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How to cleanse your cards after someone touches them!

If you’re like me, you’re the type of witch who does not want anyone touching your cards but you. Energy is transferrable and when someone else touches your cards, the cards absorb their energy. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; some witches prefer this and find it helps with accuracy. However, others may itch at the thought of others touching their divine merchandise. Either way, it’s likely that eventually you’ll want to cleanse your cards. Clearing out all that backed up energy from various people is a way to keep your cards mystically healthy! And here’s (one of many ways) how!

You’ll need:
•Amethyst - for spirituality & divination
•Sage - for cleansing, and banishing unwanted energies
•White Candle - to represent purity (and the presence of a deity)
•Black Candle - to represent the banishing of negative or unwanted energy
•Purple Candle - for spirituality, divination, and heightened magickal power
•To draw a banishing pentacle - to banish the unwanted energy

Optional Items:
•Selenite/Moonstone - to represent the full moon
• Black Moonstone - to represent the new moon
•Sigil - to restore the accuracy to your cards.

Set Up Steps:
1. Place the white candle at the left point of the pentacle. Place the black candle at the right point of the candle. Place the purple candle at the highest point of the pentacle. Light the candles.
2. Place the amethyst by the purple candle. (Place the selenite/moonstone beside the white candle. Place the black moonstone beside the black candle.)
3. Place the burning sage in the middle.

Spell Steps:
1. Hold the cards. Above the white candle (far enough so that you don’t burn yourself or the cards). One by one, bring each card across the pentacle and lay it down next to the black candle. While you are doing this, chant the following:

“May balance return to this [oracle/tarot] of mine,
May the Goddess restore these cards and remind,
This tool of divination of my aura and energy,
I banish the birr that infected thee.
These cards will look to fortune and see,
The answer to questions that are asked to thee.
By the moon, by the stars,
By the land, and the sea,
I cleanse these cards,
So shall it be.”

place the sigil in the box or bag you store your cards in. It’ll rejuvenate them and ensure accuracy!

After wards, hold your cards a lot. Shuffle them, sleep with them, poop with them! Even though they’re clear of energy, you might want them to get to know yours all over again. Tell me if this helps!
Gratitude Jars

A few years ago I was sitting down with my mother, who happens to be a circle mate of mine, and we were discussing how grateful we are for all of the events and things in our lives we attribute to our Wiccan practice and the higher powers that be. We wanted to perform a ritual, and create something to place on the altar for a constant reminder that there are higher powers at work and we should never take them for granted. The result was our Gratitude Jar.


Mason Jar with Lid

Some dried herbs that symbolize divine powers – many flowers such as roses, pansies, or hibiscus are good choices, mugwort is another powerful herb. Herbs that symbolize your wishes include sage, dandelion, and sunflowers.

Stones that promote spirituality – such as labrodorite or amethyst.

Paper and pen

Your usual altar tools, specifically incense, and salt water.

What you do:

Gather all your materials on your altar. Open your circle and begin your ritual. First cleanse your jar with salt water (earth and water) and incense smoke (fire and air). Begin placing your herbs and stones into the jar, focusing on the meaning and intent of each item that you place within it.

On your paper write all of the things you are grateful for, thanking the divine powers you follow. You can chose to write one item per slip of paper, a list on one slip of paper or even a more formal letter. This is up to you. Fold your paper and cleanse the paper the way you did you jar (with earth and water, and air and fire). Place your paper in the jar.

If you wish to personalize your jar, by adding your own favorite herbs, different sigils or symbols you feel relate to different works you have done, or even glitter (I know how much you all love glitter), add those in as well.

Close up your jar, making sure the lid is on tight so no moisture gets in, and hold it in your hands. Meditate for a moment, pouring your energy into the jar, recounting everything you are grateful for. If you are someone who prefers to chant during a ritual, you can say:

Lady and Lord, I thank you

For all the good you bring.

I am grateful for all you do,

And cherish every thing.

Leave your jar in the light of the full moon with an offering of your choice, a gift for the Divine. (I use apples or honey bread). I place my jar on my altar during every ritual, as a reminder of the wonderful things that have come about during my journey. Every so often I open my jar and recharge it, adding a few more slips of paper as I go.


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smudge wands by shopfararden

  • TOP: white sage - for cleansing, healing, and meditation
  • BOTTOM: cedar - for divination and positive energy healing

to cleanse and purify the spirits in your home, or to use for meditation/rituals … shopfararden’s smudge wands are perfection. here i’ve listed a white sage and a cedar version, but click through to check out all of their smudge sticks and more, including crystals, oils, incense, tarot readings … you get the idea.

Photograph of a rock sculpture of Vishnu as Varaha rescuing Bhudevi, taken by Joseph David Beglar in the 1870s. At Udaygiri in the modern state of Madhya Pradesh there are about twenty rock cut caves dating to the Gupta period. Most are just niches however some form columned temples. Cave five is a rock-cut cave from the early 5th Century. This large-scale sculpture depicts the myth of Vishnu as Varaha, the Boar, rescuing the goddess Bhudevi, which represents the earth. The rows of figures at the back are sages and divinities and two male musicians. On the sides of the panels there are images of the river goddesses Ganga and Yamuna with figures of attendants. This view shows the sculpture from the left.

The British Library

Back with another lunch time doodle! I wasn’t gonna do a Gemsona because I felt like I had no new ideas to bring to the table… but then I saw a Labradorite bracelet and an image started to form in my head of a gem design so I figured what the hell, may as well just doodle it.

Labradorite…. is busted. Right down the middle, SMOOSH. But because her gem was broken down the middle, it created this sort of duality- half of her has moments of sentient clarity where she’s her gentle old self; a wise divination, sage-like gem.  And the other half of her is, well, this.

I didn’t bother with keeping her in the show style due to time constraints.. dunno if I’ll draw her again, but hey I can say at least I’m on the bandwagon 8D