So this is my Division! Divison 32 to be exact .. (:
&&& I love them .. I think people who arent in keyclub are missing out because this club is great you do community service and you could also have fun and thats just fabulous ! TWO  great things in one ?! GET WHAT IM SAYING ?! 
Anyways, this is D32 at Seattle Rally !
I love my division because no matter how close i am to some and not as close to others and no matter what school they are from you feel like a mini family! cheering your Division on … , playing games with them , learning new things and just bonding ! &&&& you wont get tired of it !
I honestly cant wait for DCON 2012 not only because its my favorite time of the year but its going to be my Senior Year ! &&& I want to live it up like no other (: