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After watching your art, others art on both tumblr and pixiv and your Symphoear tag, I marathoned S1 and the few first episodes of G, and I'm in love with it. It's pretty top tier. I wanted to thank you. Also, based HibiMiku.


What great news! Thank you for giving it a chance, friend! And you’re very welcome; I’m glad you enjoy the show! Go on and finish G, and then join me in waiting until July for season 3.

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I will, also. I would like to recommend you another series: Suite Precure. I know you’ll gonna love it, and it shares some few common elements with Symphogear (despite being a kids show).

Oh, I’m already sort of familiar with Suite; it was the only Precure season I watched multiple episodes of (but not all, I never finished). It was alright.

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After seeing neverendersunny's ask, we haven't talked much as well. And I really want to.

Aw snap~ I haven’t talked to a lot of people much for a whileeeee. I feel out of the loop. :3c How are you doing?

(I’ll be going to sleep soon, so I won’t reply in like…the sleep-amount-of-hours.)

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Hey Samurai, have you seen the latest DokiPre?

I have not~ On Saturday I was working on a picture and by the time it finished airing, I realized “Oh wait, DokiPre. Oh whoops, I missed it.” I did download subs, so I’ll be watching it today.

…and also mostly trying to finish whatever summer 2013 shows I can, dear lord finally my list is down to 15… @v@