Thank you for all the hard work you put in for our club and division. You may have not won the position of District Editor, but your journey to serve your community doesn’t end here. In fact, you can finally catch up on some sleep! If it weren’t for you dragging me into joining Key Club at the beginning of my freshman year, I wouldn’t be where I am today. You inspired me to run for VP to show love and dedication to service. I love you, big brother. #dcon2014 #pnwkeyclub #division65


I, Lieutenant Governor of Division 65, officially call this DCM to order on April 21, 2013 at 1:11PM.

Surprise Assignment: All secretaries in attendance must take meeting minutes of the DCM and turn into division65ltg.christonsenekham@gmail.com


  • Aloha: Rae Kuhlman, Alice Li, Savannah Ernst, Miranda Leonard
  • Beaverton: Karen Nguyen, Josh Estes
  • Century: Melanie Chan, Jenny Ho, Courtney Her, Hillary Le, Kristine Catimbang, Bryce Canete, Monica Sek, 
  • Forest Grove: Trevor Vandercoevering, Larkin Moss, Allison Davis, Shelby Thurman
  • Glencoe: Leslie Senekham, Micah Annis, Jessica Debord, Jeremy Chu, Leena Sihanpanya
  • Hillsboro: Christina Kim, Marley Swanson, Allie Knoch, Briana Vega
  • Jesuit: Chris Harrop, Caleb Bacos, Matthew Xu, Marvah Gorlorwulu
  • Southridge: Annie Cao, Betsey Quitugua, Katie Chanthakoun, Ik Hoon Jung, Winnie Lee
  • Sunset: Jennifer Lo
  • Westview: Cindy Chou 
  • **Note: Some people arrived late/did not fill out attendance sheet
  • Special Guests: Dick Thurston (Westview Kiwanis Advisor) & Katie McAnnis (Division 64 Lieutenant Governor) 

Introduction: Around the room, name, school, position.

Icebreaker: An experience from Key Club around the room

Officer Retirement: Commend all outgoing officers. Your job isn’t over yet, you must now train your incoming officer in order for him/her to fulfill their position.

Officer Induction: Congratulations all incoming officers. Description of each position and duties to fulfill. 

  • Editor: the voice of the club, communicates to the rest of the school through newsletters about activities within key club
  • Treasurer: oversees finances of clubs, collects money for dues, pays early bird due fees
  • Secretaries: keep careful and accurate record of activities and meetings of the club including meeting minutes, club attendance, volunteer hours, club registration and sign up, reports back to district and LtG through monthly club reports
  • Vice President: understudy of the president, takes on responsibility of president in case of absence or incapacity
  • President: highest authority and heaviest responsibility, leads club meetings, consults with other officers, maintain the values of KCI

Officer Training: Officers were trained on their positions, mainly the secretaries and treasurers. Further officer training will commence over the summer. Any questions on jobs and responsibilities, contact LtG. Christon Senekham on facebook/email. 

Divisional Dance Planning: Tentatively set for Century High School, June 14th, 2013 8-11PM. Non-Formal/Casual. Open for non Key Clubbers, w/ school ID. $5 entrance fee

  • Theme Ideas: Galactic Get-Down, Hawaiian, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Mario Party 65, Sock Hop, Sadie Hawkins
  • Fundraiser: The proceeds from the dance will go towards Project: Eliminate

Division Hopes/Goals: 

  • Divisional Gear: Continuation of “WE SO FLY” design. Crew Neck Sweaters, T Shirts? - so all key club members can have some sort of divisional gear. - Must buy in bulk for best price. //Possible T shirt design contest for new divisional gear?
  • Division 65 Spirit: Plan for BIG attendance at Portland Rally - win spirit stick, grow divisional social media
  • Division 65 Bonding: Have more divisional bonding events to create a closer linked division, joint club projects
  • Fundraising: Place more emphasis on fundraising for the 3 sponsored causes, UNICEF, Childrens Miracle Network, March of Dimes, and District Governor’s Project.
  • DCON: 65th Annual District convention - mandate all clubs to apply for awards and scholarships. It’s Division 65’s year to represent. 

Surprise Announcement: Katie Chanthakoun, president at Southridge High School recently applied for the position of District Communications Director and was appointed the position. - her responsibility is to run the PNW Key Club facebook page and also the Key Club website. 

Social Media:

  • Tumblr page: www.wesofly-sixtyfive.tumblr.com/ follow for divisional updates. Members will be able to update the divisional page. Keep it Key Club/Division 65 related! 

             Username: susiethan.d65ltg@gmail.com 

             Password: awkturt

  • Instagram/Twitter: hashtag pictures from key club events #division65 #div65 #pnwkeyclub
  • Facebook page: Join the divisional facebook page “division 65 key club - awkward turtles!” for updates and alerts within the division

Newsletter: read my monthly newsletters at: http://issuu.com/division65

DCM: Presidents and Secretaries are required to attend DCMs, but large attendance of all members is always better 

Group photo to be taken outside after the meeting. 

I, Lieutenant Governor of Division 65, officially adjourn this DCM on April 22, 2013 at 2:22PM.  


The next DCM will be held at the Beaverton Community Center (near the Beaverton library) on April 21 from 1:00-2:30PM.
-officer retirement/induction
-officer training
-divisional planning
Join in on the fun, it’s going to be a party!

Glencoe key club has their last attempt at raising money for this weekend’s polar plunge. The bake sale was a success and they raised a lot of money and sold most of the sweets. The proceeds will go to the special Olympics. Great work!

Talk about a blast from the past! Here is a bit of Division 65 history for you.  This was a letter published by PNW Kiwanis, but was originally written to Glencoe Key Club by Leanne Babcock of Glencoe High School, the Lieutenant Governor of what was previously Division 64 back in 1999-2000.

August PCM Meeting Minutes

I, Lieutenant Governor of Division 65, officially call this PCM to order on August 25th, 2013 at 1:24PM.


  • Aloha – Miranda Leonard

  • Beaverton – ABSENT

  • Century – Jenny Ho

  • Forest Grove – Trevor Vandecoevering, Larkin Moss

  • Glencoe – Leena Sihapanya

  • Hillsboro – Marley Disney, Christina Kim

  • Jesuit – Matthew Xu

  • Liberty – Jamie Nguyen, Rohi Gweehala

  • Southridge – Katie Chanthakhoun

  • Sunset – Natalie Valent, Michelle Lo

  • Westview – Tasmia Ahmed

  • Kiwanis Guests – Dick Thurston, Alan King

YOF (Youth Oppurtunities Fund)- Key Clubbers have the opportunity to apply for funding for service projects they might want partake in, such as park/community restorations, feeding the homeless, etc. Applications are due Oct. 15th and can be found here.

Back to School:

  • Dues Early Bird Payment is due Nov. 1st.  Send in dues ASAP after the first 15 members pay, in order for payments to be processed and confirmed before Nov. 1st. Send in the rest of the dues by December 1st (regular dues payment) or throughout the school year if more members join.

  • Recruitment – Focus on recruiting new members and bringing back old members. Freshmen Orientation, Club Rush, Back to School assemblies is all great ways to promote. Lure in new members with food or candy. Use incentives for returning members to recruit new members ie. 1 point/hour per member recruited.

  • Membership – Ensure that Secretaries are able to access the Membership Update Center to create the roster/generate dues invoice. Contact previous faculty advisor regarding Username and Password to login. If there are problems, call or email Key Club international to get the new login information.

  • Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF – Order more than enough boxes for your club! You can order the boxes from the UNICEF website, found here. Be sure to order as an organization so you can order the boxes in bulk!

  • Club T-Shirts – Many boardies in our division have expressed interest in creating a Divisional T-shirt Design to give out to members as the actual club t-shirt. The reasons to this being that having a divisional T-shirt will inform Key Clubbers that they are linked to a bunch of schools in the area, and would give officers the perfect opportunity to educate clubbers about the structure of Key Club and promote divisional interaction and give a sense of unity between key clubbers throughout the division. ****Ordering in bulk will greatly reduce the costs of the shirts, ensuring that the amount that each club charges shall stay in the club treasury.

Presidents need to discuss this with their board and get back to me by Sunday, September 7th on whether or not they want to proceed with creating the divisional shirts in place of the club shirts.

Divisional Crewnecks – Over 200 “We So Fly” were sold last year at the price of $20 each. At the end of IP Susie Than’s term, the division made about $1000 net profit from the crewneck sales, which we split into thirds and donated to the major emphasis charities.

  • Merchandise Coordinator Appointee - Last year, Katie Chanthakhoun was the divisional merchandise coordinator, who took in orders from the division and placed the order. This year, the new appointee is Tasmia Ahmed, of Westview High School.

  • Two options – Since many people in our division have the “We So Fly” crewnecks, we can either:

  1. Continue selling the “We So Fly” design

  2. Bring back the 2010/2011 DCON T-shirt Design of “Hi, We’re Division Sixty-Five and we like Turtles”

We have concluded that we will open up a facebook poll and have the Key Clubbers vote on which design they would like to see.

Key Club Week – Prime time for Key Club Awareness! Always falls on the first full week of November.  November 4th-8th.

  • Monday – Show your “K” in every way. – Publicize the K-family through wearing Key Club gear and publicizing it to those that don’t know what it is.

  • Tuesday – Kudos to the Key Players. – Give thanks to friends and supporters of Key Club including staff and Kiwanians. Consider visiting a Kiwanis Meeting, hosting a staff appreciation luncheon, etc.

  • Wednesday – Connect the K’s – Attend a Kiwanis Meeting, advertise CKI to seniors, participate in events that involves younger kids, visit a middle school to talk about Key Club.

  • Thursday – Bring a Friend to Key Club – emphasize non member involvement. Use incentives to get members to try and recruit a new Key Club member. Example; “You’ve been clubbed, visit a key club meeting at so and so date and time”

  • Friday – UR way Friday – add your own creativity to try and recruit new members! Celebrate Key Club by having a party, putting signs up around the school, etc.

**Note: These days are interchangeable, so make them your own!

Eliminate Fundraiser – Kiwanis International and UNICEF have partnered to raise $110 million USD to completely eliminate Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus by 2015.

  • Trick or Treat for UNICEF – order more than enough boxes online! They’re free! The website can be found here.  Contact your school’s leadership about possibly doing a school wide fundraiser through miracle minutes, and class competitions.

  • Pumpkin Smash – Send out a flyer a week before Halloween ends, telling residents if they wish to hand off Pumpkins to Key Clubbers for a UNICEF Fundraiser – promote the pumpkin smash. 1 week later, collect pumpkins, and hold event in a parking lot (w/ approval of course). Charge $1.80 per pumpkin smash. Great way for people to help save a life, while having fun and releasing some anger.

  • Divisional – Sk8 to Elimin8 – I will be getting in contact with Skate World on TV Highway to see if they would be willing to host a night for fundraising. Possibly to be held in November?

DCON Registration – April 4th-6th (One week after Spring Break). Fees split in 2 ways.

  1. $165 per room per night per person (4 people)

  2. $150 DCON registration fee.

Tentative price is $232.50 per person for overall District Convention Registration.

Problems - problems addressed

  • Only 3/11 presidents sent in the monthly Reports.

  • Key Club Board Roster – Almost done, just get in any missing information!

  • Secretary Reports – ensure that secretaries are completing and turning in their monthly reports to me and the district.

  • Problems w/ Kiwanis – remember that Key Club is a student led organization. If any problems, contact me, or Alan King (Division 65 Area Administrator) @ 503-50209380

  • Student led – continue to do your job, and do it well. Make sure that faculty advisors are doing minimal work; after all, we’re a student led organization.

Help me by doing your job, because I am only one person. I can’t baby everyone, so please get your stuff turned in to me, or do what I ask of you. It makes my job so much easier, and it makes it easier for me to help you when you’re helping me.

I, Lieutenant Governor of Division 65, officially adjourn this PCM on August 25th, 2013 at 3:03PM.