you. read, write, study, travel and be free of all things whilst you are still young. of course marriage can be a beautiful union of two people, however when you’re young you need to use these years to define who the hell you are first. you need to shape and mould and learn to like who you are without being restricted with the responsibility of all else. most young people who get married end up divorced, and regretting the fact they wasted their years trying to reconcile a relationship when they should have spent it on themselves. please, i encourage you to take all the time in the world on yourself before ever getting married. please.

Calm. Down.
Oh my God. I have seen people tweeting really insulting things to Brendon and Sarah or commenting on Instagram- saying really nasty stuff like “WHEN you get divorced you’ll regret that” and “he’s an idiot if he thinks that’s going to last”
And please please just… Stop
People are literally saying they’re not going to be fans of Brendon anymore because he got a tattoo of his wife’s eye
Come on
It’s not like he got something really embarrassing. It’s not like he got her NAME tattooed across his FOREHEAD OR SOMETHING STUPID
it’s a pretty tattoo and it’s well done
The most important thing
Mind your own God damn business.
You’re allowed your own opinion but seriously… Do not spam a guy who is really happy with his tattoo saying “EW I HATE IT ITS UGLY IT SUCKS THATS A STUPID DECISION” because that’s just rude.

He Ask For A Divorce P.2

Liam:  His P.o.v.  I Sat here in the new house. Y/n & Our Divorce was finalized last month. My Sister went to pick up my kids from Y/n since Y/n & I haven’t seen each other. Ruth walked in with Taylor “Hey Bud”“hey dad” i hugged him and told him to go the the living room “Where is Ally”“She is going with Y/n”“Oh” I went to Taylor after Ruth left “So where was mommy going today”“She went on a date”“A date? With who? Where?”“Aunt was making mommy go they went to a fair”“Oh” I spend the rest of the day think about Y/n. “I’m here for Taylor” Ruth said “No need i will take him”“Are you sure about that?” i nodded “well i’m coming along” we drove to y/n’s place. She was on the porch with a guy. I got out the car & when i saw they again he kissed her and left. Y/n was about to walk in but Taylor ran to her “Mommy”“Taylor” she hugged him “Hey Y/n” “Have you eaten i can cook you something” Y/n ignored me “Can i get some soup from yesterday”“yeah” Taylor walked then Y/n followed “Wait we have to talk”“not unless my lawyer is here” “Why were you on a date?”“Beca- wait who do you think you are asking”‘Because i’m your hu-“ i cut my self "You were now you may leave” i grabbed her arm & spun her around kissed her. I missed her lips. Y/n tried to push me but i kissed her hard.“Why” she asked me “i still love you”“No you don’t”“i missed you y/n i was wrong about the divorce i regret it please i need you”“Me too”“I’ve missed you” i whispered in her hair.


Niall:  It’s been 6 months since Niall asked me for divorce & I am getting big Niall & I haven’t seen each other since then only our lawyers talked.Today My sister & I decided to walk around London to look for some stuff for the baby “Look we should go in here” we headed to the store I bumped into someone when i tied my shoe “Sor-” I cut off & Saw Niall standing their “Y/n” i didn’t respond but walked away quickly covering my bump but he grabbed my arm.“Your pregnant?”“Y/n let’s go i-” my sister started but stopped when she saw Niall “Let her go” my sister took his hand off me “C'mon we are going home” we rushed to the car & left. When we arrived Niall beat us there “Y/n I have been doing the math you either cheated on me or this is my baby”“Niall get out of here” my sister covered me “Not until she answers me”“Why Niall you left me when i couldn’t give you a child”“Y/n that not true i just been stress i told my lawyer to hold those papers I love you y/n” i was in tears “No you don’t you asked for a divorce Niall I needed you but you left me” i moved away from my sister “You ended it how could you love me when you ended it” i slammed my fist in his chest “I know baby but i love you your my princess” he grabbed me to stop hitting him.“I want to be with you i want you to be mine again & we can start our new family” he kissed my lips “I don’t know”“Don’t do it for me but for this little Miracle ” he placed his hand on my bump.“I love you”“i love you”


Harry: His P.o.v. It’s been a year since we divorced each other. I haven’t seen Gemma has went to pick up the kids from her & dropping them back off. I sat with the boys & their wife’s talking when i heard El & Perrie talk “So have you talked to Y/n”“Yeah she is going on a date today”“With the same guy”“yeah this is like their 5th date”“Have you met him”“yeah he is good for she needs to move on & he has a daughter”“really”“Yeah he is a single dad”“Wow Y/n did good.” Y/n moved on well why should i care? Oh that’s right she was my wife & I cheated on her with someone who left me. I ruin everything good i had going.I got up & walked outside for some air “You heard huh?” Louis patted my back “I messed up everything Louis”“I know”“i miss her Louis” “You were the one who made the decision Harry” he walked away. I can’t hold her. Kiss her. Wake up with her in the morning. Make love to her all because of a stupid decision.

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Louis:His P.o.v Today We had to sign the papers.This was the first time i was going to see Y/n since she send me the papers. I was nervous to see her. I asked for the divorce but Y/n started the paper work. I really messed up she was my best friend and i hurt her. The door opened it was Y/n & her lawyer “Let’s get this over with” he lawyer said placing the papers done & pass it to my lawyer. “Just sign on the x’s” i got the pen “I can’t do this” Y/n got up & left the room. I ran after her “Y/n wait” i grabbed her arm “Fuck you Like, You Know i don’t want to be friends with you.Like, I’m done with you” she ran “I don’t want to be friends”“Well good sign those papers” she turned around “Y/n I can’t sign them”“You wanted this”“I did but i was wrong”“No you made up your mind”“Y/n i want you back”“You had me & didn’t want me” i wiped her tear. “That’s before i experienced being without you I love you i can’t lose you” she remain quiet “Your everything to me y/n if i lose you i will go crazy you keep me normal, Please we can fix this”“You said we can’t” i lift her head for she can be looking at me “We can” i kissed her lips “I missed your love” she said “You will never miss that again”


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Zayn: His P.o.v. I was holding her wedding ring in my hand I sat here in the airport. I looked inside the ring 'Y/n + Zayn Forever’ Our memories we shared went through my mind.What am I doing? I ran out the airport got a taxi to take me back home where i belong. I told the Taxi to go as fast as possible. When we pulled up I saw Y/n’s car & her best friend car “No No she can’t leave” i rushed inside. Everything in the house was a mess i ran up the stairs to hear y/n say “I Don’t have anyone anymore” i can hear the pain in her voice “No you have me” she turned around wiping her tears “what are you doing here? Aren’t you suppose to be with her?”“I was not being with anyone Y/n”“why 2 tickets”“i was planning to take you but i’m just stupid Y/n i can’t lose you I don’t want a divorce”“no you made it clear that you do” Y/n best friend walked out the room.“No I was wrong i need you the memories we shared are hard to throw away” i wiped her cheek & hold her “I love you zayn”“I love you Y/n nothing will every change that your the best thing that has happen to me your mine & no one else” i kissed her lips & i felt the spark back in that kiss.



I seem to be sticking with this story thus far. Perhaps I can call myself a story writer now?Alternating - jumping timelines again.

The Parts I - II - IIIIV - VVIVII - VIII - IX - X

 Something wakes you up, it stirs you and you’re awake and all that just happened replays in your head, making you smile. You shift slightly to see if she’s still asleep, which she is - and you settle in this favorite position of yours, her soft breathing tickling the back of your neck, with her hands wrapped protectively around your bare waist, holding you close to her. The hotel room itself is dark and dimly lit from some little light from outside, almost enough for you to make out the outline of the various furniture in the room. Through the glass wall of the room, the city lay spread out, and if you squinted hard enough you could make out the bustle of the late night traffic. The air in the room itself is still and silent, and with the bed so soft and cozy, this was bliss. You could make out all the clothes strewn about the room, and the smile that was plastered on your face since you woke up still hasn’t left you. You think back on the conversation you had had with her to convince her to get here - she was very skeptical about the whole ‘hotel room’ idea but after the clothes were off she hadn’t minded so much.

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