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Thank you!

This is a huge shout out and thanks to all of the amazing artists who helped make our first Reverse Bang such a huge success. Without all of you offering your prompts and your art, videos, songs, mood boards, and play lists, none of the 40+ fics we posted could have happened. Thank you all for your creativity and your enthusiasm…we look forward to working with you again for Round 2!

Here are all the artists who took part in round 1. Please go give them some love and check out the fantastic work they created!

@harrehleh art for All I Want Is To Be Free: here

@birdstattoo art for I Want To Write You A Song: here

@polkadotsvstripes playlist for Let’s Watch The Flowers Grow: here

@neon–diamonds art for Gem and The Hunters: The Treasure of Babylon: here and here

@tomlinshires art for No One Like You: here and here

@alivingfire mood board for We’re What’s Right in This World: here

@be-brave13 art for Too Much To Bare: here and original song here 

@harrehleh art for I Ain’t Leaving Without Your Love: here

@curleduphl art for Sounds like you sounds like love: here and here and here 

@dimpled-halo mood board for Sunrise on Your Sins: here

@jessimond mood board / manip for watch what happens: here

@harrehleh art for Quite Unconventional: here

@allwaswell16 mood board for Walk That Mile: here Interactive travel blog: here

@suddenclarityharry mood board for Boots & Boys: here

@curleduphl art for Like One of Your French Girls: here and here

@twopoppies art for Yellow: herehereherehere, and here

@pupperlouis art for Burn: here and here

@crurulbys art for Just Holding On For Something Great: here

@becomeawendybird mood board for Un Verso Que Hiciste Me: here

@juliusschmidt Harry’s tumblr for the stars look very different today: here and Harry’s bulletin board: here

@tomlinshires art for In This Life I Shall Have Joy: here and here 

@harrehleh art for (we will be) as if chosen: here

@sparkling-larry manip for a fic that sadly didn’t post: here

@louehvolution mood board for Boiling Blood Will Circulate: here

@juliusschmidt mood board for Let’s Move Into Our Old House: here

@tamikare art for Funny How The Stars Crossed Right: here and here

@pattern-pals art for a thousand red balloons (a hundred sleepless nights): here

@londonfoginacup art for You Smiled: here and here

@harrehleh art for Hands Clasped Tight: here and here

@pretty-pebbles mood board for Calling Out For Somebody: here and here

@pattern-pals art for memories of light and green: here

@louistomlinsons art for Wanderlust: here Mood board: here

@dimpled-halo mood board for We’ll Rise Up: here

@suddenclarityharry mood board for Can I just be the same?: here

@larrystylingsun video for nobody knows you baby the way I do: here

@sparkling-larry manip for Running In The Shadows: here and here

@twopoppies art for Black Stars and Endless Seas: here and here and here

@twopoppies art for (Take Me Home) Country Roads: here and here and here

@sleepymouses mood board for Sleep of the Sword: here

@dimpled-halo mood board for For Reasons Wretched and Divine: here

@dimpled-halo mood board for Underneath: here

@pattern-pals art for Tiny, Beautiful Unknowns: here

a prequel to dirty daydreams!

It started with a charm.

A little ladybug charm, dangling from the corner of Adrien’s phone. The charm was a simple replica of her yo-yo and earrings, five black spots on either side, with a black band around the edges, smaller than a euro cent coin. The fastening and handles were a nondescript black, simple and functional.

Marinette had been dying to ask about it ever since Adrien had gotten it.

Did this mean Adrien was a fan of Ladybug? Marinette desperately wanted to know. Did he just like the color red? Was it given to him as a gift and he was just wearing it out of obligation? Was he wearing the charm in some great stand for justice against the red-haters of the world? Or maybe he’d been instructed to wear it as some sort of secret code that marked him as a chosen one when the time was right—

Marinette was going just a little bit crazy.

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One Punch Man as a Byzantine-era Jesus painting.

Hahah sorry, I don’t even know. I was frustrated and studying for Art History and this just happened. You can get this as a sticker/shirt/poster if you want on my Redbubble page too by the way: http://www.redbubble.com/people/sabtastic

One Punch Man is this RIDICULOUS new-ish anime about a guy who can defeat anything/anyone with one punch, but he’s growing bored of his vigilante hero hobby as he searches for a true adversary. You should check it out.

… I’m so screwed for my Art History final next week haha SHIT.

Three days from the opening at the amazing Corey Helford Gallery! On view Saturday is the group exhibition, “Sensory Overload”! I am so excited to be a part of this inspiring show!

Below is my second teaser section of my piece, “Sweet Damnation”, which was made specifically for this group exhibition.

Show information:
“Sensory Overload”
Jan. 21st - Feb. 18th
Gallery 2

For more information and purchase inquiries, please contact sherri@coreyhelfordgallery.com

My mother’s portrait:

“The Sacrifice of the Blood-red Saint”, 2016, Ballpoint Pen, Ink Pencils, Ink Wash, Graphite, Colored Pencils and Gel Pen on Mixed Media Paper, 16 inches by 20 inches (19 inches by 23 inches framed).

This piece, and ten others, are now on view and purchasable at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, for my solo, “Flesh Blood Bone”.

For purchase inquires: sherri@coreyhelfordgallery.com