divine hero

A seeker

A seeker is a divine hero. His is the life of conquest, outer and inner. In his outer life he conquers teeming temptations every single day. In his inner life he conquers devastating doubts every single day. A seeker is he who fulfils his soulful promises both to Heaven and to earth. His self-giving role fulfils his promise to Heaven. His self-ascending role fulfils his promise to earth. To give is to become. To ascend is to become. He gives what he has and what he is, and eventually he sees and grows into the universal Soul, the universal Reality. He ascends with his heart’s devotedness-cry and his life’s detachment-smile, and thus he eventually sees and grows into the transcendental Soul and the transcendental Reality.

Unlike most human beings, the seeker knows and feels that every moment is God’s choice Hour. He wants to manifest on earth at every moment good thoughts, illumining ideas and fulfilling love. In essence he wants to manifest God-thought, God-will and God-love here on earth. At the same time he desires to offer his heart’s soulful gratitude unreservedly to Heaven, for he knows that all his achievements here on earth are due to direct inspirations and blessingful guidance from above.

A seeker-hero equally loves both God the Creator and God the creation. He loves God the Creator with his heart’s ever-mounting cry. He loves God the creation with his life’s ever-serving readiness. His heart is inseparably one with the Vision of God the Creator. His life is inseparably one with the manifestation of God the creation.

A seeker is a hero-warrior. He conquers himself in order to become man the blossoming God. He conquers God the infinite Compassion in order to become God the fulfilling man on earth.

- Sri Chinmoy, AUM — Vol.II-5, No. 1

So when the Hinny kids want to annoy Ginny they chant...
  • Ginny: You children think you're so annoying but I grew up with six brothers. I can handle whatever you throw at me.
  • James, Al and Lily: *grin*
  • James: His eyes...
  • Ginny: *eyes widening* You wouldn't dare...
  • James: His eyes are green as a fresh pickled toad!
  • Al: *wiggling his eyebrows* His hair is dark as a blackboard!
  • Lily: *giggling* I wish he was mine!
  • James: *winking at Ginny* He's truly divine,
  • All three: The hero who conquered The Dark Lord! *laughing and running away before she catches them*
  • Ginny: *screaming* HARRY, WHEN DID YOU TEACH THEM THIS?!

                                           his eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad,
                                                   his hair is as dark as a blackboard.
                                                i wish he was mine, he’s really divine,
                                             the hero who conquered the Dark Lord.


Day 15- Team Galactic

Team Galactic is a criminal organization, setup in the Sinnoh region. They are led by a man named Cyrus, referred to as “Master Cyrus” or simply “The Boss” by his underlings. Cyrus’ goal for Team Galactic is to rebuild the Galaxy in his image, using some of Sinnoh’s Legendary Pokémon, which are said to have created the entire world. This is not apparent to the main body of the organization however, as many of the Grunts believe Team Galactic’s sole purpose is in capturing Pokémon. Saturn - a commander of the organization-admits that he has no idea what his boss is planning. Saturn states at the end of what he is saying in Team Galactic HQ, Team Galactic’s new goal is to find new energy.

You have heard of Team Galactic, even bumping into a few of the grunts along the way. Now that you know what their plan is, you have to make some tough decisions.

Card 1- Meeting Team Galactic: How do you feel about their end goals?
Card 2- Defeating Team Galactic: How will you defeat them?
Card 3- Leaving a Hero: You’ve saved the Pokémon Universe, now what?

Post a picture and tag it as: #pokemondivination or #pdc!

“You’re the Roses’ daughter, aren’t you?”

Even here she couldn’t escape it. 

“My name is Mabel,” she said, as if daring him to contradict her.


I would like to congratulate the Philippine Supreme Court for introducing a new word in the dictionary:

Hero - a former president dictator who systematically plundered the public coffers so much so that until now we are in deep debt, institutionalised cronyism by appointing all those loyal to him to the highest positions while ordering the killing of any opposition under the guise of peace and order (martial law), and buying all media outlets and changing textbooks to proclaim he is the best president in Philippine history - a thorough brainwashing that decades later a lot of filipinos, and apparently judges of the supreme court, see him as a divine hero.