diving photography

Ja Kang Song, 71, and Ja Hyun Su, 72, diving for shellfish. In South Korea, 45% of the diving women of Jeju are aged over 70. Routinely diving to depths of 20 metres and staying under for an average of two to three minutes, the pressure on the body takes its toll and, as with many others, burst eardrums have left Ja Hyun Su deaf. Each season, between seven and 10 women die diving the waters around Jeju Island.  

The Alabaster Nudibranch can be found in the temperate waters of the Pacific, from Alaska to California and along the coasts of Russia and Japan. The beautiful, wispy white tipped cerata are actually the animal’s lungs. But don’t let it’s delicate form fool you, this nudi’s jaws are strong enough to crack open the shell of a snail, one of its preferred meals - photo taken at Seattle, Washington