“The company is now home to internationally renowned recording artists, including Little Mix, Susan Boyle, Ella Henderson, Il Divo, Fleur East and Fifth Harmony, while its television arm also includes Britain’s Got Talent.”

Seems like there’s someone missing from this list…hmmm…thinking…who is it??

Out of all the deaths of 2016 this one of Juan Gabriel’s death has broken and shattered my heart completely. He was one of those artists who you just loved and felt a huge connection with despite the fact that you never met him. He suffered so much as a child and never really had a love to hold forever. He was a true example of never give up, no matter how bad things get. My god, now he’s gone and finally resting. Descansa en Paz mi Divo de Juarez. Thank you for healing all my heartbreaks and nights of tears. Te amo mi niño bonito, duerme tranquilo ya 🌹

Some of the Notes I’ve Taken In My Classes

these are excerpts from the most humorous notes taken for my music theory, music history, and sight-singing classes. yeah.

  • “a linear progression of bitches.”
  • “tempered scales are weird af.”
  • “Guillame de Machante yaaasssssss boi that sounds like my choir music.”
  • “Rennaisance: 1400ish-1600ish. (like, all the versions of Ave Maria.)”
  • “goddammit i miss my puppy.”
  • “i should learn to play the lute.”
  • “praise be to all the gods, we’re doing stuff i know today.” (i have no idea why i wrote this down, but i did.)
  • “also brass”
  • “note to self: don’t be a NEGATIVE ASSHAT. don’t be a SOPRANO STEREOTYPE. don’t be  FUCKBOI DIVO.”
  • “the street structure is maintained.”
  • “wtf does “Journeyman” mean?”
  • “Freddy of Prussia was not a nice guy.”
  • “solution: blame Mark.”
  • “if arpeggio is to rocket as crescendo is to steamroller, does that mean that the decrescendo is the Manheim raft?”
  • “Haydn was the court composer… and so wrote a lot of court music. poor man.”
  • “to self: refer to my independent research and papers” (background information: i have a mild obsession with Mozart)
  • (a heart drawn around the words: “Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart”)
  • “opera: more ensembles.”
  • “GMn7 4/2 UGH” “G#dim 4/3 YAY” “B halfdim7 6/5 UGH”
  • “i mean, the patronage system is kind of still around in many ways today, because capitalism, and it’s just evolved. that’s how life works and whatnot…” (crossed out thing) “@Beethoven u lil shit ily.”
  • “the third movement is NOT a joke!”
  • “turns out i can’t read German.”
  • “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, BA DA DA DA DA.” “the 19th century had all the feels.”
  • (a long list of people to give worry stones/ chocolate/ comfort objects to)

(i’ll add more as more weirdness ensues.)


Aurora Autral - Whatcha by Fernanda Valquiria
Via Flickr:
Postagem atrasadinha só pra mostrar meu escolhido pra usar no Natal!!! Multi Chrome lindo e bem difícil de capturar a mutação de cores em foto!!!! Mas ele é bem divo 💜💜💜 No anelar, só pra baitolice não passar em branco, usei uma camadinha do Kaleidoscope. Logo volto pra mostrar o escolhido de Ano Novo e niver! 1x Preto Noite - Top Beauty + 2x Aurora Austral - Whatcha Anelar: 1x Kaleidoscope - ILNP Beijos 😚