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CHL Playoffs

There are a number of people who are, I think, interested in writing about or at least talking about Mikey and Nater and the Steelheads. As there seems to be some confusion about how to win the Memorial Cup, I’m going to outline it.

The Ontario Hockey League (OHL) is split into an Eastern and Western Conference, which are further split into East/Central and Midwest/West Divisions. Four teams from each division make it to the playoffs. They are seeded the same way as the Stanley Cup Playoffs, with the 1st team in each division playing the 4th team, and the 2nd and 3rd team playing each other. Unlike the SCP, after the first round, teams are re-seeded so that the best team in each conference is playing the worst team left in that conference. The winners of each conference meet in the OHL Championship. The winner wins the J. Ross Robertson Cup as OHL champions.

The Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) has three divisions of six teams each. The top 16 teams make it regardless of division, and their opponents in the playoffs are determined solely by overall points. So Team 1 plays Team 16, Team 2 plays Team 15, etc. There is no re-seeding once teams make it to the playoffs. The final is called the President’s Cup Championship, where the winner wins the President’s Cup as QMJHL champions.

The Western Hockey League (WHL) has an Eastern and Western Conference, which are split into Eastern/Central and B.C./U.S. Divisions. They have the same playoff system as the NHL, with three teams at the top of each division + two wild cards from each conference making it to the playoffs. Conference champions meet in the WHL Championship, where the winner wins the Ed Chynoweth Cup as WHL champions.

AFTER ALL THAT, the champions of each league meet along with one host team from any of the three leagues in the Memorial Cup tournament. The host team this year is the Windsor Spitfires of the OHL. The Mem Cup is a round-robin tournament. Each of the four teams plays each other in the six round-robin games. The team with the most wins goes directly to the championship game. The second and third place teams play in the semi-final for the remaining slot in the championship game. The winner of the championship game wins the Memorial Cup as CHL champions.


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‘German Sherman’

5.Fallschirmjäger Division captured six M4 tanks during the fighting near Wiltz, Luxembourg on 19th December 1944.

M4A3 from 5.Fallschirmjäger Division destroyed in front of “Hotel des Ardennes”, Esch-sur-Sure, Luxembourg. January 1945.

The Wehrmacht captured its first Shermans in Tunisia and shipped them back to Germany for the Army Weapons Office to examine.

The greatest numbers of Sherman tanks, though, fell into German hands in France after the 1944 invasion. Many units were able to set up a captured tank unit and equip it with Shermans.

The use of this tank is documented for the 21st Panzer Division (four tanks), 25th Panzer Grenadier Division (four), the 10th SS Panzer Division “Frundsberg” (ten), Panzer Brigade 150 (ten), and the 5th Parachute Jager Division (six). There were individual tanks in many other units.
In August of 1944, the Captured Tank Company 281 established a platoon of five Sherman tanks (with 7.5 cm guns) that had been captured in Russia.
Among the German troops, the Sherman tank with the 7.5 cm gun was known as the “Sherman short” and the type with the 7.6 cm gun as the “Sherman long.”
On March 31, 1945, the Panzer Company “Berka” was set up, using the tanks of the Berka Test Center. It had three Jagdpanzer 38 tanks (one of them with a recoilless gun), one Panzer IV, two Panzer III, two Sherman short and one Sherman long. When the unit was established, each of the Sherman tanks carried 50 rounds of ammunition.

At the same time, the Panzer Company “Kummersdorf” was established at the Kummersdorf Test Center, using an even greater assortment of tanks. In this company, two Sherman long tanks were used by a conditionally mobile Platoon. These were probably the last units established with captured tanks.

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C'est moi qui remporte le tour. Quand on remporte le tour à Sloubi, on a quatorze solutions possibles : soit on annule le tour ; soit on passe ; soit on change de sens ; soit on recalcule les points ; soit on compte ; soit on divise par six ; soit on jette les bouts de bois de quinze pouces, ça c'est quand on joue avec les bouts de bois ; soit on se couche ; soit on joue sans atouts. Et après y'a les appels : plus un ; plus deux ; attrape oiseaux ; régoudon ; ou chante Sloubi. […] Comme vous êtes second, vous avez plus que dix-neuf solutions possibles : soit vous passez ; soit vous sciez en deux les cinquante poutrelles de trente pieds, mais ça c'est quand on joue avec les bouts de bois. Sinon c'est les relances : doublette ; jeu carré ; jeu de piste ; jeu gagnant ; jeu moulin ; jeu-jeu ; joue-jeu ; joue-joue ; joue-jié ; joue-ganou ; gagnar ; catakt ; tacat ; cacatac ; cagat-cata et ratacat-mic. Ou : chante Sloubi. Nous, on va faire que chante Sloubi.
—  Benoit Hamon

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Interesting math fact. If you add a number up, and it equals 3, 6, or 9, it's divisible by three. If it adds up to those and is an even number, it's divisible by six. If it adds up to 9, it's divisible by 9.

that is extremely helpful…i’ll remember that next time!

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Ulrich Ruosch - Seven Planetary Symbols, “Das Alchemiehandbuch des Appenzeller Wundarztes“, 17th century.

The next seven figures show the signs for the Planets and Metals which ever since antiquity were closely associated and in Alchemy were commonly represented by means of circular diagrams. What is astonishing, is the representation of the individual Planetary signs within the Circle, which are now dissected into their pure Geometrical elemental forms.

The sign for Mercury is not just an ‘X’, but is composed of of the crossed lines, a full Circle and a half Circle. The sign for Saturn, does not contain a Circle and does not take part in this circumference of patterns.

Like Saturn, Jupiter does not contain a Circle and does not take part in the circumference of patterns which characterizes the other five Metals. For the construction of these signs, only seven points are permitted: the centre of the Circle and the six divisions of the arc. The sign for the Moon is a semicircle and is thus contained within the full Circle.

The symbols for Venus (copper) and Mars (iron) include a Circle, as do the symbols for the Sun (gold) and Mercury (quicksilver). The symbol for the Moon (silver) contains a semicircle. 

The Sun concludes the sequence of Planets/Metals.

The Circle is the dominant glyph in this sequence of the seven Planets and is consciously used as a formative principle. The glyphs of the Planets are usually broken down into four common Elements: A Circle denoting Spirit, a crescent denoting the Mind, a cross denoting practical/physical Matter and an arrow denoting Action or Direction. 

They had what was called…the most delicate relationship in MI6.

Not that the Quartermaster and agent 007 were in any fear of separating. They had been quite devoted to each other for a number of years, in fact, and at this point such a division would send Six into chaos. If anything was going to tear them apart it was going to be death itself.

Which, in and of itself, was the problem.

Bond had managed to “die” only twice since his courtship with the Quartermaster began, and he always managed to return before Q’s denial had broken. It was a blessing really, that Q had such faith in Bond to always return to him, otherwise the damage would have been catastrophic. Bond finally had reason to return home quickly though, and no qualms about breaking into his and Q’s flat barely held together with poorly wrapped bandages. Q knew how the game worked though, had been playing it long enough to expect nothing more from his partner, and was happy just to receive him home in mostly one piece.

The well-being of the Quartermaster was an entirely different bag of cats.

Despite the few who were yet to be convinced of the authenticity of their relationship, Q was the light of Bond’s eye. When the two were around each other the agent appeared to be high on sunshine, basking in the Quartermaster’s presence with a kind of calm that most didn’t believe double-ohs as jaded as Bond capable of achieving. They bantered like five-year-olds pulling each others hair on the playground, but Bond adored Q. Anyone who spent more than five seconds around to two of them together could plainly see that the agent was love drunk.

It was what made the incident so catastrophic.

Q had been sent into the field for a mission, being the only one who could hack into a want-to-be Albanian dictator’s computer system that couldn’t be accessed remotely. Everything went to shit rather fantastically almost as soon as his plane touched the ground. 005 had been assigned to watch him but was taken out by a sniper before they had even reached their hotel. Q was taken, and back at Six Bond nearly lost his mind. Executive and Medical staff alike attempted to restrain the desperate double-oh but to no avail. He went against every order given to him and staged a one man rescue mission for the Quartermaster that the two of them just barely managed to survive.

Moneypenny eventually caught up to them in a burning village in Croatia, the massive destruction all to be credited to Bond’s crazed search for Q. They were at the outskirts of town, taking refuge in the shadow of a small home that hadn’t been subjected to the flames. Q was in Bond’s lap, eyes shut tightly and head buried in the crook of the other man’s neck, fingers in a death grip around Bond’s lapels. James had wrapped his body around Q’s as much as possible, gun clutched tightly in one hand and his nose buried in the smaller man’s curls. His eyes that met Moneypenny’s were cold and still slightly deranged. It would take him a while yet to come down from his manic desperation.

Eve leaned against the wall with them, gasping in exertion from her search. Bond’s eyes left her and returned to darting about, on constant alert to any new dangers.

“This can’t happen again.” She panted.

Bond didn’t say anything, but nodded slowly in agreement.

After that the security on the Quartermaster remained just short of oppressive, though only because Q had exploded after about two weeks of constant surveillance. MI6 looked after their own though, and it was obvious that neither 007 nor the Quartermaster were likely to survive another such incident with their sanities intact. From then on Q was kept out of the field, and if MI6 staff kept an extra eye on their head boffin’s well-being, then it was for the safety of all. Together Bond and Q were a powder keg that everyone watched in hopes that it wouldn’t explode. Were something to happen to Q again no one would be able to stop Bond from going to his partner’s rescue, but as the old M had said, MI6 learned quickly, and in his desk Mallory kept a contingency plan labeled 00Q.

Anzio – Operation Shingle, 22 January- 24 May, 1944:

The 45th began landing at Anzio on 22 January, 1944, with the 179th Regiment seeing the Division’s first action of the campaign at Aprilia, also known as “the factory” on 27 January. By mid-February, the 45th was positioned astride the “Via Anziate,” the road leading to Rome. On 16 February, six German divisions struck at the 45th Division positions in an attempt to drive to the sea and destroy the beachhead. The attacks lasted for four days and nights causing horrendous casualties on both sides. The Thunderbirds were driven back but did not break and the German attack failed to achieve its objective. At the end of the month, the Germans tried to attack through the 3rd Division but failed there as well. Three more months would pass before enough men and materiel would be ashore to break out of the beachhead and move further inland. Following the successful attack on the Gustav line in mid-May, the Anzio breakout began on 23 May, 1944. On 25 May, the 5th Army advancing north from Cassino, joined the Anzio forces and turned towards Rome. After the fall of Rome, the 45th was preparing to invade southern France as part of Operation Dragoon.