division 8 key club


Division 8 Banquet

God. I’m going to miss all of this so much. Like always, there was that bit of stress before the event and some lack of sleep here and there but the day of–was so fun and indescribable(: We had it at the same place from 2 years ago. To think, this is the place where I went to my first, and last, banquet for Key Club.  We’ve grown so much. We’ve seen so much. We’ve experienced so much and yet there are still so many more things to see, to touch, and to do. On this day, I didn’t expect to feel so appreciated–but I love my division so much. I didn’t expect anything fancy, but the words that people said to me, were more than enough. Some people confessed things through Thank You letters and others told me how they were inspired…I didn’t even know what to say to them. The members as a whole–they are such good people. I’m glad that I got to say a lot of final words to people who have inspired me, surprised me, and kept me afloat throughout this past year. It was a lovely closing.

I was nervous to tell the division about my “favorite moment” from the year and when I was building up to it, I’ll never forget their confused looks haha but when I finished (well, I tried to..) I’ll never forget people running up for a group hug. HAHA that was expected though, Division 8 and their groups hugs…I’m gonna miss that the most <3 I kinda wish they didn’t though (that day was really hot and I couldn’t breath) but the love is what matters<3 Yeah…the love and the caring. Deep down, that’s what matters. I love these people like no other. Division 8 Key Club, I will miss you beyond words. Thank you for everything. This Key Club experience was unforgettable(:

Edit: Special Thanks to my Banquet Committee, You guys made the experience 100X more enjoyable for me(: