divinity rising

The Divine Mother is the Kundalini (“coiled up” power) sleeping in us; without worshiping Her we can never know ourselves. All-merciful, all-powerful, omnipresent are attributes of Divine Mother.

She is the sum total of the energy in the Universe. Every manifestation of power in the Universe is “Mother”. She is Life, She is Intelligence, She is Love. She is in the Universe yet separate from it.

She is a person and can be seen and known (as Shri Ramakrishna saw and knew Her). Established in the idea of Mother, we can do anything. She quickly answers prayer.


[The Matron of Raven’s holy day is the Night of Ascension, celebrating her apotheosis. The actual date of the goddess’s rise to divinity is unclear, but the Night of Ascension is nonetheless celebrated on the thirteenth day of the tenth month. Many people of Emon see this cheery celebration of the dead to be unnerving and macabre, but the Raven’s followers believe the honored dead would rather be venerated with cheer, not misery.]

(From the Critical Role Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting book.)

You know, if I wasn’t part of this fandom, I might think this show is actually scripted. 

Because, in the campaign guide Matt released several months ago to the public, there’s this:

“The actual date of the [Matron of Raven’s] rise to divinity is unclear, but the Night of Ascension is nonetheless celebrated on the thirteenth day of the tenth month. Many people of Emon see this cheery celebration of the dead to be unnerving and macabre, but the Raven’s followers believe the honored dead would rather be venerated with cheer, not misery.”

Now Matt, in his final description of the campaign, with the exposition of that evening in Zephra, said “…Cuersaar the thirteenth, the tenth month of the year…”, which means that Kiki gains a raven companion on the day where those devoted to the Raven Queen celebrate those who have passed, and remember their legacy. 

But, this campaign closed on the 13th of October, the tenth month of our calendar year, at least where I live. (give or take a few hours, depending on the time zone)

And I can’t think of a better time to send these characters off than on a day where, in their fictional world, there would be people finding joy and hope in the stories they left behind them.

(all credit to the og revelation made by @tieflingofcolor​ on discord <3)

In Minoan Thera, now modern day Santorini, the Goddess was worshiped above all. “She was the …perpetual motion machine that woke the dead and spun the earth on its axis with her erotic energy.” This erotic energy was venerated as the essence of “cosmic vitality”. At the center of Minoan culture, sacred feminine sexuality. Elaborate rituals and rites were dedicated to the Goddess, and these practices were mirrored in rites of passages and archetypal role models that exalted womanhood at large. Before the rise of the patriarchy and villainization of female eroticism, worship of the ways of the Goddess was the widespread norm… 

If 13 years in Catholic school taught me anything, Its that the patriarchy does NOT deem female sexuality holy. Nor the female body at large. She is not seen as the “heiress of the primeval creatrix” as women were in Thera, but instead as the “origin” in original sin. Her body up for debate, demonized. Her fire vanquished before it can spread in all its glory. In my high school “morality” class, it was even demonstrated to us that female sexuality is a flame, like that of a candle. And if said female chooses to pleasures herself, or decides to have sex outside of holy matrimony, she is extinguishing this flame, never to be replenished. Truly disempowering lessons to teach a 16 year old girl as she comes into her age of pleasure. 

In other words, the fall of the Goddess continues to reverberate far and wide in the way we bar and ban our women from fanning the flames of their innate feminine wiles. The feminine everywhere has been subjugated and devalued for too long. 

Its high time we reclaim our throne on the throes of rapture. Its time we own our sensual limitlessness and the mesmerizing nature of our curves. Its time for the Goddess to rise again.

Santorini, Greece

Quotes via the incredible book “Seductress” by Betsy Prioleau

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I am healing and my healing will heal the women in the lineage of my bloodline. I will heal my mothers and my grandmothers and my aunts. I will heal my ancestors. I will heal with hopes of liberating and breaking generational trauma and cycles. I heal with blood and sweat and tears. I rip into the wound and settle into the dark warm walls of the womb to be reborn. I heal to remind my mothers of the ways they healed themselves before, of the magic hidden to them but seen by all. There is coal down in their bellies. Still warm, still burning, amber ashes that can ignite again. I heal to teach them that fire can burn again, to not be afraid of being burnt alive. You will always rise.

Today I stand in my shadow like never before. Fearlessly. Ferociously. In the darkness of this New Moon I sink into the pain and sorrow in my womb with understanding and compassion rather than dread and denial. Seeking healing in a major way has lead me on this path of ever evolving Transcendent Feminine Wisdom. Today I begin/ continue on a 2 month journey with @priestessesofthemoon. I look towards this remembrance of the ancient practices of our ancestors, witches, wombmen to nourish my Soul and thus my Creation. I look forward to sharing my truth more deeply with you… 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑 Kotor, Montenegro Thank you @goddess_rising and @woman.rising

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The OUCH of Ascension

First, let me say that I LOVE the awakening process. It’s the high of all highs, the nectar of all nectar- there’s NOTHING as satisfying or freeing as feeling the glory or illumination of one’s own true self. For many of us, awakening was programmed into us before birth, so coming into one’s own power is EXHILARATING. The creativity and genius that comes along with ascension is second to none, nothing else in the world could possibly compare.  However, even though I EMBRACE positive thoughts that resonate with my soul, I embrace joy, I embrace love and I embrace bliss- sometimes, especially during “cleansing” times, it’s just not possible to feel good. In fact, it can hurt and it can hurt a lot. It can be confusing and frightening to experience your own identity and ego dissolving. The pressure of the light/electricity can be overwhelming; physically and mentally. It can be very disorienting to experience the reality you once knew as truth- shifting and morphing drastically. Also, the isolation that may go along with a personal ascension process can make it difficult to empathize with others. Knowing it’s okay to not (always) feel good is important. Knowing it’s a normal part of this process is important. Being forgiving is important. Having patience, trust and self compassion is important.  Not being addicted to suffering is also important though, so be mindful to disallow the mind from creating a baseline of suffering throughout the ascension process. It doesn’t have have to be awful all of the time. It can (and will) be the most unfathomably beautiful experience you’ve ever had. It fact, it’s far more beautiful than I could even begin to contextualize or articulate. In my opinion, it makes the ouch worth it. 

In times of ouch:

  • RELAX, always come back to relaxing your entire being and body
  • Breathe slowly until you fall into your heart space and/or core
  • Have gentleness and compassion for yourself. 
  • Remember to eat nourishing foods
  • Find Beauty in nature (or ANYWHERE)
  • Connect to people you trust and love
  • Find internal tools (if you don’t already have them) to work through the issue that’s cleansing itself from your psyche.
  • Participate in a hobby or anything creative
  • Give yourself permission to REST
  • Eliminate as much external chaos as possible
  • Be forgiving towards yourself and don’t try too hard to feel amazing again
  • In fact, don’t try too hard at anything
  • Avoid feeling like a failure or like you’re not “spiritual” because you don’t feel amazing and illuminated
  • Cultivate allowance
  • Warm Baths
  • Fresh flowers, try to make your personal space as sacred and nurturing as possible
  • The music you most deeply connect to. Try to sync your breathe with the rhythm of the music
  • Don’t try too hard to figure it all out. Just BE as much as possible
  • Know that it will pass
  • Know that you will feel amazing again soon
  • Learn to surrender, surrendering is a VERY important part of this process

    Love, Miss Metamorphosis

Random (post-) Dragon Age: Inquisition headcanon -

She waited to open her eyes - not when the mattress sank lightly with the witch’s weight, a pressure that was only faintly familiar. Not when that weight, that presence, hovered over her, dangerously close.

She opened them, daring to look, to glare, when fingers that were more talons than flesh brushed against her neck.

“So the Divine is a light sleeper.” A voice hoarse, the gravel and broken glass of disuse, words pushed out with effort. The tone lacked the guile of years before, reverberating now with something bitter and dark. “Yet not light enough. Had I wanted to kill you–”

“You would have bled first, and quickly.” Leliana pushed the dagger gently into Morrigan’s ribs, nudging the blade tip into the cracks in the worn leather she wore. The witch looked down with surprise, then laughed, sinking down almost imperceptibly. The rigid shield slipping a fraction.

“Ah. Old habits.”

“Caution is a virtue.” Leliana sniffed the air. No trace of spirits, or of woodsmoke carrying earthier elements, and yet Morrigan seemed decidedly… impaired. Or better put, altered. Her eyes were ringed by dark circles, her skin paler than normal. She seemed less, and yet more, with a tightness in her expression that may have been the suppression of pain, the effort of keeping torment at bay.

“Why are you here?” She withdrew her blade and tried to sit up.

The witch, however, let her weight fall upon the Divine’s upper thighs, straddling her. In a different time, it would have been a challenge, a provocative invitation, but now it was merely an involuntary act of physical fatigue. Her right hand remained at Leliana’s neck, her thumb absently moving up and down against a raised vein.

“You are always so virtuous, yes? The Chantry sister becoming the Divine… how quickly we rise on broken wings…”

“Morrigan,” Leliana brought her hand up to grasp the witch’s wrist, not pulling the claws away but making contact. Her skin felt cold, the bones thin yet unyielding. “It’s been years. Why are you here?”

She hated to ask, hated to question, having dreamt of a return and hoped for a reunion, stopping herself short of praying for it. She saved her supplication instead for less selfish needs, or so she said aloud, whispering her own admonishment while her heart ached. Even through the fledgling days of the most holy office, the pomp and all the political circumstance, she felt the absence. And had eventually, painfully, lost the awareness of her.

But this… she was a creature of the wild, far removed even from years in the swamp. All hard lines and scales, a soul fragmented.

“I was nearby, and… miles away.” Morrigan tilted her gaze to the open window, to the night sky yet a few hours from its struggle with the dawn. Her hand had stilled, palm flat against the crook of Leliana’s neck - a feather-light threat, an intimate gesture.

Leliana wanted to press her further - who did this, if not her own self, and why… what ghosts still lingered, what price had been paid, with the debt continually collected. But her questions would have been reviled, left unanswered. Another time and they might have framed the story, albeit in thorns instead of gossamer.

Instead she brought her hands up, cupping the witch’s face gently as though to bestow a benediction, whisper the spell to draw her from whatever precipice she lingered upon.

Morrigan gave a start and tried to draw back, her eyes darting and skittish until they settled, focused, sharp gold cooling to a simmer.

A flash of recognition, awareness. Hope. Leliana smiled and kissed the edge of the witch’s mouth.

“Come back to me when you are able.”

The witch’s eyes warmed again, then narrowed - cunning holding dominance over the muscle memory of desire. The wild took over, cast her astray. Her laughter was throaty, uneven, as she pushed herself up, and in a ripple of shadow, faded, then appeared again crouched on the window sill. Eager to fly.

She smiled from the past before melding into the darkness.

After minutes, or a lifetime held with bated breath, Leliana let her eyes close again, hard against the echo of old sorrows.


4x01 “Lazarus Rising” // 4x16 “On the Head of a Pin” // 11x21 “All in the Family”
Dean and the Return of the Righteous Man Arc

One of my personal favourite aspects of this episode was how throughout the episode we were brought right back to S4, to the moment Dean had returned from Hell, not believing he deserved to be saved, doubting to have been chosen and saved by God. I love how we came full circle to this entire arc focusing on Dean’s faith, his disappointment in God (and his father) and the lack of belief in himself and his importance and strength.

Really, all of the pivotal moments of this arc were addressed in this episode. And sadly they were tackled in a quite manipulative manner by God imo. First he shines a light on Dean’s lack of faith by guilt tripping, then he goes on to say Dean should not confuse him with John and with that projects yet again from his shortcomings and last but not least - on a park bench near a playground cause both played such huge roles as settings over the past seasons - he tells Dean that this task, him being the centerpiece between him and the Darkness - “the firewall between light and darkness” - is the reason he saved him “all those years ago”.

I guess we will see if the Righteous Man who began it will truly be the one to finisih it this time as last time he was denied to play his part (and I always though that Jeremy Carver wanted to emphasize how important Dean is and therefore creating this arc), sacrificing himself in the process like christ… I mean, that’s why we have had all the christ framings with Dean after all and the allusions relating to him as the second coming of christ. And also again here, on the park bench, Dean, the christ figure, sits to God’s right wrapped in red and blue, the colours of the divine….

DAY 3342

Jalsa, Mumbai                   May 22/23,  2017               Mon/Tue 2:42 AM  

The sun goes down .. to the other side of the World .. divinity rises on this ..and the charm of the religion of the country, cricket, flames the desire to be in the company of the team you support .. and so we meet with great exchange of ideas and cricket detailings and selfie’s and the other more ..

The Afghan Church in the precincts of the area of discipline and order - the armed forces …

Fascinating how belief depicts itself in the forms that it does .. in different regions, in fewer destinations and in its strength of teachings .. these glass panes have always drawn great admiration .. so to rest while the more discussions take place, we are in fact signed and sealed to our homes .. shall discuss further ..

Your advance could be alright .. but will need to start, dishonour before even it begins its walk along the paths of glory, reminiscing the past in great vivid detailing ..

There is architectural marvel at the building principles of churches .. may it be possible to see them then at the earliest .. of course .. raise both your hands and hold each palm through the fingers that mix .. and then the BP .. the finding shall be that the strength of such construct is more powerful than any ..

My love as ever ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Tarot Today - Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords

“There is many a virtuous woman weary of her trade.” -  François de La Rochefoucauld

I am rising.

Image: Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck (Large)

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