If there’s a record for crying, my mom’s coming to take it
Because my dad wants love, and what he has with my mother ain’t it
This is the man I looked up to, and now I wish we weren’t related
Because he turned this house into a war zone, and for that, I really hate him
My Mom is screaming, pleading, “Lord I don’t want a divorce”
But deep down I’m thinking, mom, this love has ran through its course
No use in fighting no more, just know I got you for sure
The fall of an empire; countdown until he walks out the door
—  You’re no longer too young to understand // kdr

My grandmother is a bitter old crab with nothing good to say about anything, but she does have a few good stories. She confronted the woman my grandfather had been cheating on her with - this other woman had no idea he was married, and was righteously angry.

The two of them schemed together. My grandfather’s mistress drove her convertible to the construction site where he was working. As he approached the car, she said, “Why didn’t you tell me you were married?”

“Married?! I’m not married!” he said.

My grandmother sat up in the back seat, where she’d been lying down, and said, “You won’t be for much longer.”

  • lance: ok fine. you wanna put the milk in before the cereal fine I'll let this slide only because you're cute and i guess i love you or something
  • keith: *rolls eyes* gee thanks babe. can we brush our teeth and go to bed now?
  • lance: yes yes go ahead
  • keith: great *takes out toothbrush*
  • keith: *opens tooth paste*
  • lance: wait
  • keith: *squeezes toothpaste on toothbrush*
  • lance: wait nO
  • keith: *wets toothbrush after toothpaste*
One day someone will walk into your life and get it right where everyone else got it wrong. One day you won’t have to wait for a call or a text back. One day you won’t be the only one giving your all. One day you’ll finally meet someone who wants to help you grow in life. One day you’ll finally meet someone who isn’t afraid to give “love” another chance. One day you’ll finally meet someone you can trust with everything. One day you’ll have your best friend, your biggest supporter and your teammate all wrapped up into one person.
—  IG@woodtheinspiration