division 32

hey budoblr long time no talk 😅

I won silver today at the Washington State Governor’s Cup! I did Taeguek Chil Jang (#7). The girl on the left did #8. We tied twice in scores and they voted 2-1 to give her first place.

Normally I don’t have any one in my division (18-32 red belt…most peeps my age are at black belt), and this time I had 3! I’m very proud of my second place win! 🥈

I also took gold in board breaking. I did a jump axe kick, flying side kick, step hook kick, double flutter kick, roundhouse, natoban.

I’ll post some pics when I get them from my grandmaster.

“On the night of 8 September, 1923, the ships of Destroyer Squadron (DesRon) 11 were on a 24 hour run from San Francisco to San Diego, cruising at 20 knots. The flagship, USS Delphy (DD 261) was in the lead, followed by Destroyer Divisions 33, 31 and 32; ships as follows:

DesDiv 33: S. P. Lee (DD 310), Young (DD 312), Woodbury (DD 309), Nicholas (DD 311

DesDiv 31:Farragut (DD 300), Fuller (DD 297), Percival (DD 298), Somers (DD 301), Chauncey (DD 296)

DesDiv 32: Kennedy (DD 306), Paul Hamilton (DD 307), Stoddert (DD 302), Thompson (DD 305)”

Those in bold ran aground and were sunk. All ships involved Wickes/Clemson-class destroyers. The ships turned east to course 095, supposedly heading into the Santa Barbara Channel, at 21:00. Based solely on dead reckoning, Captain Watson ordered the fleet to turn east into the Santa Barbara Channel. However, the Delphy was actually several miles northeast of where they thought they were. This error caused the ships to run aground on Honda Point. Alongside numerous injuries, the court martial of each captain, and the wrecking of seven destroyers was 23 dead sailors.

Dcon was pretty fuun! Although I didn’t come out of my comfort zone at the dance… I didn’t have any dance moves either, so I just… Did the same stuff, LOL. I am so awkward. o0o0o, also went to the dance after my brother told me not to, harhar. Rebel. Tried to avoid certain people, but yehasfdsgshehij. But at least I made an effort to dance. …and got my period at the dance. Explains the mood-swings and such. People at dcon are actually really friendly & nice. :)) they randomly say “hi” and “good morning”, yayayay. Totally going next year. With a better dress, more dance moves, and confidence! Plus, there was a lot of good-looking people, jajaja. Self-esteem killer. I cannot take photos, like seriously. Every photo i’ve been in, omg… SO GROSS. Not one nice photo. k, good thing braces come off TOMORROW. ((: 

DCON 2013


Friday afternoon we got there, but everyone stayed in their own schools in the beginning. Our adviser arrived late so we were one of the last schools to get our room keys.

Opening session was great! We got so pumped up but didn’t win the spirit stick. But our sibling division (33) did so it’s all good :)

The guest speaker was amazing, and so was his message: You can achieve anything. The videos were so inspiring, and I honestly love the feeling of making a difference in key club.

Caucusing was way better this year. Mostly because I got to spend time with him and I never get to do that, but also because I actually knew some of the candidates and it was interesting to hear their speeches. But I was still trying not to fall asleep LOL

The first night was lonely because Jessica left for her Chats competition and we all went to bed early. We woke up really early and took our breakfast to our rooms which is nice because I don’t really eat in public.

I only attended two forums this year. I met a lot of other secretaries in my secretary forum and I’m so excited for this year! Brad Henning wasn’t there so they showed a video at the teen sexuality forum, so I left early. I got some pretty nice stuff at the service fair and met/cheered with a whole bunch of people in the lobbies. My friend was a delegate so I promised to get something for him from the service fair because he was missing it! Yay.I skipped lunch which I need to stop doing, and sat on a couch somewhere in the hotel with Andrew, Edwin, and Emily. We talked and really bonded and it was nice!

The banquet was probably the worse part of DCON this year. It always is for me, lol. There was barely anyone at our table and it was really quiet so we all just left really quickly. Before the awards session I got pictures with a bunch of people and I felt like my awkwardness was really gone.

The awards ceremony was amazing like always. I love the music, the cheering, the pride, the energy in that room. Our historian won us the traditional scrapbook contest, so proud! When the LTGs and board members were saying goodbye it was so emotional. It’s going to be a sad year without some of them.

We had an officer meeting before the governor’s ball and Mrs. A kept the outties’ goals from last year. They read them and talked about how much they’ve grown in a year. Our outgoing officers were so great, it’s going to be hard to live up to that. But I know we can do it :) We innies wrote down our own personal and club goals and we’re going to read them again at DCON 2014!

I felt pretty awkward because I don’t usually dance, so I sat in the gameroom in the beginning for a little, talking to people. I could tell that Dion was talking about me to some of his friends but he wouldn’t tell me what he said. Awkward…. The dance was really hot and crowded but for my first time it was nice. I tried to guide him away from people we knew because I don’t want them thinking differently of me… LOL

He walked me back to my room and we said goodnight and then he went back early. It was so nice to spend time with him. We all sat in our dresses talking about how our individual experiences with the dance were. Then we changed into our PJs and chilled. We brought so much food and couldn’t finish it all haha.
Then we went out on the balcony and had really deep talks with Kevin! Which isn’t purpling, right..

I don’t remember when I went to sleep but it was pretty dang late. When we woke up in the morning it was also pretty late. We went down to the lobby and socialized. It was pretty bittersweet to see everyone leaving.

Andrew and Amelia wanted to get home so I got my luggage and left around 10. When I got home, I fell asleep pretty quickly. Time for Post-DCON Syndrome to kick in!

Honestly, that was one of the best weekends of my life. I love Key Club so much. So thank you to Key Club International for changing and defining my life. Thank you to all of those officers, at international, district, and club level. Thank you to division 32 for being the best in the PNW. Thank you to my club for being the best in 32.

Thank you to everyone I’ve met in key club because you’ve all changed my life so much. I’m a happier, more confident person with clear goals in life. It’s so nice to meet people who share the same passion for service with you.

I will strive to make this upcoming year in key club amazing as secretary. I’m so excited!

I feel good.

DCON was amazing.

Honestly, there were some parts that weren’t that great, but overall it was really fun.  I learned a lot from some of the sessions. I feel like DCON has helped raise my self-esteem and confidence, and now I’m ready to get way more involved in Key Club. It was an amazing bonding experience, and I met so many awesome people. Even though we lost the spirit stick to 26, 32 rocked. Hey Key Clubbers, how do you feel?! Cause I feel goooooooood.

-,+[                         Read first character and start outer character reading loop
   -[                       Skip forward if character is 0
       >>++++[>++++++++<-]  Set up divisor (32) for division loop
                              (MEMORY LAYOUT: dividend copy remainder divisor quotient zero zero)
       <+<-[                Set up dividend (x minus 1) and enter division loop
           >+>+>-[>>>]      Increase copy and remainder / reduce divisor / Normal case: skip forward
           <[[>+<-]>>+>]    Special case: move remainder back to divisor and increase quotient
           <<<<<-           Decrement dividend
       ]                    End division loop
   ]>>>[-]+                 End skip loop; zero former divisor and reuse space for a flag
   >–[-[<->+++[-]]]<[         Zero that flag unless quotient was 2 or 3; zero quotient; check flag
       ++++++++++++<[       If flag then set up divisor (13) for second division loop
                              (MEMORY LAYOUT: zero copy dividend divisor remainder quotient zero zero)
           >-[>+>>]         Reduce divisor; Normal case: increase remainder
           >[+[<+>-]>+>>]   Special case: increase remainder / move it back to divisor / increase quotient
           <<<<<-           Decrease dividend
       ]                    End division loop
       >>[<+>-]             Add remainder back to divisor to get a useful 13
       >[                   Skip forward if quotient was 0
           -[               Decrement quotient and skip forward if quotient was 1
               -<<[-]>>     Zero quotient and divisor if quotient was 2
           ]<<[<<->>-]>>    Zero divisor and subtract 13 from copy if quotient was 1
       ]<<[<<+>>-]          Zero divisor and add 13 to copy if quotient was 0
   ]                        End outer skip loop (jump to here if ((character minus 1)/32) was not 2 or 3)
   <[-]                     Clear remainder from first division if second division was skipped
   <.[-]                    Output ROT13ed character from copy and clear it
   <-,+                     Read next character