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The Hall of Fame is the highest annual honor bestowed upon an individual student by the Division of Student Life and the Student Body Association.  All nominated individuals must be enrolled in Millsaps College during the academic year of their nomination/application.  Nominees must hold senior class/graduating status, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.20 at the time of nomination/application, and graduate in December, 2015 or May, 2016.  Four seniors will be selected for this honor.  The Hall of Fame recognizes an individual’s overall excellence in: scholarship; leadership; participation in activities, organizations, and campus life; service to the Millsaps student body, College community and/or local community; and other notable achievements.  Self-nominated student applications will be accepted for review.  2015 recipients included:  Merrit Corrigan, Muzamil Khawaja, Resham Rahat, and Michala Sullivan, .

The Hall of Fame at Millsaps College presentation is a component of the Senior Year Experience.  The Hall of Fame recipients will be recognized at a formal celebration staged during the spring semester of 2016.



Nominee’s Campus Address:________________________Phone #:_______________

Using an attached sheet, please answer the following questions and provide any additional information that will be beneficial in the selection of a recipient for this award.  Please limit attachments to 4 pages.  Electronic attachments are acceptable.

1)      With what activities, organizations, or committees has this student been involved?  What offices, committee chairperson positions, appointed leadership roles, and other leadership assignments has he/ she taken?  The fullest list of undergraduate activities is encouraged.

2)    What has distinguished this nominee as a leader?

3)    How has the nominee excelled in service to the campus and local communities?

4)    List the nominee’s other outstanding achievements.

Additional letters of endorsement are accepted as attachments to the primary nomination.  The format for these letters does not duplicate the primary nomination.  Rather, the additional letters of endorsement are provided by faculty, staff, or students to further the nomination’s strength.  Endorsers provide personal and relevant comments about the nominee’s merits.


Nominated by:___________________________________________________________


Campus Address:________________________________________________________

Return to:

Student Life, Campbell Center 3rd floor, Drawer 151063, or by fax: 974-1229,

email: coopeap@millsaps.edu (Patrick Cooper), chris.donald@millsaps.edu (Chris Donald), or brit.katz@millsaps.edu (Brit Katz)

for more information or call 974-1206

Deadline: Friday, March 11, 2016, 4:30 PM 

2016 Rev. Ed King Leader of Values and Ethics (L.O.V.E.) Award- DUE March 21st

Dear College Community:

 The Division of Student Life welcomes nominations for the 2016 Rev. Ed King Leader of Values and Ethics (L.O.V.E.) Award.  Rev. King, College Class of 1958, is cited as one of the most influential of Mississippi civil rights leaders, and enshrined in the National Civil Rights Museum.  For many members of the College community, he remains a role model for moral leadership.  Thus, this award was named in his honor.

The award is bestowed to the student leader who best exemplifies principled leadership for a cause of deep moral consequence that may meet with opposition but proves over time to be true.

Former honorees include:

2005 –    Rusty Walker, advocate for LGBT persons

2006 -    Andrea Dewey, advocate for the homeless-hungry & Matt Vieron, advocate for LGBT persons

2007 -    Cat Edwards, advocate for women’s reproductive choice & John Forrest Douglas, advocate for

             the socioeconomically disadvantaged    

2008 –    Antoinette Alexander, anti-hazing advocate

2009 –    Hunter Berch, advocate for alcohol regulation compliance

2010 -    Lamees El-Sadek, advocate for the Muslim-American & Muslim communities

2011 -    Victoria Romano, advocate for Mississippi girls’ leadership development

2012 –    No recipient

2013 -    Sara Del Castillo, advocate for undocumented children’s immigration rights

2014 -    Zane Ballard, advocate for LGBTQ persons

2015  -   Edna Chukwuemeka, advocate for HIV-virus prevention in communities of color

To nominate a student leader who best fits these criteria, please submit the name of the individual; and, submit a corresponding letter (and, if available, support materials) regarding how the individual fits the criteria for the honor.

Nominations are due by Monday, March 21, 2016, 4:30 p.m.  While it is not required to name a recipient every year, if one is determined then (s)he will be presented at the Student Life Awards Celebration in April 2016.  Nominations, letters, and support materials may be returned to Mr. Matt Wright, Event Scheduling Office Leadership Specialist, Student Life Offices, 3rd floor of the Campbell College Center.  Electronic submissions are also welcomed.

Job Possibilities for February 12, 2015

Job Possibilities for February 12, 2015

Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention Program Coordinator – Stephenville, TX
Responsible for developing and maintaining a comprehensive, holistic wellness program focusing on alcohol and other drugs and violence prevention education efforts. The coordinator will support student success by working closely with departments in the Division of Student Life as well as other relevant campus…

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