diving off a cliff

Will: Am I evil?
Hannibal: Worse. You’re smart. When you know nothing matters the universe is yours. The universe is basically an animal and crazes on the ordinary. Creates infinite idiots just to eat them. Smart people get a chance to climb on top, take reality for a ride but it’ll never stop trying to throw you and eventually it will. There’s no other way off.
Will: So, who am I? What do I do?
Hannibal: My advice? Take off.


Hannibal(after the cliff-dive): God damit Will. I didn’t mean ‘take off’ like that!!

Okay so like NO one has heard of this musical before but like...


Okay summary time: It’s basically about this kid named Jasper [Who really likes diving and wears a kickass red sweater) has this best friend named, Agnes. They love each other, but Jasper thinks she deserves better. She confesses and Jasper unable to reincorporate for the reason mentioned above and doesn’t give her an answer. SO trying to get an answer, they say they’re gonna meet at this cliff (They’re hang out <3) but Jasper gets there a little late and Agnes tries diving off the cliff and fails….and also drowns. Oh no she’s dead. But Jasper, being the lovesick and selfless boy he is jumps into save her. Saying that he’d give his soul up too save her. And might also being dying too. And then BOOM we meet the ‘villain’ Mr. Lethe (Yes like that river in the Greek Mythos) whose basically argues with his boss (Psst it’s pluto/hades) about if this soul should be let in. He loses and let’s Jasper’s soul into ‘deadland’. Thus the title, after a dramatic opening sequence he makes it his mission to save Anges from the underworld and bring her back to life. 

Long story short: It’s a modern day Orpheus and Eurydice retelling (Kind of) as well as a crossover fanfic (musical) with various underwold myths. Some examples: 

  • Lethe is a River in the Greco-Roman Mythos (as mentioned above). It makes you forget things. 
  • Cerberus guards the front gate into deadland
  • OH Deadland is split up into ‘circles’ like how Dante’s inferno. 
  • The Chiron shows up too, the greek ferry man
  • Osiris shows up (though it’s brief) as a singer in a club in ‘city circle’ 
  • Said club is named Helheim (From Norse mythology) 
  • Speaking of Norse Myth! Loki and Hel show up as well for a quickie cameo as Lackies. 
  • The second gate is protected by Ammit, a demon from the edyptain mythos that eat hearts (She even has her own song) Sadly Anubis doesn’t get s shout out :( 
  • When he get too the most ‘hellish’ part of deadland it’s ruled over by a guy named ‘Little Lu’. A fallen angle aka Lucifer. 
  • Sisyphus gets a named drop as he is in the ‘hell’ part of deadland 
  • A little more less known Greek myth as well, the daughters of Danus are there too. As well as Brutus, that guy who stabbed Caesar a bunch of times.
  • Remember how I said this story was a retelling or Orpheus and Eurydice? The show knows this because Eurydice basically plays the part of a Obi-wan Kenobi in this and helps Jasper on his journey. IT’S  ALMOST LIKE SHE WANTS THEM TO HAVE A HAPPY ENDING BC SHE DIDN’T GET ONE :((((((((
  • Elysium is one of the last circles. 
  • Pluto or better known as Hades is the big boss of Dealand with his wifey Persephone. They’re lethe’s boss.  

BUT THOSE ARE JUST SOME REFERENCES THAT MAKE MY MYTH LOVING HEART SWELL!!! I’m sure they’re are more (Since I sadly never made it to a stage production). But the real meat is the songs, I’ll give some of my favorites. 

  • Jasper Goodbye  (The opening song) 
  • What is Life (Cerberus’s ‘solo’) 
  • The Killing (Japser’s Answer to Cerberus’s question) 
  • The Forgetting (Sometimes your just start speaking in Portuguese when a magical river washes away your memories)  
  • Living Dead (A bunch of Dead people love being dead: The song) 
  • Hungry for Your Heart (Remember when I said Ammit got a solo. This is that solo.) 
  • Stroke by Stroke (Uplifting water metaphor: The song) 
  • Beat and Broken Spirits (The most fun song about internal damnation sung by Satan) 
  • Awful People (Undead man/Physical embodiment sings about how awful the world is, obviously.) 
  • Elysium (Everything sucks back home, maybe we should stay dead?: The song) 
  • Lifesong (Eurydice’s solo! Basically Uplifting life metaphor: The song) 
  • The Trade / The Swim (HAPPY ENDINGS ALL AROUND! Hello Jasper Hello)

REALLY I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT JASPER IN DEADLAND AND I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD CHECK IT OUT. The whole album is on youtube and itunes. And you can find a lot of the workshops on there as well. 

Some just cool things: 

Really look up this musical. It’s worth listening too.

listen, i love enthusiastic-to-the-point-of-being-scary sidon and silent, stoic, sweet link. i love that content. but you know what else i love? polite, princely sidon swooning over this strange little wildman who fights monsters, devours ridiculous quantities of raw meat, and dives off high cliffs to catch a single fish while screaming.

The Lost Special: The One Way to Tie Up Every Loose Thread

In the last month this corner of the Sherlock fandom has thrown out a multitude of ideas for a narrative that could potentially resolve every last inconsistency in Sherlock series 4. Not knowing it, this community has debated different readings – all perfectly valid with only minor holes in logic – but have missed how they might all fit together into an intricate puzzle, each reading validating the other.

I have found one way to connect every loose thread.

Topics resolved include:

– EMP Theory vs “TFP as John’s TAB”: why both readings are meant to be exposed to the viewer (but we just found them too early)
– Benedict’s insanely long monologue they mentioned him having in Series 4.
– How another episode would only be comprised of a few new scenes
– Mary’s character development drifting far from her original plotline
– Moffat’s Doctor Who narrative that includes Toby Jones as a Dream Lord and what that means for Amy in “Amy’s Choice” and Sherlock in The Lost Special.
– How POVs intertwine in TFP, and how TPLOSH inspired the way The Lost Special would end.
– The entire bizarre nature of Series 4
– Breaking the 4th Wall
– The focus in The Six Thatchers on “The Duplicate Man”, “Twins”, “Two places at once”, and “Dead AND alive”.
– Three Garridebs
– Benedict claiming “Love conquers all” while Steven Moffat facepalms.

So if you want to know the one way this could all work, check out the rest of this post. But hear me out until the end, suspend your disbelief until you’ve finished, because regardless of whether or not you believe we’re getting The Lost Special, this reading which combines everything we’ve talked about for the last year is definitely arguable and until something else gets proposed, it is the one I’m sticking with til the bitter end.

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Want it? | Draco Malfoy x Trans!Male Reader

Warnings: Smut, Dom!Draco, Masturbation, Choking, NSFW gifs

Words: 1954

(Y/N) POV:

To say I was a hot topic around Hogwarts was quite the understatement. Ever since my second year when word got around that the guy from the muggle family actually had a vagina! Apparently the pure-bloods had never had any experience with such a thing. Most called it muggle magic and they all practically tripped over themselves to ask me questions. Eventually they died down as all things do, until I returned my fifth year having gone through top surgery. That brought on its own wave of questions.

Draco Malfoy was no different. At first, when he discovered my identity he called it ‘revolting’ and 'unnatural.’ Although, he too came around in our fifth year and we dove into a friendship neither of us expected. Nothing had prepared me for him as the same could be said from him about me. Being hormonal teenagers, there was always a tension between us. It wasn’t until the middle of our sixth year that he relieve it.

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I like to imagine that any time any of them make ridiculously high rolls with ridiculously high modifiers, Matt has a sit and a think about how overpowered he’s allowed these characters to get in some aspects. He takes a sip of whiskey every Thursday night when he gets home and stares in the corner and whispers “maybe they are gods” And then Marisha cackles in her sleep, dreaming of diving off cliffs in glee.

Bruce posts three types of posts on his social media (which includes Facebook, and Instagram because Tim said he had to have them or he’d be fired from WE)

The first is posts about where he’s working out. He likes to challenge himself in more places than just the cave so he goes to a bunch of different weird places.

Some of his top workout photos include:

  • Bruce doing pullups off the side of the WE building
  • His cliff diving off of some of Gotham’s most famous cliffs
  • The one time he was spotted chasing Damian up a children’s jungle gym (this was more of a Damian get down incident, but it was also tagged MY SON and Workout)
  • The short video of him literally swinging through the trees in one of Gotham’s parks
  • Him swimming out to one of the bouys in Gotham’s pier

The second is where he eats:

When Bruce isn’t eating at the manor he’s usually on a date or at some charity thing so he posts about these often. Most of the time he’ll talk about the charity, discuss his food, or talk about the person he’s with. 

The Batkids get very interested if he’s posting a lot about a woman. They’ve learned how to tell how serious Bruce is about his current date by how much he says about their date on FB. They also keep close tabs on his relationship with Selena this way, because it’s easily more reliable than either Bruce himself or the Tabloids.

The third is his kids. Some favorites are:

  • The time Bruce posted on his FB: “Just went shopping with Tim and learned the ingredients in a Red Bull, needless to say they are off the shopping list forever”  
  • The infamous Steph winning the Waffle Eating competition Facebook and Instagram cross post. During this event Bruce gave a moment by moment break down of the contest, right up to the point where Steph won then proceeded to ask for ‘another plate of waffles.”
  • Multiple shots of Damian looking put out at a meeting or a charity event, even more shots of Damian beaming while accompanied by animals. A favorite on Instagram is him with Batcow.
  • A lot of selfies with Dick, mostly of them doing mundane things like eating ice cream or arm wresting, there is also the rare photo of them working out together.
  • The famous shot of Bruce and a ‘mystery son’ (aka Jason) washing a motorcycle together. It looks like it belongs in a magazine and is captioned: Bonding Time. A lot of the comments for this read like: They look so happy.
  • The FB post where: “Cassandra and I just finished watching Inside Out, and we’re both still sobbing”
  • And the follow up post including a picture with Cass surrounded by plush figures of each of the characters, an ear-to-ear grin on her face captioned: Got her these because she loved the movie so much #Best idea ever
  • The Facebook post announcing that Bruce and Barbra started a team for the annual GCPD charity run and anyone is invited. A ton of people signed up and they raised a record amount of money that year. Plus Bruce got a great photo of him and Barbra together at the finish line.
  • The short video he posted of Duke trying to teach him how to skateboard cross posted on both Facebook and Instagram. This sparked a Meme of Famous People on Skateboards where people Photoshopped faces over Bruce’s in the video. (His favorite is the one someone did of Superman. He sent it to the League the moment he found it)

Hands down, everyone’s favorite posts are the ones that include the entire family, most of these come in the form of Instagram posts, but the Facebook conversations that happen in the comments are not to be ignored either.

She’s My Girl

Request: “Your imagines are great. Keep up the fantastic work. Can you make a stan uris or richie tozier imagine where he and the reader are dating and it’s the scene where they are jumping off the cliff and he gets all protective. And the guys know this so they make it their mission to make him jealous. -Anonymous”


“Richie or Stan imagine where they’re swimming with the losers and they all start complementing the reader about her body they’re like ‘why date a loser like them when you can”

Pairing: Stan Uris x Reader

Warnings: None

You and your amazing boyfriend Stan Uris started dating a month after Freshman year started. Even though you knew each other a couple of years before that you decided to wait and see if things worked out by themselves. Luckily they did and it was so obvious that you and Stan were just meant to be. Your friends Bill, Richie and Eddie were the first ones to see it and point it out to the both of you. 

You were at home celebrating that you were now on summer break which meant no more school. Why celebrate that in your house locked up in your room? You were planning to just watch TV, read books and anything that involved staying indoors unless someone invited you to go outside with them then that would be the only exception. 

It’s like someone read your mind because your mom came and knocked on your door.

“Y/N Stan is downstairs with the rest of your friends waiting for you to go swimming with them in the lake.” Your mom smiled as she popped her head into your room.

“Tell them I’m going to get changed and I’ll be right down in 5 minutes.” You said enthusiastically. 

First you put on your swimsuit and then over it you put on your regular clothes. Once you were done you slipped on your sneakers and went downstairs.

“Bye mom I’ll see you later.” You said kissing her cheek.

“Okay have fun honey!” She said kissing you as well.

You went through the back into your porch to grab your bike. Once you had it you walked through the side of your house, finally making it to the front where all the boys were standing.

“Y/N!” Eddie exclaimed.

“Hello boys.” You smiled as you walked over to Stan and placed a kiss on his cheek causing him to blush and give you one too.

“Gross.” Richie said jokingly. 

“Oh be quiet you’re just jealous.” Stan said.

“Yeah and don’t disrespect them they’re my parents.” Eddie stated.

“They’re not your parents.” 

“They are my fake parents if I was their real child hell I would be lucky to have them as parents.” Eddie defended.

“Same.” Ben continued.

“Agreed.” Bill finished off.

“Yeah you’re right.” Richie admitted.

“Thank you guys.” You smiled as all the boys just nodded.

“Someday?” Stan asked referring to if someday you and him could have kids of your own if you were still together. “Someday.” You smiled.

“Alright alright let’s go.” Richie said.

You all hopped onto your bicycles and sped off towards the lake.

Once you got there all the boys were standing at the edge of the large cliff/rock looking at the water below them.

“So who’s first?” Richie asked.

“You guys are seriously too scared to jump off?” You asked unimpressed.

“If it doesn’t look scary to you why don’t you do it?” Richie asked.

“Is that a challenge Tozier?” You asked.

“Hell yeah it is.” He replied.

“No Y/N you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.” Stan defended.

“Actually don’t worry about it Stan. I got this babe.” You stated.

You stepped back and took off your shoes along with your shirt and finally your shorts. The boys didn’t get to say anything because you ran and then jumped off the cliff diving into the water perfectly.

“Your turn Losers!” You shouted as you smirked once you reached the surface.

“Holy shit.” Eddie spoke up.

“That was hot! Her body is WOW.” Richie exclaimed.

“Amazing.” Bill complimented.

“Hey that’s my woman get your own.” Stan said as he nudged Richie.

“Come get her if you can before I get to her.” Richie smirked as he jumped off the cliff.

Immediately Stan followed after him then Eddie, Bill and finally Ben. All of the boys were now in the lake as well as Beverly who the boys had invited after you all met each other when Henry Bowers cut Ben’s stomach.

You were about to swim over to Stan when Richie wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you away from him.

“Stan!” You exclaimed as you giggled.

“Why date a loser like Stan when you can date me?” Richie asked as he continued to pull you away from Stan.

The next thing you know Stan swam over to you so damn quick it was unbelievable. He went in between you and Richie causing him to let go. Stan dunked Richie underwater only for a couple of seconds.

Then he cupped your face with his hands and kissed you passionately. You melted into the kiss as you heard the boys and Beverly cheering and saying many things.



“Get it Stan!”



When you and Stan broke out of the kiss you covered your face as you blushed madly. 

“That looked like a fairytale kiss.” Beverly chuckled as she noticed your starstruck face.

“It was.” You giggled.

“Definitely.” Stan said as he kissed you again.

“Okay okay calm down we don’t need you both having babies at just 14 years of age wait 10 more years I promise you can do it.” Richie said causing you all to burst out in laughter. 

Only the future could tell that. But you knew for a fact that you and Stan’s love would last forever, you didn’t doubt it.

What do they need to fire Jill? Do we need to drop in the rankings? I mean we placed last in our own tournament, didn’t even make bronze in the Olympics, the lineups look like trash, respected vets have been mistreated and alienated, and now this BS on the roster?

If Jill is cutting the “aging” players, how is Lloyd allowed to stay? (Side note, we all know Broon should be wearing the arm band. Everyone knows this, it’s just a fact.) And this can’t be solely about age because Sonnett didn’t get the call up. Promising players (Ohai for one) left off and proven entities like Krieger and (sorta) Sonnett cut?? I straight up do not understand.

USSF leaving the women with Jill feels like a punishment for taking a stand against the federation. Krieger is still easily a top RB in the world, if she’s not THE top RB. Solo should be invited back and it’s entirely a political move to keep her off the roster—she is the best keeper in the game, FACT. Hinkle has been shown time and again to fail at the international level. Kling keeps getting burned and she’s still getting a call? And (throwback) giving Pinoe a spot on the Olympic roster even though she was barely removed from rehab for that knee? And honestly, Lloyd has taken a dive off a cliff in the last year; she can’t make it a full 90 and does not create or operate properly in the mid. She relies entirely on the work of teammates and blames them for her own inadequacies. (I’ll be honest, I have a whole separate Lloyd rant so this really isn’t the place…) I don’t understand the logic of Ellis’ choices. It honestly feels as though she doesn’t watch NWSL games or pay proper attention to the GAMES SHE’S EVEN COACHING.

See the youth, grow the program, whatever. You can (and should) do all of that without losing every game for poor tactics and shitty lineups. Past coaches have been fired for better results and Ellis sticking around is unbelievable and untenable. The women deserve better, and so do we.

Traveling around the world with Grayson would include ♡

Requested: ‘’Can you do a travel around the world with grayson? Please, I love your blog 💙 ‘’ and ‘’Can you do a bullet point of what it would be like to travel the world with grayson’’

➼ Grayson would be reaaaally excited and stoked and count down the days till you go

➼ Since Grayson is a very adventurous type I have the feeling the trip would most of the time be very spontaneous; you would visit places and do things that just came into his mind

➼ Packing and buying things you are going to need on the trip together

❥ “Grayson are you sure that’s all you are going to take with you? We are leaving for two months.”

❥ “I’m sure, Y/N. Besides, all I really need is you.”

➼ But you are still more of a person who wants to make defenitive plans and lists of places you guys would really like to see (a bucketlist type of thing)

❥ “Gray, are there any places you have to visit? We really have to settle things.”

❥ “I go wherever you want to go. It doesn’t really matter as long as I’m with you baby.”  

➼ Falling asleep on his lap on the plane                                                                                                                      
❥ “Baby, wake up, we’re almost there…”

➼ You guys would love to visit some popular cities (like Paris, London and Berlin) and he would take you to very chique hotels and restaurants

➼ Sending Ethan postcards from all the countries you visit

➼ Renting a car and going on roadtrips to explore the city

➼ He would propose to you in a very romantic restaurant, or maybe just when it’s late at night and you just had the best sex ever lol everything is possible ;)

➼ Eating weird foreign food if you feel like doing something new (probably regretting it later)

❥ “Gray, I really don’t know what this is…”

❥ “I don’t have a clue either. If it’s really bad we’ll just grab a pizza after this.”

➼ Shopping at Harrods (let’s be honest; money is not a problem lmao)

➼ Having this weird thing where you guys would want to have sex in every hotel you visit (and of course having to be really quiet since you have neighbors)

➼ Taking at least a hundred pictures every single day

➼ You trying to keep a journal and writing down every special moment and thing you experience

➼ Going to local festivals and meet new people

➼ Buying souvenirs which remind you of the great places you visited

➼ Trying to learn a new language together

➼ Visiting Hawaii and going to jungles, forests and beaches; just being with him alone, far away from the modern world

➼ Teaching him how to read a map

➼ And probably still getting lost but you would end up discovering the most lovely places ever

➼ Enjoying your boyfriend walking around shirtless for most of the time

➼ Going on long hikes and him carrying you on his back if you’re too tired to walk

➼ Tree Climbing

➼ Sleeping on the beach


➼ Diving off cliffs (and Grayson worrying that you’ll hurt yourself)

➼ Going to waterfalls and go skinny dipPINGG OMGG

➼ Waking up really early and go to a near hill with blankets to watch the sunrise together: it could be really quiet where you just enjoy each others company or he would love to have deep conversations and talk about your future and stuff

❥ “It’s so incredibly beautiful here…”

❥ “Not as beautiful as you are, though.”

➼ Because you’re a liiittle clumsy he would be VERY protective and always making sure that you’re okay; wherever you are and whatever you’re doing

➼ He would probably record some of his favourite moments and make a video out of it

➼ Going to Alaska or somewhere else where it’s cold and snowy

➼ Husky sledding !!! omg and him holding you really tight since he’s worried you would fall of the sled lol

➼ Ice skating and warming up afterwards with hot chocolate

➼ Sometimes wishing you would never have to go home…

➼ Simply having the time of your lives and talking about it a lot on the way home and for many years after that

Novocaine-Chapter 13

Summary: Shadow gets a phone call from Bucky that causes some tension

Pairings: Dean x Reader, Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Graphic smut sort of, Angst. 18+ Adult only.

Word Count: 1263

Originally posted by heartdoc112

The water beats down on your skin, the heat soothing your stiff muscles. Sighing happily, the motel’s water pressure was divine and Chuck knew you needed it, you drag your fingers through your hair, rinsing the conditioner from the strands.

The opening and closing of the shower door makes you smile. The calloused hands landing on your hips makes you sigh. You drop your head back onto his shoulder as he nudges your legs open with his thigh.

“Mornin’, sweetheart,” he murmurs into your hair, his hands moving to cup your breasts. He pulls you flush to his chest, his rigid cock sliding in between your folds as he thrusts smoothly.

“M-Mornin, handsome,” you stutter as his cock catches on your clit.

His hands leave your breasts, traveling in between your legs. Finding the hood of your clit and pulling it back, he pinches and rolls it in between his thumb and forefinger

Your hand flies to his forearm, keeping him in place as he plays with you, pulling moan after moan from your lips, the motion of his hips teasing you terribly.

“Say you’ll stay,” he commands as he moves his hips away, turning you around so your back is to the wall. He dips a finger into your entrance stroking your velvet walls, the coil in your belly pulling impossibly tighter. “Stay with me,” he says more forcefully adding another finger, thrusting slowly in and out of your dripping hole.

The hot water overheating your skin, you feel like you’re boiling, unable to form words, or think a coherent thought. You merely nod, moaning lewdly into the small room.

Dean removes his finger, hikes you up by the back of the things and enters you effortlessly. He growls low in his throat as his cock head hits your cervix, the small hint of pain overshadowing it by a mile. How you missed this, missed him, his darkness and his light, the complexity of him. Soft and sweet yet hard and terrifying in the same instant. He sets a slow sensual pace, rolling his hips almost lazily into yours. He’s driving you crazy, his lips never leaving yours. He’s devouring your body, overwhelming your mind, branding himself into your soul, leaving his mark on you, making sure you will never be the same.

“Say you love me,” he whispers as he releases your lips, his pace quickening as the words leave his mouth, his eyes hooded and dark as he stares into your eyes. “I want to hear you say it,” he moans, your hands traveling down his back, leaving long red marks, moving up again to tangle in his short hair. “I need to hear you say it,” he demands, his hips snapping frantically into yours.

The euphoria is blinding, the slick drag of his cock steals the air from your lungs, you’re at the peak, so close to falling over, just a little more.

“(Y/N)! Say it!” he snaps. “God, baby, please! Say it ain’t just me,” he begs.

Your mind finally catches up and you capture his lips in a kiss, gasping as you fall over the edge.

He moans as you clench around him, his hips thrusting violently as he fucks you through it.

You start to scream, certain in the fact, that it couldn’t get any better than Dean Winchester. “I love you, Dean! I love you!”


You glance up from the laptop, your phone’s shrill ringtone piercing the silence of the room. Dean had left twenty minutes ago to scrounge up breakfast. Picking it up, you swipe the connect button as Bucky’s face fills your screen.

“Hey, doll,” he greets, a sly smile gracing his face.

You sigh inwardly. “I thought we said no contact?” you reply calmly.

His smile drops marginally. “I missed you, wanted to see your face,” he counters, oozing charm.

You shut your eyes tightly. “Bucky,” you warn.

He pays you no mind, the smile dropping off his face completely. “Y’know what I don’t get, Shadow? Two weeks ago you told me you loved me, you told me I was the only one you wanted!” he snaps “And then Dean and his brother fly into town and I’m nothing to you! What the fuck?”

Sighing heavily, you rub at your eyes with your free hand. “Some days I can’t stop thinking about you, Bucky, other days I wonder why I’m wasting my time,” you say softly. “You’re a good friend, Bucky, and lord knows I have feelings for you, but at what point do I stop caring about how I’m hurting you? What’s best for me? Do you think about that, B? “

“Of course I do! I want what’s best for you!” he replies.

“No, B, you want what’s best for you. I’m a prize to be won, a trophy. You don’t want to be alone, and I boost your ego, break the tide of your nightmares, but love me? I don’t think you ever loved me. You don’t destroy the person you love, B. You don’t play with them, you don’t try and possess them!” sighing, you scrub a hand over your forehead. “I do love you, James, I really do, but I love him, too” you reply, ignoring the overwhelming guilt his words had provoked.

“You can’t love two people at once, (Y/N)! ” he spits.  

You look away, tears pooling in your eyes. “I do. I love you but…” you begin to answer when the door to the motel room bangs off the wall.

Dean’s face is a neutral mask, the take out bags hanging from his hands. He raises his eyebrows, a clear indicator that he had not heard the entire conversation.

“I love him more,” you state firmly, staring him dead in the eye.

His face falls, hurt colors his features, and his eyes grow guarded. Placing the bags on the table, Dean throws Baby’s keys next to them, shrugs off his leather jacket and tosses it over a chair.

“Make up your mind, (Y/N),” Bucky says.

Dean snatches the phone from your grasp, snarling at the screen before he hits the end call button. He throws it haphazardly onto the bed, eyeing you up and down before turning his back on you. “Let’s get to work,” he says emotionlessly, grabbing the take out bags from the table and plopping himself on the sofa.

Your heart seems to do a nose dive off a small cliff with his sudden indifference. Hopping off the bed, you sit down next to him.

“I read somewhere once that if you find yourself in love with two people choose the second because if you really loved the first, you couldn’t fall for the second,” you say quietly reaching for his hand. “I’m not toying with you, De, I meant what I said. I love you, I really do. I thought I was over you. The hurt you caused me was devastating, and it still lingers,” you chew the inside of your cheek. “But I know Bucky doesn’t love me, not really. He thinks he does, he wants to I think, but I… I don’t think I could love him like I love you. I need you to understand that. I need you to understand that I choose you. Everyday.”

Dean sucks in a breath, his fingers curling around yours, a small smile quirking his lips upwards. “I thought we had an agreement, Shadow.”

You raise your eyebrows questioningly.

He smirks playfully. “No chick flick moments,” he says seriously.

You bark out a laugh. “Yeah, Dean. No chick flick moments.”

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Fuck Being Honest (Quil Ateara)

Okay, so this one is worrisome (I change the person i usually write in, tell me what you think) , but senior year is wearing me out but this scenario popped into my head and this request came in so long ago and i felt really bad it took me so long and I’m rambling so I’m gonna stop now. 


“So, he treating you right?” Embry asked, plopping down on one of Emily’s chairs after patrol.

When you met Quil, you of course met Embry since the two were basically attached at the hip. Ever since, Embry took on the ‘big brother’ role, keeping Quil on his toes and making sure he treated you like a queen (which he did naturally anyway). 

“He’s been great, Em. Nothing to worry about.” you laughed, handing him and Quil, who was just now coming through the door, a cold bottle of water. 

“Any nice dates, lately?” he inquired.

“Not lately.” you answered truthfully. 

Ever since more vampires started randomly popping up, patrols had been more frequent so you saw less and less of Quil. You weren’t angry at him, I mean, this is his destiny after all and he loves it, but you did miss the hell out of him.

“Phone calls? Texts?” Embry continued. 

“Not really…” you muttered.

“He atleast has to be giving you something in the bedroom?!” he tried.

“Em!” you screeched at the same time a, “What the hell, dude?!” flew out of Quil’s mouth.

“What?! I was just asking!” Embry screeched, throwing his hands up in surrender.

You looked over at Quil who was already staring at you. Just then, he got up from his seat , and stormed out of the door.


It had been three hours since Quil stormed out.

You’d texted.

You’d called.

You’d gone to the cliffs to see if he was cliff diving to blow off some steam.

And you know what you got in return?

Not shit.

You didn’t mean to embarass him, you just answered Embry’s questions honestly.

Fuck being honest, now.

You were walking through your bedroom door, in the middle of sending yet, another text that you knew would go unanswered. 

“Y/N…” you heard a voice say, making you snap your head up in attention. 

All around you were rose petals and in the middle of it all stood none other than Quil Ateara, dressed in the only suit he owned.

“Quil, what’s all this?” you asked, tears already forming in you eyes. 

“Embry got me thinking, you know? I’ve kinda been a pitiful ass boyfriend, lately, so, I thought maybe this would help me make it up to you.” he explained, bashfully, stuffing his hands in his jacket pockets.

You looked over to see that he had set up a little table and some dinner that he had concocted.

You walked over to him and he wrapped his arms around your torso, engulfing you in his warm embrace.

Your touching moment was ruined by your stomaching growling.

“Alright, let’s get some food in your system.” he said, taking your hand pulling you to the table.

You both sat down and he immediately dug into his plate.

You took an apprehensive bite of yours.

“So, what do you think?” he asked, hopefully.

“It’s really good, baby.” you said, washing the bite down with some water.

Fuck being honest, right? 

what i say: oh yeah u could say i like the rvb s9 soundtrack

what i mean: [kicks a trashcan] BACK IN BLACK HARD AS STONE [throws a rock] NEED NO FRIENDS WORK ALONE [does a flip] 3 ON 1 BUT THEY SHOULDA SENT 4 [executes a perfect split] EVERY TIME U GET UP BACK ON THE FLOOR [swan dives off a cliff]

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What are your thoughts on the cliff scene? I'm so excited for this scene.


So the article from MSW that leaked this info was pretty detailed. I will just pull directly from that and discuss from there:

Rey and Kylo Ren duel one-on-one and end up fighting along the cliff face overlooking the nighttime water.

And then the article says,

Suddenly Rey is nowhere to be seen. She’s taken out of the battle; she’s either wounded or appears to go over the side of the cliff.[…]
Luke Skywalker casually walks towards Kylo to finish him but Kylo retreats when he sees his crew defeated.

So, first, let’s keep in mind that there is a difference between MSW’s report on events that are happening in the scene and the interpretation of the viewer. (MSW made some inaccurate interpretations before TFA from leaked scenes and their descriptions as well. Generally speaking, the content of the scene is accurate from MSW, but their interpretations are a bit up in the air and not really accurate…)

To recap, the actual events without speculation in this scene are;

  • Rey and Kylo duel one-on-one at the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea.
  • Luke is separated, and fighting whomever accompanied Kylo to Ahch-To.
  • Rey suddenly disappears from the fight at the edge of a cliff.
  • Luke finds Kylo and walks toward him.
  • Kylo runs away…. to…. somewhere…

Anything beyond that is merely speculation on the part of the viewers and MSW. They were wrong about some of their speculation/interpretation of scenes also before TFA (namely that Kylo killed Rey in the forest in Takodana, for example) and even some speculations for TLJ already (they said Kylo had a genuine “Vader cape,” when it’s clear by now that he doesn’t  have a Vader cape in the least - sometimes the interpretations they receive are just… subjective observations based on the viewer’s preconceived idea of the story and where it will go).

So… we KNOW the EVENTS that happen in this scene… but we don’t know why they happen or what the characters actually feel/think about them. We don’t know why/how Rey fell. We don’t know why Kylo faces Rey alone - why he wants to separate her. We don’t know why Kylo waited around at the cliff for Luke to show up. We don’t know why Kylo actually ran from Luke, or whether Luke was actually going to “finish Kylo off.” In fact… how could Kylo even “see” that his crew was defeated, if they were fighting along the beach and Kylo and Rey are along the cliffside - presumably in an entirely different place…

We need to keep in mind that this wasn’t a script leak, it was a leak from onlookers. That means we don’t know the character motivations, and we can’t really speculate too much beyond what is plainly seen.

As for my thoughts? I think Rey probably slips and falls, or she jumps into the water for whatever reason. I think Kylo is likely shocked at this, which is why he doesn’t immediately run away - allowing Luke to catch up. I think that Kylo is backed into a corner at that point, and Luke is right in front of him… meaning that the only way out of that situation is off the same cliff Rey seemingly went diving into the ocean from. Whether Kylo jumps in to save Rey, or whether he is simply fearful of Luke and running away… we can’t know.

But… I’m inclined to think that this scene will be powerful, dramatic, and meaningful… which means likely Kylo will have something to do with Rey when she emerges from the ocean - whether she swims out herself and finds him on the beach, gets some help from a sea monster, or if Kylo himself drags her out of the ocean… we can’t really know yet.

But we also know that at some point (presumably) after this Kylo and Rey have a conversation that Luke does not like. That conversation is seemingly amicable between Rey and Kylo - which leads me to believe that whatever happened at the cliff changed their minds about each other. (Keep in mind Bothan-Spy from Reddit is reliable and has predicted a number of things correctly - including the contents of the teaser trailer, the “huts” on Ahch-To, etc.)

Whatever the case, we can surely bet that the “cliff scene” will be dramatic and keep us on the edge of our seats - especially considering it’s in the rain, on a cliffside, by the ocean - probably lightning shattering the sky and the sound of sabers crackling between strikes!!!! Sounds pretty intense and exciting to me! (and also FIRE)

In my *head canon* though, you better bet he saves her - cause that desert “Scavenger” is almost guaranteed not able to swim and I need some ROMANCE in my Star Wars!

Forget Me Not, My Love -Newt Scamander x Reader

A/N: Sorry I haven’t written much lately, writers block is upon me. Please enjoy!

(Requests are also open, I just may be a bit slow at times)

Drops of rain melted and rippled into the translucent puddles within the rubble of the streets of New York. A ghostly gray haze was blanketed over the city as a powerful storm threw a tantrum up ahead. Blank stares and faces blinked rapidly, as if they had just realized that they had left their oven on or left their door unlocked as they left. Unfortunately, your face would soon have the same expression painted across it.

You turned to your left, seeing Newt trying to hold back a few tears, and failing at it, as a streak had begun to glisten across his freckles. Your heart sank like a stone in a river because you knew what was going to come next. It had already happened to your friend Jacob not only moments ago, and it had happened to countless other citizens as well. You were going to be obiviated.

Tears had started to spill out of your own eyes now. Everything that had happened had been like a wonderful dream in your imagination, but once you took two steps away from under the stair cover, you would wake up in a different reality. You had chased magical creatures across the area, seen magic performed effortlessly in front of your own eyes, and had even met some of the most astounding people in your life within the course of hours. You didn’t want to wake up. You didn’t want to say goodbye. A calloused, yet still gentle hand laced itself with yours and you automatically knew that it was Newt’s. His broken face mirrored what each of your mangled hearts looked like inside, and like you, he didn’t want to say goodbye either.

Newt didn’t see you as just some foolish muggle like the rest of MACUSA did, rather, he thought you were beautiful and rare. He hadn’t even known you that long, but when the two of your first locked eyes, there was obviously something there. He came to New York to stop off before heading off to Arizona, and never in a million years did he plan on bumping into you on a Niffler chase. With eyes of illumination and a heart of molten gold, he was struck down with cupid’s arrow. When he brought you into his case to treat a few scratches you had gained when he caused you to fall over and scrape yourself on accident, you didn’t run away screaming or stare at him like he was some sort of lunatic. All of his life, people had turned their noses up at him, especially after discovering that he was not ‘the famous war hero’ Theseus. They found his profession unusual and absurd and unheard of, but you didn’t. Even as a muggle, you thought what he was doing was incredible, and he couldn’t let someone as sweet as you fade away. His heart fluttered when you said his name, and his legs felt like giving out when you brushed past him. Some sort of aura was pulling him to you, like you were connected, and his new attraction was far from expected of this trip. But he had to let you go. But he had to leave you be.

But rules were rules.

“Newt, it’s okay. We both knew this had to happen,” you spoke softly as he pulled you closer away from where the rain was falling beside you. Melodic drips and drops echoed in the smaller terminal space.

“Yes, but this wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t come here in the first place.”

“Newt, you didn’t do anything wrong. Please don’t blame yourself for this.”

“Y-Y/n it is…”

“Shh…Newt. This isn’t your fault okay? You and I both know that I’ll eventually have to go out there…” you trailed off as your voice cracked as tears blocked your words from coming out again, “I want to say I’ll always remember you b-but I won’t and I-I c-can’t.”

By now your sobs were more audible and you didn’t care if anyone heard. Tina and Queenie had disappeared to let the two of you have a moment before you both had to part. Newt engulfed you into the warmth of his coat as his face began to turn pink from the blushing and crying that he was enduring.

You sniffled a smidge before continuing, “You’re incredible Newt, please don’t forget that. You’re going to do great things, I can feel it.”

“I won’t Y/n, and I won’t forget you. I promise that.”

A small laugh escaped your lips, but it was obvious that it was haunted by pain, “You don’t need to remember me newt. It’s like MACUSA said, I’m just a muggle.”

“Not to me. There no one as beautiful or golden-hearted as you are. I won’t be able to forget you even if I tried.”

Newt stared into your eyes. They were so incredibly extravagant, he couldn’t look away. The two of you remained frozen in time, before you slowly began to slip from his grasp. The cold air whipped through his cinnamon locks, and he bit his lip to fight the tears back. Your final goodbyes were exchanged, and your feet swept over the pavement. You prepared to venture into the rain, and I was as if you were preparing to dive off of a cliff. Once you let go, there was no chance of going back to the heated surface above the crisp waves.

His gaze remained on you, and he wanted to move towards you and wrap you in an embrace. It was as if his feet were stuck to the pavement by some sort of tar, and his legs felt frozen. He couldn’t let you go through, and he had to find a way to have you stay. So many people had left and abandoned him for who he was, but now he had to abandon you for who you were. His eyes widened as his brain began to formulate thoughts. Within seconds, his feet became unstuck as he was now striding towards you in a panicked motion.

“Y/n wait!”

Your back turned away and you looked to see Newt coming towards you with a hand outstretched, but you were taken back in surprise as he had managed to pull you in and crash his lips onto yours. A shockwave coursed through your veins as his plump lips moved as you were the breath of air that he needed to survive. Locks of your hair brushed against your face as you took his own in your hand, allowing him to emit a soft moan as you did so. His hands rubbed against your waist, and you jumped a bit from the sudden warmth. This moment was yours to share with him, and you pushed the rain to the back of your mind. This was all you needed.

Newt broke away gasping and stumbling over his words. His hand swiftly held your cheek, which had a soft and smooth contrast to his own slightly stubbled one. There was no way in hell that he was going to give you up to the rainfall. He hadn’t known you all of his life, but he did know that it wouldn’t be the same without you in it. He bit his lip out of nervousness before speaking against the sound of the storm.

“Go away.”

You didn’t understand how you were supposed to take this. The man just passionately kissed you after saying he won’t forget you and now he wants you to disappear? Tears started to well up again and you couldn’t control them. Why would he say that? Your emotions were bouncing around all over the place and you just wanted answers.

“N-Newt w-what,” you choked out.

“Merlin, I mean run away. Y/n run away with me. Merlin I’m an idiot. Darling please don’t cry.”

His heart flipped around in his chest. The statement he proposed was preposterous and now here he was, making you cry all over again. He wanted to hug you but he felt as if he shouldn’t, considering he was the cause, but you crashed into his chest anyways.

“B-but Newt, where would we go we can’t be together?”

You peered up at him with shimmering pupils from the tears, and your face was innocent like a child who had woken up from a nightmare.

“England. The laws there are different. Y/n you’re the most incredible person I’ve ever met, and I promise I’ll do everything I can for you. I can help you pack and you can stay in the case until we board the boat, but t-that’s only if you want to of course, you get to decide not me it’s your-,”


“Yes? Do you really mean yes?”

“Of course I do,” you giggled as you smiled wider than ever before.

“I don’t want you to make you feel like you’re giving everything up though, it’s a big change.’

“Newt, I don’t care. I’d rather be with you than wandering around with my memories deleted. Newt I want to go with you, I need you.“

And with that, he excitedly scooped you up before pulling you into another kiss. After your lips parted, he smiled down at you.

“Let’s get your things packed, darling. England is waiting.”


(Richie Tozier - Headcannons)

Richie Tozier (Why I Love You) Head-Cannons

~ When you first met Richie you had been out walking, and that’s when you bumped into a strange boy. You were busy making sure that you did not trip over anything. It all happened so quickly, him landing on top of you his arms beside your head and him sitting on your stomach. Quicker than lightning he scrambled off of you and apologized adjusting his glasses. He introduced himself as Richie Tozier, and yourself as (Y/N), a new kid to Derry, Maine.

~ Richie watched you both walk off with a dorkish smile as Bill and Stan caught up with him. Later that evening you went with Richie to the lake along with the rest of his friends, there he introduced you to the other losers. They were all in shock as you removed your top and Richie had to slap some sense into them as you undressed leaving you in your swimsuit. You ran past them anxious to get in the water diving off the cliff.

~ Richie smiled and jumped in after you his limbs flailing as he plummeted don towards the water. You and Bev got along nicely as you watched the others play around and even you and Richie played chicken fight against Beverly and Bill. When you got out Richie followed you out to talk. After you finished drying off and sat next to Richie he blushed. The boy smiled as he looked down at you, “I-I like you..” He finally admitted.

~ You knew that all to well from the way he would blush and stutter around you. Sometimes even worse than Denbrough and it was rather adorable that he put so much effort into hiding it. “You to Richie.” You whispered back leaning forward and kissing him on the cheek.


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Things you missed out on if you stopped watching OUATiW because the cgi was bad (or for whatever reason)

- a platonic relationship between a man and woman that is valued just as much (if not more) as the true love romantic relationships. Will and Alice is the primary relationship on the show and it is never even considered as anything but close friendship. 

- a love story between two characters who are both good and noble and kind and don’t need unnecessary drama between them- a little cheesy but ultimately very sweet. 

-a love story between two characters who are both snarky and jaded and witty but are secretly giant softies and sweet and love cheesy romance and love each other so much they’d tear the world down for each other

-a villain with a sympathetic backstory that fully explains why he became evil and why he does the things he does without the show ever trying to justify or excuse these things and who in the end is not redeemed

- consistent tone and world-building that fits both with the world of OUAT and also with established Wonderland mythology while still feeling unique. No large gaps in the show’s mythology (in the sense that there aren’t contradictions or plot holes, there are things that are simply unexplored)

-merging the mythologies of Wonderland and Agrabah and focusing on that idea and doing it well rather than trying to mix in a bunch of stuff and not doing it justice. 

-A really cool action packed finale that stays within the rules of the world, still does justice to character development and has a satisfying ending for all characters. 

-The cgi isn’t that bad when you realize wonderland has always, since its inception, been intended to sorta seem like a drug trip anyway so it sorta fits. 

-The jabberwocky who is weird and cool and different and interesting and makes for really intriguing character scenes

-Alice who is sweet and kind while also being strong and capable and intelligent (a lot like season 1 Snow White, but without the subsequent seasons of character assassination)

- Cyrus who is gentle and loyal and patient and full of knowledge about the magical world and filled with guilt over his past mistakes but does his best to make up for them 

-Anastasia who gets a good evil queen backstory and redemption arc and love story and who actually becomes a hero and who has conflicting sides to her that make her layered and interesting

- Will Scarlet who is snarky and sassy and clever and funny and makes sarcastic quips in the face of ultimate evil he can’t hope to defeat.

-Will Scarlet who names all the stars after his girlfriend because “it’s the most beautiful name I know” and who would be perfectly content without money or power or even an actual home as long as he has the woman he loves with him.

-Will Scarlet who gets himself into trouble and is a skilled thief and breaks hearts and made half of wonderland and half of storybrooke and half of the enchanted forest hate him because he’s a scoundrel

- Will Scarlet who would rather tear out his own heart than deal with the pain of his true love betraying him but who is ready to forgive the minute he gets his heart back, who would dive off a cliff into a river without knowing how to swim in order to save his best friend, who would journey back to a land where he’s a wanted man and where evil sorcerers are hunting them and where the woman who broke his heart is in order to help his best friend find her true love, who while dying would use his one wish to save his friend, who would risk the fate of the world to save the woman he loves.

-Basically anything and everything Will Scarlet because Will Scarlet is amazing and OUAT did such an injustice to him, because there are only a few characters on OUAT who I wouldn’t trade for Will in a heartbeat. Like, specifically two. Maybe less.

-Naveen Andrews as Jafar.

-Genie mythology and Amara.

- Will Scarlet.