diving in the arctic


Dive with and fly over orcas and humpbacks in the Arctic

falling for you
without the slightest intention,
diving deeper into your ocean

your eyes are the moon
pulling the tides higher
and soon enough
i am fully submerged
in your cooling waters

please do not let me drown

-arctic ocean 5/11

how to drop out of society
girl division
how to drop out of society

idk lol sorta improv
teach me what to think
how to feel how to blink
how to disappear completely
just completely forget me

i ran away cos i was bored
there’s nothin to do here
im no crazy mental ward
but i have no fear

school kills me day n night
i wanna be in a fight
flooded with meaningless crap
all i need is a long nap

i ran away cos i was bored
there’s nothin to do here
im no crazy mental ward
but i have no fear

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Yoo, my full name is Roxanne but I go by Ronny and I’m turning 17 on July 9th. You can message me if you’re 16-18 and not homophobic, transphobic, racist, or generally an asshole. I’m into 🐌💌!

The first gif is me messing up while singing my own heckin song, the second one is an example of what happens anytime I wear a wig, and the third gif is me ending a video of me singing.

Obviously I’m a singer/songwriter, but I also enjoy things like nature and making YouTube videos that I almost always private. The only video I currently have on my channel is me shaving my head, it has 15k views and a plethora of creepy comments.

Here’s a list of some music I like:
Lake Street Dive, Arctic Monkeys, The Go Rounds, ABBA, Mitski, Marina Diamandis, Miki Matsubara, Dido, and Teen Canteen!

My Snapchat is: rockseavvb
My insta is: r.o.x.y
And my tumblr is: god-of-forget

songs that were inspired by each boy sent in by suggestion and from my own library. thank you to everyone who sent in songs and i hope you enjoy the songs (also sorry for the shitty edit)

{ m i c h a e l } 
↳ listen here 

young god - halsey // one man drinking games - mayday parade // is there somewhere - halsey // blood hands - royal blood // coming down - halsey // na na na - my chemical romance // problem - natalia kills // here (in your arms) - hellogoodbye // uh oh - junior doctor // tyrants - catfish and the bottlemen // bed peace - jhene aiko // first date - blink 182 // arabella - the arctic monkeys // (un)lost - the maine // always - blink 182 // dance for you - beyonce // want my love - cathedrals // sex on fire - kings of leon // kiss me - ed sheeran // bloodstream - stateless // give me one good reason - blink 182 // vampire money - my chemical romance // cinderblock garden - all time low // almost - bowling for soup // porn star dancing - my darkest days // dark times - the weeknd & ed sheeran // dkla - troye sivan // last night on earth - green day // wildest dreams - taylor swift // idfc - blackbear // fourth of july - fall out boy // mind over matter - pvris // flood on the floor - purity ring // tie me down - every avenue // the only exception - paramore // addicted - saving abel // jesus christ - brand new // anchor tattoo - chase atlantic // satellite - all time low // guns for hands - twenty one pilots //

{ l u k e }
↳ listen here 

what it is - kodaline // girls & boys - good charlotte // kid in love - shawn mendes // love bug - the jonas brothers // sugar rush - cash cash // i wanna be yours - the arctic monkeys // beautiful goodbye - maroon 5 // flaws - bastille // young new england - transit // here - alessia cara // runaways - all time low // undo - the 1975 // rocket - beyonce // do i wanna know - the arctic monkeys // accidentally in love - counting crows // contagious - saving abel // fall into these arms - new politics // sleeping sickness - city and colour // a rush of blood - coasts // the end - mayday parade // faster - matt nathanson // strange love - halsey // st. patrick - pvris // let’s dance to joy division - the wombats // tenerife sea - ed sheeran // the edge of tonight - all time low // it’s time - imagine dragons // good for you - selena gomez // sad song - we the kings // perfect picture - bea miller // sweater song - hedley // r.i.p 2 my youth - the neighbourhood // the boy who blocked his own shot - brand new // all i want - kodaline // tee shirt - birdy // turning page - sleeping at last // anthem pt 2 - blink 182 // running from lions - all time low // can’t be saved - senses fail // hear you me - jimmy eat world // all the same - sick puppies // miles away - the maine //

{ a s h t o n }
↳ listen here

ignition - r kelly // tear in my heart - twenty one pilots // all this wandering around - ivan and aloysha // hey! we ok - never shout never // wicked games - the weeknd // promise - ben howard // can you feel my heart - bring me the horizon // the funeral - band of horses // far behind - candlebox // pink tie - this wild life // pick up your tricks - amy meredith // chocolate - the 1975 // you can be the boss - lana del rey // goodnight moon - go radio // gorilla - bruno mars // waiting game - banks // animals - nickelback // banana pancakes - jack johnson // if these sheets were states - all time low // someone new - hozier // face down - the red jumpsuit apparatus // ride - somo // color - paradise fears // dance with me tonight - olly murs // so long soldier - all time low // fire and the flood - vance joy // greek tragedy - the wombats // favorite record - fall out boy // california - never shout never // deja vu - sleeping with sirens // a little death - the neighbourhood // animal - def leppard // miss atomic bomb - the killers // have faith in me - a day to remember // midnight city - m83 // sail - awolnation // cat and mouse - the red jumpsuit apparatus // no one knows - queens of the stone age // the wolf - mumford & sons // 

{ c a l u m }

↳ listen here

hotel california - eagles // baby came home - the neighbourhood // missing you - all time low // jesus of suburbia - green day // bad intentions - niykee heaton // i can’t feel my face - the weeknd // roman holiday - halsey // talking body - tove lo // you wanna know - don broco // pieces - sum 41 // all that i’ve got - the used // sweater weather - the neighbourhood // practice - drake // do ya - mcfly // colors - halsey // san francisco - the mowgli’s // your graduation - modern baseball // come what may - the scene aesthetic // real life - the weekend // shameless - the weeknd // dancing in the moonlight - toploader // like that - jack & jack // pour some sugar on me - def leppard // slow motion - trey songz // meant to be - parachute // bloodstream - ed sheeran // mrs potato head - melanie martinez // the hills - the weeknd // save a horse (ride a cowboy) - big & rich // no. 1 party anthem - the arctic monkeys // dive in - trey songz // what i got - sublime // i know places - lykke li // heart shaped box - nirvana // love two re-imagined: saturday love - angels & airwaves // drown - front porch step // many of horror - biffy clyro // waiting - green day // in our final hour - go radio // demon limbs - pvris // breaking up my bones- vinyl theatre // i just wanna run - the downtown fiction // 

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I forgot to ask anonymously can I get a angst scenario of Namjoon where your both marry but he hates you because you marry while he loves some else and you recently found out you where pregnant with his baby but you don't know how to tell him because he's about to propose to the love his life but something goes wrong happy fluff ending ?

Yoongi makes a special appearance here o: Hope you enjoy!~
- Devi (๑•́ ω •̀๑)

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for now

word count: 3091

“Why do you do this?” You scrutinize the ceiling, getting your eyes to adjust to the darkness of night instead of looking at him, at Namjoon, a face you can’t see anyway, a face you don’t want to see anyway. But it doesn’t matter that you can’t see him. You can hear him, his panting, his limbs spreading on the cool white sheets, even the thump of his heart. You can smell him, the sweetness of his cologne mixed with his perspiration, creating an intoxicating concoction. You can taste him. He lingers on your tongue, the taste of his his lips, his skin, and… other things. You touch your lips, your arms, your breasts, your stomach, thighs. Why does it feel like his hands still linger on your body? Even when you try to mask the remaining sensation with your own fingers?

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hi! can you suggest any fics where bucky yells at steve about what an idiot he is? (i.e grenade incident)

Alright we have about five asks for fics along these lines so it’s probably about time I tackle this one. Try these ones out!

Captain Shitface, a memoir by Bucky Barnes (or 5 times Bucky lost his cool over something stupid Steve did and the one time he said ENOUGH)

pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Steve and Bucky’s first kiss after much pining and Steve being a stubborn little shit and Bucky wanting to tear his hair out because his best friend is a moron. Includes Bucky’s reaction to Steve and the “grenade incident,” Steve crashing his plane, fighting a demigod, and jumping out of a plane without a parachute.

You Make Sense To Me


In Which Mrs Rogers Hears The Grenade Story

“Tell you something though, you’re damn lucky it was a dud, or we’d still be scraping bits of your friend off the - ”

So Tell Me What You Want To Hear

After a battle, Steve is hurt, Bucky is angry, and secrets come out.

Day 303 - Tamazarashi | タマザラシ | Spheal

Tamazarashi roll about on the ice, but they aren’t heavy enough to crack the ice. They’re too buoyant to dive so they float about, happily. They filter the salt from arctic waters so they can drink it.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day.)

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Hi! Would you recommend me some romantic movies? Awesome blog btw :)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
Her (2013)
A Walk to Remember (2002)
Medianeras (2011)
The Science of Sleep (2006)
My Rainy Days (2009)
Bright Star (2009)
About Time (2013)
The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009)
Remember Me (2010)
If Only (2004)
Pride & Prejudice (2005)
Away We Go (2009)
Flipped (2010)
City of Angels (1998)
The Last Kiss (2006)
Jerry Maguire (1996)
Keith (2008)
What If (2013)
Beginners (2010)
Mr. Nobody (2009)
Short Term 12 (2013)
The Painted Veil (2006)
I Give My First Love to You (2009)
Before Sunset (2004)
Like Crazy (2011)
Koizora (2007)
(500) Days of Summer (2009)
Daydream Nation (2010)
To the Wonder (2012)
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007)
Lovers of the Arctic Circle (1998)
Ruby Sparks (2012)
My Girl (1991)

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hi! you don't have to answer if you don't want, but could you recommend some of your favourite ranpoe fics or playlists? i really enjoy the ship, and i've already read some of your writing (which, by the by, was absolutely stellar), so i'd really like to know your opinions on the other content out there for the gay detective duo.

aa, of course!! I don’t really know of any playlists for them, but I can recommend some songs that I’d personally make into a playlist

in no particular order:
- Crying Lightning by Arctic Monkeys
- To Be Alone by Hozier
- Dive by Ed Sheeran
- Haze by Amber Run (more of an angsty one tbh)

sorry it’s not a lot sdhddjkdj I have trouble finding good songs for them

as for fics, my 2 favorite authors for ranpoe are MeridianGrimm and magicalzephyr on ao3, so literally anything by them is really good :oo

thanks so much for the compliment by the way!!


Navy Diver 3rd Class Kevin Kollar, assigned to Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit 2, performs an ice dive in the Arctic Circle during Ice Exercise (ICEX) 2016. ICEX 2016 is a five-week exercise designed to research, test, and evaluate operational capabilities in the region. ICEX 2016 allows the U.S. Navy to assess operational readiness in the Arctic, increase experience in the region, advance understanding of the Arctic Environment, and develop partnerships and collaborative efforts. 

(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Tyler N. Thompson)

We were wondering what this Bowhead was doing arching its back and flexing its upper jaw next to the ship. If you watch the video carefully at the bottom right as it lifts its flukes all becomes clear! It’s also obvious from this video why people describe them as Elephantine in their movements; that upper jaw looks just like a trunk and the back is so wide!

Edit: It’s called a pre-dive flex! Thank you Encyclopædia of Marine Mammals.

Beluga whales, Delphinapterus leucas swimming under ice and exhaling air, Arctic circle Dive Center, by info4103 Beluga whales, Delphinapterus leucas swimming under ice and exhaling air, Arctic circle Dive Center, White Sea, Karelia, northern Russia

It’s snowing here; like, there is enough that the plows are out, and I had this image of Mulder pop into my head that was adorable.

Imagine the two of them out in some snowy wonderland, and Mulder pipes up out of nowhere.

“Hey, Scully. Look, I’m an arctic fox.”

And he does a headfirst dive into the snow like he saw them do when he was watching Nature on PBS.

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You mean to tell me that steve rogers, the scrawny 18 year old with a heart of gold who couldn’t physically take a punch for the life of him but still never backed away from fighting for the right thing ,even when they beat the shit out of him, even when they told him he will never be a soldier cause he’s too weak while all he wanted to do was defend his country and people in his position, steve rogers who put his life in danger so he could have the opportunity to be the anchor of hope, selflessness and patriotism, steve rogers who always puts hostages and civilians first when he’s supposed to be kicking ass, steve rogers who defied orders to save his best friend and the captured soldiers from the Nazis, steve rogers who dived head first on purpose in the arctic because it meant saving everyone , steve rogers who stood strong against all odds to protect his brainwashed soldier best friend 50 years later just because in his heart he knew it’s still the brooklyn kid who grew up with him , yelled at him when he wanted to get into the army because it was too dangerous, and protected him in fist fights in alley ways before he lost him in battle slipping away in front of him never thinking that he’ll see him again, you mean to tell me that THIS steve rogers , CAPTAIN FUCKING AMERICA, not the perfect soldier but the good man, has been a Nazi all along , has been with hydra the Nazi science division who was responsible for every problem in his life ???!!!              Stan Lee’s next cameo will be yall’s funeral after he murders you for destroying his legacy and life long endeavor 


Robot Explorer Swims Under Antarctica

An instrument-packed unmanned swimming robot called Icefin has successfully traversed more than 1,600 feet of frigid water under Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf to reach the seafloor. The torpedo-shaped robot built by Georgia Tech is the first to visit the area, and beamed back videos of sea stars, anemones and other life surviving in extreme conditions.

Researchers will be using the new Icefin platform to learn how climate change will impact polar ice sheets from below and to study the hardy creatures that call dark areas below ice home. They are also investigating how to build and deploy something like Icefin to explore frozen alien worlds. 

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Scuba diver with Beluga whales, Delphinapterus leucas swimming under ice, Arctic circle Dive Center, by info4103 Scuba diver with Beluga whales, Delphinapterus leucas swimming under ice, Arctic circle Dive Center, White Sea, Karelia, northern Russia