Review ~ LED Headlamp

I received this LED Headlamp for free from Divine LEDs LLC  and Tomoson.com to try and review; regardless this is my 100% honest opinion.

We like to camp and occasionally need flashlights around the home to light up a project that we are working on. Having a headlamp is handy to keep your hands free while working on your projects.This was easy to adjust for various family members to use at different times. The light is bright enough for our particular uses and we were actually surprised at how bright it was. We have owned some previous headlamps that just were not bright enough and we find this fits our needs. What was interesting was that you can have it on white light or red, I’m not sure exactly what uses you would have for red as we haven’t currently found any so it is a useless feature to us, but I didn’t mark it down because of this because I have no issues with having an extra feature.

What I did mark this down two stars for is how complicated it is to change the lamp settings and the instructions were completely useless. If you plan on just using the main setting or don’t mind clicking buttons and looking inept at using your own device then this lamps for you. Otherwise if you want to use the different light settings look for something else. Would I continue to use this into the future, yes. Would I think about buying others, yes but with plans only to use the main light.

We did use this some when we were camping, it rained a lot and it held up to all the moisture in the air but at no time was it in direct contact with water. It was handy for nighttime bathroom trips, so long as you don’t look at your campmates while wearing it since it is bright it will hurt your eyes. We did like how much it did light up the trail/road ahead of us so that both of us did not need to carry flashlights. One of us could strap this on and lead the way.

For more information on this led headlamp you can find it on Amazon here.

Here’s one for anyone who has ever needed a flashlight, but had no one around to hold it!  Using  a headlamp isn’t just for miners anymore!  They can be used for many different purposes, from the avid sports enthusiast, household handyman, or book lover.

I was selected to test and review the Divine LEDs XE Series Headlamp.  The company claims that this headlamp is ultra bright. Being that I broke my last headlamp I was really eager to try out this new replacement.  In case you haven’t noticed from my sidebar, I am an avid reader.  Due to being so busy during the day, I often read at night, and use a book light.  Although functional, they often get in the way when reading small paperbacks, or doesn’t illuminate the pages enough when reading large hardcover books.

Divine LEDs XE Series Product Features:
  • Adjustable dimmer with 5 modes
  •  The XE Series is constructed from military grade materials
  •  Water resistant
  •  features an elastic headband with adjustable strap
  •  LIFETIME warranty for defects AND a 100% satisfaction guarantee

    When trying the headlamp I noticed that it was very comfortable to wear, and I really liked the adjustable band. I was able to fit it on every member of the family. It also has several different lighting settings that are as follows:
    In Distance Mode ( Main light) there is a high, middle and low settings along with a SOS setting.
    In Floodlight setting there are both high and low settings and a strobe light setting.  Included in this setting are also red light options, high, low and SOS.  This headlamp also pivots up and down so you focus light right where you need it.

    I thought all of the settings worked great and are highly visible at night, even in the area that I live in that is extremely dark, we don’t have very many street lights in the boonies.  All in all I would say that the only real complaint I have with this headlamp is that the lighting mode settings are all cycled through a single switch, meaning that you have to click once for some settings and hold the button down for a second for others. It’s kind of hard to remember what setting does what off of the top of your head! Other than that, as far as functionality and design, I would say this is a really solid headlamp that functions well and would be great for many different uses. 

     I received this item for free, in exchange for my honest review. My views are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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