@divine-rage | Closed RP

「火」– Saix had been hounding him for this damn report for about a week - and regardless of Axel telling him to back off, that he’d get it done in his own time - Saix continued to hound him about it. So, as soon as that damned report was finished, Axel practically ran to Saix’s room, report in hand.

There was no knocking, Axel just invited himself in and slammed the report onto the other’s desk, glaring at the blue haired male before speaking. “Here’s your damn report - as requested. Now, for th’ love of god - back th’ hell off.



Stupid Axel and his ridiculous excitement. But Saix couldn’t deny the fact that he couldn’t wait to get the movie. But his over analytical and paranoid mind couldn’t let it go that they were going to be caught and get to a serious amount of trouble.

Well, that would all go away when they started. Saix knew that for a fact.

Oh hush and get into the truck.” Saix got into the driver’s seat and started it. His leg was shaking with anticipation. They were really going to do this… A little smile of excitement came to face.

「火」– The red head got into the passenger’s side of the truck with a grin, a small comment of “What? Can’t wait to watch th’ movie,Sai?” Of course, by watch the movie, Axel meant something entirely different - but he learned early on in their relationship that it was much more gratifying to not say something like that outright - as Saix could sometimes get more flustered if he was beating around the bush a bit.

No speedin’ either. I know it’s gonna be a good movie, but ya gotta be patient with these things, ya know?