division 4 north

Attention all 4 North FRS attendees! Please be sure to purchase the spirit package! It is mandatory. Although it seems pricey, overall it’s worth it! The spirit package includes a Division 4 North cinch bag, thunder sticks, whistles, and much more! The total price will be $10. Please make sure to turn in all money to your presidents to give to me at our next spirit rally on Saturday, November 3rd! Thank you! :D

Also, for any otters who are not attending Fall Rally but would like to purchase this bag, it will be $5. The money is due on the same date above. Thank you!


SO SAD FALL RALLY IS OVER :((( - credits to our esteemed officer, Christine Le (:

Bring your division spirit to Fall Rally South at Six Flags Magic Mountain on Saturday, November 10, 2012. Each ticket costs $52 which includes a bus ride, your admission ticket, and entrance to the spirit rally. The spirit rally will have spirit battles and a District Board auction. 

For those who are unfamiliar with Fall Rally, it is a PTP fundraiser, a day in which all of Southern California and Nevada come together and show off their spirited divisions. It’s also a chance in which each respective Lieutenant Governor gets to auctioned off on stage (all proceeds will go to Pediatric Trauma Prevention). 

So what are you waiting for?! Start saving up $52.00 for this event! You don’t want to miss out on this event; so mark your calendars and come show CNH your spirit!

Division Task Coordinator(s) Application

Do you want to be apart of the Division Leadership Team? Would you like to help the Lt. Governor? Would you like to help be apart of the CNH members to help spread awareness? Then apply for a Division Task coordinator! The following listed below will be the division task coordinator positions available:

Pediatric Trauma Program

The Eliminate Project

Kiwanis Family 

Project Jump Start

Key Leader

March of Dimes

Children’s Miracle Network

If you are interested in being a task coordinator, please apply here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEpkb2YyNFoyYnJTTlVEcXdlbXpQYkE6MQ

Once you are a task coordinator, you will be placed either on a Key Club or Kiwanis sponsored group to receive updates on the relevant topics. The intent is for the task coordinators to become more aware–experts– on these topics and to share the information within the division. These individuals could provide ongoing education during DCMs and training conferences, help with workshops and newsletters, and provide division wide recognition for those contributing new ideas to donations. 

These positions are open to all members to get you more involved and help better contribute to the Division. We have a tremendous source of volunteers within the division, so let’s get them more involved! This is a great opportunity to get the “sleepers” more involved and perhaps find the passion to take your Key Club experience to a new level, so please sign up. The due date will be Saturday, Sept 1st at 8 PM. Thank you!

Member Recruitment Committee Application

Would you like to help the Lt. Governor and Division Leadership team? Do you have what it takes to help our Division expand? Do you BEElieve you can get more members to be apart of our Otter Ohana? Do you have the spirit and passion which will motivate possible members to join Key Club? Well sign up to be a part of the Member Recruitment Committee! Let’s create a million waves of ideas on how to increase in membership! Sign-up here:


Fall Rally Committee Application

WE GOT SPIRIT, YES WE DO! WE GOT SPIRIT, HOW ABOUT YOU?! Do you have the spirit gear, the creativity, and the determination to BEE a part of our Fall Rally Committee? Well sign-up and we’ll see if YOU have what it takes! Help us dominate during Fall Rally South by creating cheers, helping with the spirit attire, helping to organize our spirit rallies, and much more! Sign-up cause YOLO- You Obviously Love Otters! Sign-up here: