The Face Behind Jill, Jin & The Harvest Goddess

Ayanna || 18 || New York

Yo, my name is Ayanna and I rp Jill, Jin and the Harvest Goddess in HM Masterlist. I’m currently a Media Communications major in my high school in hopes of becoming a  graphic designer actually I have no clue any more. Maybe an illustrator since I got into SVA as an Illustration major. I’m currently about to become a freshman at Purchase College (wow can you believe it?). I took a year off before entering into college and I will become a Graphic Design Major. What to say about myself… Welp, I love to write, draw and play video games. I chose to rp Jill because she was the protag in the first Harvest Moon game I ever played, Another Wonderful Life. I always felt connected to her even way back then. I’m not sure why though. I imagine her to be like myself with some differences. My reason for picking the Harvest Goddess was originally because I wanted to show one of my headcanons for her. Since then, I feel like she’s a part of me as well. I’m afraid I make her out to be more of a troll than she really is. Then I play DS Cute or ToTT and I don’t feel so bad. It’s strange how I have never seen another rper play her since then. Owen was just a random pick really but I’m glad I picked him up. Jin was also a random pick but wow I never felt a muse so strong. I don’t think I will ever drop him. I wanted to play a more serious character and boy did I get it. It’s funny but I’m one of the longest lasting members of HM Masterlist since it’s creation. I can hardly believe it but I love this place so much. I hope I can get to know all of you much better~ 

Fun Facts:

  • I have a one eyed cat named Jack
  • I complain about my drawing skills more than I should I have a way to go in my art skills but I still try to practice.
  • I’m part of many fandoms including Doctor Who, Hannibal, Supernatural, and several anime fandoms. 
  • I’m also in the process of writing a story/novel/series based on some rp I once started long agoon Gaia Online 

My Stocking Cosplay as well~  (while I was wearing the Tenth Doctor’s jacket)

Prologue- 14 Years Earlier

“Miss Lucinda, what is that potion for?” Ami stared into the mix of colors in Miss Lucinda’s pot. It seemed to be a different world down there. It shone in beautiful colors of blue and pink and green.

“Ah, what question that is. Have you heard the term ‘homunculus’?”

“Hom.. un.. col..” Lucinda laughed a delicate, lighthearted laugh.

 “I suppose it’s a big word for a child. Basically, I’m making a little person.”

“Like a baby?” asked Ami.

“That’s the idea.” Lucinda grinned. “I want to create a person- a child to care for.”

“Is that how I was made? In a pot with pretty colors?” asked Ami. Lucinda ruffled Ami’s hair.

“No… you weren’t made from a pot.” Lucinda winked at Ami. “I’m doing something special. Something no one has ever done before.”

“Do you think you can do it- if no one’s done it before?” asked Ami.

“Well now… it will be difficult… but I’m certain I’ll be able to do it. Just because I’ve failed before, doesn’t mean I’ll fail this time.”

“Father said that sometimes it’s good to give up.”

“That was because you kept jumping off the edge of the deck to try to fly sweetie.”

“There’s a difference?”

“Well.. now that you mention it, flying and creating a person are equally impossible tasks!” Lucinda laughed. “The difference is that as an adult, I’m free to decide what I’m going to do since I know the risks. Your father was afraid you would break your arm.”

“If I flew it wouldn’t break.” Lucinda merely laughed. Normally, Ami would get so mad just hearing someone laugh at her, but Lucinda had a kind of disarming laugh that made you want to smile along with her. Her purple hair and blue eyes added to a kind of mystic charm she had.

“Lucinda… what’s a ‘lost cause’?” asked Ami.

“Why do you ask that, Ami?”

“Father and Mother keep calling everything ‘a lost cause’. They call the war… their jobs… and your potions miss Lucinda.”

“Well, Ami…” Lucinda crouched down to Ami’s level.  “A ‘lost cause’ is when someone thinks that is no good trying. They’ve given up on someone or something. But try to remember Ami… there’s no such thing as a lost cause. Some good can come from anything.  The only thing that matters is how you go about things.”

As soon as Lucinda was done speaking, the screeching of cars stopping caught Ami’s attention. She looked up, and men in suits wearing somber expressions on their faces came walking towards her and Lucinda.

Looking back on that memory, Ami thought she had seen smoke in the background. Of course, that was probably only her imagination altering her memory now.  After all, sometimes when you look back on a memory, your current knowledge changes it.

Chapter III- Morning

Ami got up at six in the morning- about the time that Claudia went to bed. It was a good thing that Ami wasn’t a light sleeper. Otherwise, Claudia would have been forced to resign from Unit A due to a near death experience.

Ami put her hair up in a ponytail and checked the fridge for food. Sure, there was a free breakfast in the dining hall at nine, but she really didn’t feel like attending that. She could use that time for training. After inspecting the fridge and cabinets, Ami poured herself some cereal and orange juice and sat down to eat. Just as she started eating, a disheveled Seth came out of his room.

“Oh… whozzat? …Ami?” he blinked. “You’re up already? What time is it?”


“Wow… you get up early…” said Seth. “ ‘Specially with Claudia blasting her music all night…. I couldn’t sleep at all.”

“If this is early, then why are you up? Especially if you couldn’t sleep.”

“I needed to use the bathroom,” he said. “Then I plan to sleep till three o’clock to get a full nights rest.”

“You know… there is a meeting at ten.”

“Aw man, really?” Seth banged his head against the door frame.

“Yeah, it’s something important I hear, so you’d better wake up before then.”

“Man… hey, mind getting me up ten minutes before ten?”


Seth went off to the bathroom then back to bed. Ami finished her breakfast and went off to train. The sparring was more difficult. That was for sure. In the end, she was tied with some big tan guy.

“Come on! Show me what you’ve got!” he yelled as he attacked. Narrowly dodging, Ami attempted to trip the guy. No luck. The guy attacked again and again, forcing Ami to go on the defensive. The trouble with big guys is that they had a bigger range. It’s foolish to outright attack someone bigger than you- they could hit you before you could hit them.  Ami had learned that the hard way as a beginner.

Finally, during the barrage she spotted an opening. Just after her opponent threw a punch, she managed to slip in and strike at his throat. At the same time, she hooked her leg around his and swept it up. The man fell to the ground with a large thump.

“Point! Winner- Ami Miller!” After securing the point, Ami turned sharply, her ponytail snapping at the action. She then walked down the steps. Sweating, she used her sweat towel and drank from her water bottle. She checked the time. 8:45. Well, that left time for a shower… and then she’d wait. She would have gone to the meeting room early, but there was something she had to do.


“Why did you wake us up TEN MINUTES before the meeting?!” demanded Seth as group 12B ran down the halls to avoid being late.

“That’s what you asked me to do.”

“I didn’t mean it literally!”

“Ah, my socks don’t match! And my hair! It’s not perfectly straightened!” complained Claudia.

“It’s your fault for partying so late that made everyone sleep in,” said Ami.

“What?! How dare you-”

“Now, now,” said William. “Let’s not get argumentative. And Claudia, you look lovely as always!”

Ami rolled her eyes as they ran into the meeting room. As it turned out, they made it just in time, and no one cared that they were a little bit late.

A Note in the Pages

Tori sighed, taking a break from the story she was writing. She planned to give it to the Witch Princess as payment for the palm reading. As she picked up the stack, the pages slipped from her fingers onto the desk. “Oh!” Tori scrambled to get the pages and put them back in the right order. “…oh?” Tori found something sticking out from the pages. Curious, she gently pulled it out of the stack and held it up, adjusting her glasses with her other hand.

It appeared to be… a musical note? But what was a note doing in the pages of her story? Had she picked it up when her story fell on the floor before? Hm… Tori checked the front and back of the note. No name or anything… just a note… how strange… Tori put it aside and put the story back together and put it in her bag. Tori then picked up the strange note, and, after examining it again, put it into her bag.

((OOC: I guess I could technically end tori’s story here but it have a different ending in mind))

Chapter II- A Motley Crew

“That’s it! Here I co-” Unfortunately, Ami’s opponent never got to finish his phrase. As he punched, Ami dodged into his center, and grabbing his arm, flipped him over her back, smacking him on the ground.

“Point! That’s three points. Ami is the winner.” After receiving the point, Ami looked coolly at her at her opponent on the ground before walking off the stage, sighing. She was sweating slightly, but she could have done a bit more sparring. She used a sweat rag to mop her forehead when a man in a black uniform came over to her.

“Ami Miller?”

“That’s me,” Ami responded in a flat tone.

“Message for you.” He handed out a folded piece of paper. Ami took it and opened it as the guard left.

‘Dear Miss Ami Miller,

Your request to join Unit A has been processed, and we are pleased to inform you that we have placed you in group 12B of Unit A. Please report to the Unit A introduction area at 6 pm tonight with your luggage and equipment. We hope to work with you soon.’

The letter was signed by some committee or other that Ami didn’t really care about. Unit A was composed of the elite fighting groups. Currently, Ami was in Unit D. It would be a challenge to adjust to Unit A standards, but Ami was joining partly for the challenge. Of course, some people probably only joined because Unit A got the most luxurious rooming and dinning. In fact, some of the wealthy population had paid their way into Unit A. Of course, most dropped out once they realized it was no walk in the park.

At 6 pm, her luggage was taken and, after a boring meeting, she was escorted to her group. On the right hand side was a man with black had and hazel eyes. On the left hand side, a man with reddish-brown hard and green eyes was standing, talking to the woman in the middle. Now, it was the woman in the middle who caught Ami’s attention. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and completely decked out in pink. Now, some people will tell you to never judge a book by its cover. Ami was not one of those people. And as far as she was concerned, a cover pretty much defined the book ninety percent of the time.

The man on the right spoke first. “Hello! Nice to meet you! My name’s Seth!” He stuck out his hand.

“Ami,” said Ami, shaking his hand.

“My name’s William, but you can call me Will,” said the man with reddish-brown hair.

“And, like, I’m Claudia!” the girl beamed at her. Now, Claudia was Ami’s age, but based on her first impression, Ami immediately classified Claudia as a girl.

“Now that you’ve all been acquainted…” said the man who escorted Ami, “Allow me to show you to your rooms.” As it turned out, each group in Unit A would share a suite. The hallways quickly suggested how fancy those suites would be. The walls were yellow, with crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Claudia was practically bubbling over with enthusiasm. Just hearing her spew out excitement for the fancy rooming was enough to make Ami sick, but William seemed to be fascinated by her conversation. …Perhaps he was just fascinated with Claudia. After all, she was pretty. Ami could admit that much.

Seth seemed to take a mild interest in what Claudia was saying, but like Ami he was mostly looking around.  When they finally go to the room, Claudia practically tackled the escort out of the way. The room was nice. There were no windows in the main room, but some of the bedrooms had windows. Claudia and Seth chose the rooms with windows, Ami chose a room without windows, and William, although he would have liked a room with windows, took the remaining room. After unpacking, they all went to bed… except for Claudia, who blasted music and danced all night.

Chapter V- The Wrong Choice

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So each team on Unit A was assigned a mission regarding the powers of each country. The teams were decided randomly through lottery, since everyone was supposedly capable of handling any of the missions. Supposedly.

“So- ah- medical personnel don’t need to go into dangerous situations, right? I mean, we just wait at camp, right?” asked Claudia.

Uh, if you’re at camp, how can that help us if we’re wounded on the battlefield?’ thought Ami. ‘We don’t have a camp to begin with, actually…

Of course, William explained this to Claudia using nicer and more comforting words, but it was obvious that Claudia was praying for an easy mission. Just because medical units were supposed to be at least mildly trained in combat didn’t guarantee that they were. Ami didn’t understand why these people were in Black Shield to begin with. If you were so rich and spoiled, why not just stay at home?

The people in charge began calling out assignments. Groups 3A, 5B, and 1C were to investigate Rizor’s country’s power. Group 13C was to travel to investigate the royalty of the kingdom of wisdom… etc.

“Group 12B…. will be sent… to investigate the royalty of the kingdom of Hope.” Ami’s heart stopped. The kingdom of Hope… that was her country. A country she hadn’t been expecting to return to, especially once she’d heard of its destruction.

“W-what… n—no!” Claudia began sobbing. “I-Isn’t that place… taken over? No! I refuse to!!”

Stop making a scene. You’re being unprofessional and embarrassing,’Ami thought.

As William attempted to console Claudia, the head guys found themselves somewhat flustered by Claudia’s dramatics.

“W-well… because of Miss Garden’s-” – that was apparently her last name- “um… petition… group 12B will be switching missions with group 13C. Group 13C gave group 12B some funny looks after that change for the rest of the meeting… not that Ami blamed them one bit. Still, she was more than happy to be able to avoid going to her homeland. For some reason, William seemed a little down- perhaps he was realizing his little crush was not so perfect after all?

It’s okay William…’ Ami thought, ‘We all make the wrong choice sometimes. Just be glad we didn’t get sent to the Kingdom of Hope. That would have been a really bad choice, considering Claudia.

Funny thing about wrong choices: the can sometimes be disguised as the right ones.