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Like I’ve said before, I think that the New Team has been firmly in place since November. However, there are major benefits to letting everyone just assume that either Modest/Syco are still in charge OR Simon/Syco/Modest are out to get Louis/Harry. Since we don’t know when the New Team started being in charge, we’ll have a line in the sand (so to speak). The fandom will be able to say, that was then and this is now. It’s a very convenient device that allows MANY to move forward and forgive a multitude of sins.

Conversely, if Azoff announced right now that he and Jefe have taken over management of 1D, we wouldn’t have that nice clean division between the stunts and the baby and all the things that make us sad.

I side-eye anything that is a bit too handy. I’ve also said before and I will again, I don’t believe the boys need forgiveness for anything they’ve done in the name of their own freedom.

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so i'm apart of both the larry and ziam fandom(not deep just casually), and as of late with zayn leaving there's been a whoole lot of animosity between the two camps and i just don't get it?? like i knew it was there before but it's like been taken up to a whole other notch, especially with the some ziam blogs who constantly bash and ridicule the larry blogs for no reason??? i just don't get it

Ohhhh, the Ziam/Larry rift. It’s the third rail of One Direction fandom: touch it and you’ll die.

I hope you don’t mind me posting this publicly, but with all that’s happened this month, there are a lot of new people and normally casual fans poking their head in and asking the same question so I want to address it once. Also, I don’t mind taking the heat.

I personally think the crux of the issue is that many of the more well-known Larry bloggers who are usually driving most of the analytical discussion don’t believe in Ziam as a monogamous committed relationship (although many are super open to other definitions of a not-just-platonic thing between Zayn and Liam) and either say as much publicly, or simply decline to post about Ziam to avoid the issue. 

This puts Ziams on the defensive and some of them are lashing out at Larries that they feel have overlooked their ship, or perhaps are dismissive because they don’t like Zayn since he is a POC and they are racist. It’s important to note that MANY are not lashing at all but the ones who are lashing are lashing quite loudly, so the animosity likely seems bigger than it is.

There is also the issue that many Larries aren’t Zayn stans, they are primarily #1 on either Louis or Harry, so they’re more open to accepting the possibility that Zayn might be culpable in actions that Zayn #1s don’t want to think he’s capable of (such as leaving the band, participating in divisive stunting to promote his solo career, leaving liam, etc). This REALLY puts Ziams on the back foot.

And then when you add to this Zayn’s overall shady departure from the band, and outsiders like NB stirring the pot and Louis being the one to shout up and defend the fandom, well, it makes sense that the rift widens. 1DHQ has always been good at playing and dividing the fandom, and this is no exception.

Hello DogsLiamPayneDoesn’tInstagram! Your post was a breath of fresh air for me to read, very on point, and there are a couple of passages I’d really like to highlight and discuss.

First of all, however they manage Harry and Louis’ coming out, this is going to be HUGE, exactly because it is a completely innovative act. The endgame will be to eventually reveal that two members of the most popular band in circulation (among the most popular ever, actually) are in a committed relationship while intending  to keep them working and being successful. And there is nothing that can help their team with this, as you said. I think it is important to underline how groundbreaking this will be. One can’t make firm comparisons, can’t believe they have a badly organized, nebulous plan they’ll adjust time after time, one can’t picture it as something that will not cause a tremendous outcry.  

I’m aware that up to one in a million people likes my opinion about separate coming outs, but having dealt personally with something like that, I can’t even imagine the enormous amount of work they have been doing and will be doing to conclude this. This plus the hints in the media convinced me they’ll confront it in two rounds. I absolutely agree when you say a coming out is commonly considered as the purifying moment of truth and the public needs to feel they’re been told an heartfelt, humble confession. It is a very delicate process that deals oddly with a celebrity’s past. While I find some people tend to exaggerate the quantity of information they’ll be able to bury (Harry and Louis won’t be directly asked about Eleanor or Harry’s many flings, but will definitely allude to something), it is true that most of what happens before you come out doesn’t count after. But different from anything in their past is babygate. Babygate is not a stunt conceived to hide their sexuality nor was it conceived when a coming out was completely out of sight and their plans revolved about very different topics. Babygate is the last step before a coming out, that for sure. When working on it, they must always have in mind how its consequences will affect their coming out, they have to actually arrange babygate’s every move according to what they plan to achieve as soon as it is over. It is fairly complex and marks a great division from any other stunt. Babygate NEEDS TO MAKE SENSE, at least at first glance. I read around that they can make babygate end however they prefer, that it doesn’t need to be coherent with a following coming out because the public will forget any past event, but no, this is incorrect. Babygate will be the very last step, if not the actual link to the coming out, the two concepts can not be in open contrast with each other. What they’ve done until now is in fact perfectly in line with preserving a later needed consistency. That’s why releasing the infamous 3rd picture and venturing with official confirmations from anyone is risky. To keep Harry out of any concrete speculation and wait for Louis to join him in order to give their best, honest story (as honest as it can get) is quite an easy task in comparison to the hell of balancing babygate!

I hope I made sense and was able to stir in you at least half of the interest you stirred in me with your words! xx